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Difference Between Artgrid and FILMPAC

People love things that they can visualize. And also those things which does not take much time to understand and save their time in this fast-moving world. After considering all these things, people started making videos of good quality and full of technology.


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Artgrid and FILMPAC are those kinds of sites where you can get stock footage or videos after paying a little amount. Every type of footage is available on these sites. People can purchase it and can use it anywhere they want. People can also create their own video in high quality after taking their subscription.

Artgrid vs FILMPAC

The difference between Artgrid and FILMPAC is that in Artgrid, people can make a quality videos and can also download other videos available in stock. While in FILMPAC, people can only watch the available video and can download it whenever they want.

Artgrid vs FILMPAC

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Artgrid was founded in 2019. It is a website where people can upload their videos and can download quality videos. By using Artgrid, people can also make high-quality videos. It is very helpful for content creators because it helps them in creating quality videos at a lower price.

FILMPAC is a website that offers you good quality videos and music which you can use wherever you want. It inspires small content creators. On its website, you can get small story videos that will entertain you and also good music to soothe your mind as well.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonArtgridFILMPAC
DefinitionArtgrid is a subscription-based website that offers you quality videos and also acts as a tool for creating quality videos. FILMPAC contains videos or footage in stock that you can download or can use wherever you want.
Content creationYou can make or create videos by using Artgrid after taking a subscription.You can only use FILMPAC for watching and downloading premium videos or footage.
Launching yearArtgrid was launched in 2016.FILMPAC was launched in 2016
Service offered It offers several types of services like unlimited downloads of videos or footage and content creation.It only offers video downloading and royalty-free music.
Free trial Artgrid offers you a free trial for two months and after that, you can buy their plans.It does not offer any free trial service.
Plan typeIt offers three types of yearly or annual plans. It offers two types of plans one is monthly, and another is yearly or annually.

What is Artgrid?

Artgrid is associated with the site Artlist that is a royalty-free music site. Artgrid was launched by them in 2016, coating more video and music content. People can also create their own videos by using this site.

Artgrid has collaborated with so many filmmakers, which makes this site more attractive and genuine to creators. They provide you with an organized library for both music and videos from where you can choose your zone easily.

Artgrid contains a variety of footage and music of your taste, and it also suggests to you your type of content or content similar to that you search for. Artgrid’s website is very user-friendly, that even people with less knowledge can operate easily.

It does not have any monthly plan or subscription so you only have the annual subscription option available. And after buying their plan, you also get a license that is legal worldwide.

What is FILMPAC?

FILMPAC was started in 2017 as a website that provides people good quality music and videos which they can watch and download for further use. The main motive of this website is to encourage content creators and filmmakers to create good and quality content.

On the FILMPAC website, you can easily sign up by providing little information. This website provides you with its license once you have taken their subscription, and that license illustrates that you have owned the rights of the music or the video which you are using in your content or any platform which you have downloaded from their site.

FILMPAC provides you two types of subscription plans one is monthly in which you have to pay them after thirty days and another is a yearly plan in which the payment is made after twelve months. They do not provide you with any type of free trial service.

Main Differences Between Artgrid and FILMPAC

  1. Artgrid is a subscription-based website that offers you quality videos and also acts as a tool for creating quality videos. While FILMPAC contains videos or footage in stock that you can download or can use wherever you want, but you cannot create videos in it.
  2. Artgrid offers you a free trial for two months and after that, you can buy their plans if you want to continue; otherwise, you can cancel the subscription after the free trial. On the other hand, FILMPAC does not offer any free trial service.
  3. Artgrid was launched in 2016 by an existing company called Artist. While FILMPAC is an individual-owned website and was launched in 2017.
  4. FILMPAC provides you both monthly and yearly plans at a reasonable price. Whereas Artgrid does not have any monthly plans; instead, they have three annual plans or subscriptions.
  5. FILMPAC does not provide you any tool for video creation or film creation. While Artgrid provides you the tool for creating quality videos.
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