B.Ed. vs B. El. Ed – Difference Between B.Ed. and B. El. Ed

The B.E.D. and B.E.L.E.D. Degrees are two options that are offered to people who want to teach. Both of these degrees are offered by educational departments that will allow a person to become an accredited teacher.

However, there are key differences between B. Ed and B. El. Ed courses and certifications.

B.Ed. vs B. El. Ed.

The main difference between B. Ed and B. El. Ed is that B. Ed. is a Bachelor of Education degree and is suited for those who want to become professional primary or secondary teachers. On the other hand B. El. Ed. or Bachelor of Elementary Education degree is for those who want to teach elementary students.

B.Ed . vs B. El. Ed.

B. Ed stands for Bachelor of Education. It is a 2–3-year course. The course is offered by the colleges recognized by countries all over the world, including India, Australia and so on.

It is a requirement to get a job as a teacher in government schools. The candidates who pass the course are given the title of Teacher.

B. El. Ed stands for Bachelor of Elementary Education. Anybody interested in teaching young children can study to B. El. Ed to become an elementary teacher.

It can be pursued by candidates who have completed their graduation in any discipline. It provides eligibility for the candidates to be employed as teachers at the elementary level.

Comparison Table Between B.Ed. and B. El. Ed.

Parameters of ComparisonB. Ed.B. El. Ed.
Abbreviation ofB. Ed is the abbreviation of Bachelor of Education.B. El. Ed is the abbreviation of Bachelor of Elementary Education.
Course FocusThe course focus of B. Ed is special skills and knowledge in different subjects taught to children.A large part of B. El. Ed is observing children, classroom management, child psychology, and general studies with language development.
Course TimeB. Ed. Usually ranges from 2 to 3 years course in different countries. (2 in India)B. El. Ed usually ranges from 3-5 years in different countries. (4 in India)
TeachingThe Bachelor of Education degree is focused on teaching in general, for any grade level.The Bachelor of Elementary Education degree is focused on how to teach younger students, in grades kindergarten through fifth.
QualificationsYou always need a graduate degree to pursue a B. Ed. Degree.You can purse B. El. Ed with a minimum qualification of 10+2 as well.

What is B.Ed.?

B. Ed. is the commonly used abbreviated name of the degree called Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Education is a university degree that provides education to become a professional teacher at all levels of education.

If you wish to become a teacher, then this is the course for you, and it is the most common post-graduation degree.

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a graduation degree that can be pursued only if you have completed a bachelor’s degree with any subject of your choice.

A bachelor’s degree is certainly required for admission to a B.Ed. program. B.Ed aims to train teachers for primary and secondary education.

A B.Ed. Degree program equips students with theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as skills and abilities to give them a well-rounded understanding of the education system.

These programs are normally four years long, and subjects covered in them include teaching methods and techniques, child psychology and child psychology, educational policy, and curriculum design.

There are many different streams one can pursue a B.Ed. Degree in such as physical education, mathematics, chemistry, biology, English, and so on.

Students who study this course are typically those who want to be teachers, but they can also be people who want to research a specific teaching or educational method.

 After gaining diplomas or degrees in certain subjects and teaching experience, they can also take part in graduate programs to teach in various schools.

In India, it is a two-year course. In Australia, it is a three-year course.

What is B. El. Ed.?

B. El. Ed. is the commonly used abbreviated term for the degree called Bachelor of Elementary Education.

This degree is designed for people who want to be a teacher and work with children in the early grades, but it’s also available for people who want to be a counselor or a therapist.

It’s important to know that to receive this degree, you need to at least have 10+2 education criteria fulfilled or be a graduate in some countries.

Students who pursue this degree are generally known as elementary teachers or educators. As educators, you’ll need to pass exams before you’re allowed to start teaching in a classroom.

You’ll also have to prove that you can work with children with different needs and that you’re able to handle emergencies.

The program includes courses on a variety of topics. Some topics include instructional design, educational psychology, child psychology, teaching methods, project management, instructional design, language acquisition, and curriculum and assessment.

Students will also learn about pedagogy and the different kinds of classrooms.

It is the field of education which includes primary subjects like science, math, social studies and language subjects to the young children between the age of 6 to 14 years.

The course also requires a lot of participation from the students as well as handling elementary children can also be challenging.

Main Differences Between B.Ed. and B. El. Ed.

  1. B.Ed programs are more common in India, while B. El. Ed. is more prevalent in America.
  2. The B.Ed degree is pursued after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a specific subject, while the B. El. Ed. the degree is itself a bachelor’s degree that is non-specific in terms of a subject but catered to teaching young children.
  3. The basic difference between B. Ed. and B. El. Ed is, on the whole, the former is more advanced and is thus better than the latter in terms of job prospects.
  4. B. El. Ed. degrees focus on early development and understanding in elementary students, which includes language developments, classroom etiquettes, and primary maths and science, while B. Ed. degrees are more broad-based.
  5. B. Ed is chosen as a field of study after graduation but B. El. Ed is pursued as a graduation course itself. In essence, you need not be a graduate to pursue B. El. Ed.


Bachelor of Education or B. Ed. and Bachelor of Elementary Education or B. El. Ed. are two different courses that help you become a teacher.

Both these degree courses focus on increasing the quality of education, on helping students learn the skills necessary to do the job of teachers in an educational institute.

The courses are similar but have some key differences.

In B. Ed., you can choose the subjects you wish to teach, including Science and Mathematics. However, in B. El. Ed, you must teach elementary-level children.

Both courses give you teaching experience and teach you how to write lesson plans, but B. El. Ed. may not help you if you want to teach in a high school environment.

If you are teaching younger or elementary level children, then B. El. Ed. is the right course for you.


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