Difference Between Arrogant and Conceited

You may have heard the terms arrogant and conceited used to describe people. Arrogance and Conceit are two qualities used to describe the negative aspects of a person’s personality.

These qualities are the signs of self-centered people, boasting and bragging about their lives. They are often used interchangeably but are different in numerous aspects. 

 Arrogant vs Conceited 

The main difference between Arrogant and Conceited is that an Arrogant person has a sense of self-pride and dwells in such emotions. Arrogance involves self-bragging and is showcased with hatred and discourtesy towards others. On the other hand, Conceited means that the person entirely dwells towards a likeliness of one’s worth, appearance, etc.

Arrogant vs Conceited

Arrogant person refers to a quality where a person adopts the characteristics of feeling elevated self-worth. An arrogant person believes that he is superior, better, more important, and worthy than his peers.

It is a notion where a person puts its worth before anybody else’s and alters the perception about others. 

Conceited is a term similar to the quality of arrogance. Conceitedness is a combination of vanity and arrogance. A conceited person always thinks he is correct.

Such people tend to overestimate their abilities and continue to talk about their achievements. It is an exaggerated self-belief. They may get furious over minor things. 

Comparison Table Between Arrogant and Conceited 

Parameters of ComparisonArrogant Conceited 
DefinitionIt is the feeling of being excessively proud of oneself.It is a belief of false pride and exaggerated notions about self.
Who is Delusional?An arrogant person can be delusional in some operations.Such a person is more delusional than an arrogant person.
Type of Nature Arrogant people are insecure. Thus, they compensate with the over-pride.Conceited people are overconfident and do not doubt themselves. 
Nature of ConversationThey indulge in exaggeratory conversations. They constantly repeat their arguments. 
Behavior They behave like superiors and often disrespect others. They have a belief in being wonderful, fun, and entertaining.

What is Arrogant?

Arrogant people are inclined towards their world. There is a heightened elevation towards self-identity as they find them worthy of everything. This attitude is seen as undermining the potential and skills of other people.

Arrogance involves being engrossed in self-progress and achievements.

An arrogant person is proud of himself in all aspects and gives greater importance to his words and actions. It reduces the value and self-worth of other people.

There are various reasons behind arrogance that dwells from the achievements and accomplishments of a person which boosts his confidence. Arrogant people develop a subconscious mentality to compare their achievements with their peers.

Such people are oblivious to their weaknesses and primarily see their strengths. Arrogance also steps from the desire to be validated by people. It requires gaining acceptance and approval from other people. 

Arrogant people are highly competitive and tend towards intellectual arrogance. It means that they believe in a conclusion and belief stands true only when it is their own belief.

It is essential to overcome arrogance to reclaim your worth independent of what others think of you. 

Arrogance deludes a person from forming real friendships and relationships with others, and they struggle to maintain conversations. 

What is Conceited?

Conceited refers to people who are all about themselves. They spend a lot of time thinking about themselves. They do not see people as equal to them and are attached to their best qualities.

A Conceited person is likely to turn into a Narcissistic person. Conceited implies the obsession with the quality of yourself. 

These qualities include attractiveness, characteristics, intelligence, looks, abilities, and more. The Conceited people consider their qualities as top-tier abilities.

They have a superiority complex that implies a sign of a dysfunctional thought process where they bring their qualities and abilities in every conversation. 

Conceited people see themselves as the sole beneficiary of the tasks. They blossom from the attention they receive from other people. It provokes the notion of admiration and being superior to other people. 

They are obsessed with their positive strengths and keep bringing up their achievements to bring down others. This obsession is sometimes because they refrain to believe their achievements and need reassurance about their intelligence, success, and looks. 

They never leave an opportunity to share their progress with people. It is important to talk out a conceited person regarding the reality and seek help for the underlying concerns. 

Main Differences Between Arrogant and Conceited 

  1. Arrogant people have pride in themselves. They have a sense of being superior in terms of their qualities. Conceited people tend to exaggerate their skills and importance.
  2. Arrogant people do not take risks and shield themselves to protect from the things they do not know. Conceited people fear failure. They always take risks displaying their competence. 
  3. Arrogance is a subset of Conceited. Whereas, Conceited is a combination of self-worship and arrogance.
  4. Arrogant people may or may not want to portray themselves as a center of attraction. On the other hand, Conceited people have the urge to always portray themselves as the center of attraction among people.
  5. Arrogant people may not require the opinions of others to stay relevant. A conceited person needs constant reassurance from people to stay relevant and is obsessed with their best qualities.
Difference Between Arrogant and Conceited


Arrogant people and Conceited people are negative. These qualities may hamper a person’s ability to socialize with people. These qualities affect the thoughts and feelings other people have about arrogant and conceited people.

The underlying cause may lie in the insecurity and delusionary nature of the lifestyles. 

These qualities are seen as a hindrance to the growth of a person. It makes it difficult to collaborate with arrogant and conceited people. Showing contempt towards peers and friends blockades the leadership opportunities a person may develop. 

Thus, it is essential to overcome these qualities to get ahead in life and create a healthy environment to thrive. 


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