Artgrid vs Storyblocks: Difference and Comparison

There are various new websites being introduced nowadays that serve various purposes. Most websites give access to various services related to anything, such as entertainment, knowledge, or anything. A few New websites which are being used by many can be Artgrid, Storyblocks, Envato Elements, Filmpac, and ProVideoFactory.


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All of these websites work similarly to amazon prime and Netflix by charging monthly subscriptions or fees for the service they provide. Although Artgrid and Storyblocks websites provide similar features, they are not the same.

Key Takeaways

  1. Artgrid offers high-quality stock footage shot on RED and ARRI cameras, while Storyblocks provides footage, images, and audio from a vast library of contributors.
  2. Artgrid offers a straightforward subscription model, while Storyblocks has different plans for different assets and licensing options.
  3. Artgrid focuses on cinematic footage with a storytelling approach, while Storyblocks offers a broader range of content, including templates and animations.

Artgrid vs Storyblocks

The difference between Artgrid and Storyblocks is that Artgrid offers the service of providing unlimited footage download, whereas Storyblocks provide more than one type of service, and it is way older than Artgrid. They also differ in terms of free trial and types of plans. Another major difference is the organized collection that is available in Artgrid but not in Storyblocks.

Artgrid vs Storyblocks

Artgrid is a part of the famous company Artlist founded in 2016, offering unlimited footage downloads. It also comes with a free trial of two months. In this, users can learn how to use this. The quality of the library is excellent, and freelancers can use this as they want. It offers three types of plans.

Storyblocks is a company offering three types of functions; it was founded earlier in 2001 by Joel Holland. It has a very big library offering a free download of videos. It is very popular, but despite it, there is a drawback that it does not offer a free trial to the users. Therefore anyone who wants to use this has to pay a monthly fee.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonArtgridStoryblocks
Founded in20162001
ServiceUnlimited downloads of footageVideoblocks, Audioblocks, Graphic Stock.
Free TrialHave two months of a free trialNo such free trial
CollectionsLibrary is orgnaized into collection.No such collection
Types of plans3 plans3 plans

What is Artgrid?

The company behind the launch of Artlist after a few years launched Artgrid which offers unlimited downloads of videos with huge and supreme quality. It has a very different feature that is not available in many stock agencies. This is called The Power of Collections. This library is organized into collections of a similar kind which makes it easy for the user to find similar types of videos and audio without spending a lot of time.

It offers three types of plans,

  1. Junior Plan: Under this, the user gets unlimited downloads of FullHD resolution (1080p) of the H.264 format
  2. Creator Plan: FullHD resolution (1080p) of ProRes/DNxHR formats
  3. Professional Plan: 4K resolution RAW/LOG footage under the ProRes or DNxHR formats


  1. High-Quality Footage
  2. Unlimited Downloads
  3. Affordable pricing
  4. Worldwide license
  5. Different formats available
  6. User-friendly interface


  1. There are no monthly options user has to buy an annual subscription.
  2. Lack of wide variety of products.
  3. Lack of footage under a few categories.

What is Storyblocks?

Storyblocks is a merge of three services:

  1. Videoblocks: it is considered to be the first to offer unlimited downloads of Stock Footage.
  2. Audioblocks: it also offers free unlimited audio downloads.
  3. Graphic stock: last but not least, it offers an unlimited download of graphics too.

It has a huge library, and that’s why it is quite difficult to say how big it is. And you have to pay a fee annually or monthly (depending on your chosen plan) as there is no free trial.

Types of plans offered by Storyblocks include:

  1. Basic Plan: under this plan, you can download 5 downloads in a month.
  2. Unlimited Plan: under this plan, you can have 4k unlimited downloads along with after-effects templates.
  3. All-Access Plan: under this plan, you get 4k unlimited downloads, after effects templates, unlimited vector, music, and photos.


  1. Unlimited downloads
  2. Easy licensing.
  3. Huge variety of stocks.
  4. Affordable price.
  5. Continuous addition of new videos and audio at an existing fee.


  1. There is no free trial available.
  2. Choosing the right plan is quite difficult sometimes.

Therefore, overall it is a good option for someone who constantly needs videos and audio, but proper reading and research should be done before selecting any plan.

Main Differences Between Artgrid and Storyblocks

  1. Artgrid is the newly launched video-subscription-based service by the Israeli company behind Artlist, whereas Storyblocks has been there longer than Artgrid.
  2. Art Grid was founded in 2016 by the same company as Artist (it is a part of Artlist itself), whereas Stroryblocks was founded in 2001 by Joel Holland.
  3. The service offered by Artgrid includes unlimited footage downloads, and Storyblocks offers three types of service: VideoBlocks, Audioblocks, and Graphic Stock.
  4. When it comes to a free trial, Artgrid offers a free trial for two months. There is no free trial available in Storyblocks, so you’ll have to buy the subscription from day one.
  5. Artgrid has a unique feature of collection under which the library is organized into a collection, making it easy to find similar videos, whereas there is no such feature in the Storyblocks.
  6. Three plans offered by Artgrid are Junior Plan, Creator plan, and Professional Plan, and types of Plans offered by Storyblocks include, Basic plan, Unlimited Plan, and All-access plan.
  7. Artgrid does not have any monthly plan. It offers only an annual subscription, whereas Storyblocks offers both monthly and annual subscriptions.

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