Difference Between Beef Broth and Beef Consomme

There are a lot of dishes in food types consumed all over the world. This involves dishes that are complex and require a lot of ingredients, but also there are some dishes that do not require many ingredients and taste just as good and healthy too.


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Beef broth and Beef Consomme are two such dishes that do not require a lot of ingredients but taste really good and are also suitable for a healthy body.

Beef Broth vs Beef Consomme

The difference between Beef Broth and Beef Consomme is that Beef Broth is made when portions of bees are simmered in water, whereas Beef Consomme is made when the Beef Broth is submerged in water along with a combination of egg whites.

They also differ in colour, consistency, and even taste.

Beef Broth vs Beef Consomme

Beef broth is a very widely known and consumed dish which people make at home and even order at hotels. It has an easy cooking recipe and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients to cook.

Just a few pieces of beef and water do the work. And therefore, it also has a mild or light taste only.

Beef consomme is another dish which is very well known in America as well as in other countries. Its recipe involves fewer ingredients that are just Beef Broth, water, and egg whites but requires a lot of patience and time.

Also, it has a rich and robust taste with a thick consistency.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBeef BrothBeef Consomme
MakingWhen tough portions of beef are simmered in water, Beef Broth is made.When Beef Broth is simmered with a combination of egg whites and impurities are removed, Beef Consomme is made.
ColourIt is a clear liquid that is light brown in colourBeef consomme is a clear liquid with a dark amber colour
ConsistencyBeef broth has a very thin consistencyBeef consomme has a very thick consistency
Contents or TextureIdeally, Beef Broth is Grease freeBeef consomme is free from impurities
TasteIt has a light or mild tasteIt has a rich taste

What is Beef Broth?

Beef broth is a widespread and widely consumed simple recipe that is easy to make, requires fewer ingredients and is also very good for health.

It just requires some tough portions like bone marrow and shank of beef which are similar in water on a medium-low flame. Some people also add a few extra ingredients like onions, parsley, pepper, and celery for an enhanced taste.

Adding these ingredients is unnecessary, and almost everyone makes it as to their taste and comfort.

The beef and water turn into a beautiful clear liquid and give a light brown colour to cooking. It has a very thin consistency and is completely grease-free. All the fat or grease needs to be removed from the Beef Broth manually.

The thin consistency is also a reason behind the Beef Broth’s mild taste. Since it doesn’t have a very strong taste, it is often given to patients, and even if someone is feeling a little hungry and not in a mood to consume a big meal, they can have it.

One important thing to keep in mind while preparing Beef Broth is that it should be very precisely could only over medium or low heat. It must not be boiled as it can give a cloudy broth.

What is Beef Consomme?

Beef consomme is very similar to Beef Broth but also different in its own way. It requires a few more ingredients than Beef Broth and also needs to be cooked a bit more precisely.

Beef consomme is made by simmering Beef Broth with the addition of egg whites. It is a very Savory liquid dish, and therefore, even more things like celery, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and parsley are added to enhance its flavour and nutrient contents.

Sometimes even ground beef is added to elevate the taste.

The addition of egg whites plays a very major role in the preparation of Beef Consomme. It binds with impurities and forms a grey layer on the surface of peace consomme, which is afterwards needed to be removed or strained away.

It has a thicker consistency when compared to Beef Broth and also has a very rich in elevated taste. In appearance, it is a clear liquid with a dark amber colour and also has a strong smell. 

The best thing about Beef Consomme is that it can either be served as a complete dish itself or can also be added to other dishes in the form of stew.

When added as a stew in any dish, it dramatically elevates the taste of the dish. Individually, Beef Consomme is enjoyed widely as soup.

Main Differences Between Beef Broth and Beef Consomme

  1. Beef Broth has a thin consistency, while Beef consomme has a thicker consistency and rich texture.
  2. Beef Broth is made when beef is simmered in water on a low flame, whereas Beef consomme is made when egg whites are added to Beef Broth and simmered.
  3. The beef broth has a thinner consistency, and Beef Consomme has a thick consistency.
  4. The taste of the Beef Broth is mild, while Beef Consomme tastes very strong.
  5. Beef broth is like a clear brown liquid, and Beef Consomme is a clear dark brown liquid.
Difference Between Beef Broth and Beef Consomme


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