Bloating vs Pregnancy: Difference and Comparison

Bloating and Pregnancy are two confusing states that are quite difficult to differentiate. Bloating comes naturally to an individual who has PMS due to excessive fluid retention.

A woman may be pregnant if she has light vaginal bleeding and spotting. The major symptoms of pregnancy may also be morning sickness and vomiting.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bloating is a feeling of fullness or tightness in the abdomen, while pregnancy is the state of carrying a fetus.
  2. Bloating is a temporary condition caused by gas, overeating or medical conditions, while pregnancy lasts for nine months.
  3. Bloating does not involve fetal movement, while pregnancy includes fetal movements and other pregnancy-related symptoms.

Bloating vs Pregnancy

The difference between bloating and pregnancy is that bloating is a state of fullness of the stomach that comprises abdominal distention, whereas pregnancy is a state which may cause bloating in women. If a woman is sexually active, there may be chances that she may be pregnant.

Bloating vs Pregnancy

Bloating is a feeling and state of tightness or fullness which results in protrusion of the abdomen. It may result in your stomach being larger as compared to the original size of the stomach.

It is not definitely caused by excess fat. It may be a result of eating excessive fatty and oily foods.

Pregnancy occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg released from the ovary during the process of ovulation. On average, the pregnancy period lasts for around 40 weeks.

Many factors affect the health of the baby, like the care that the woman takes of her body during pregnancy.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBloatingPregnancy
MeaningIt basically refers to the distention of the abdomen that can cause a person’s belly or stomach to look larger than its usual state.Pregnancy refers to a condition in women where the egg released from their ovary combines with the sperm to form a fetus.
CravingsA person in the state of bloating may possess cravings for salty foods and chocolates.One may start hating foods that they liked previously and may like the taste of various unconventional foods.
CrampingYou may experience deadly cramps during this state that may come to an end after a few days.A woman experiences mild cramping during the period of pregnancy.
SymptomsThe major symptom of bloating is the increased size of an individual’s stomach.The main symptoms of are missed periods, headaches, spotting, and weight gain.
NauseaAn individual should not feel this state during the stage of bloating.During the period of pregnancy, one may feel nauseated and feel like vomiting during the morning and night.
DepressionA woman during the state of bloating should not undergo the phase of depression.A woman during a state of pregnancy may go through a phase of depression for few weeks.

What is Bloating?

Bloating is a result of eating excessively oily and unhealthy food that builds up digestive gases, or one of the main reasons may be menstruation which results in the accumulation of fluids during periods.

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It can be prevented by changing and updating our diet patterns.

The major causes of bloating are:-

  • Overeating is one of the main causes of bloating that results in the expansion and stretching of the stomach.
  • Eating food continuously without any pause may also be a reason for bloating.
  • Constipation leads to stool being backed up in the bowels causing distention of the abdomen.
  • Drinking alcohol of any kind may result in temporary bloating due to irritation in the stomach lining.

The major symptom of bloating is the enlargement of the stomach and abdomen area that’s visible and noticeable easily. The most effective and well-known ways of dealing with bloating are:-

  • One must avoid any kind of food that makes their stomach gassy and uneasy.
  • An individual must avoid consuming carbonated beverages and cold drinks that may result in intense bloating.
  • An individual must eat food slowly and chew properly to prevent any sort of accumulation of fluids.

What is Pregnancy?

Pregnancy occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg released from the ovary during the process of ovulation.

A woman must take care of her own health and the health of the baby during the entire duration of pregnancy, which lasts almost 9 months.

The major symptoms of pregnancy are:-

  • The hormonal changes in the body may result in you feeling constipated. It may also weaken your digestive system temporarily.
  • A woman may have excessive back pain during the early stages of pregnancy.
  • A woman may notice changes in breast size during the initial days of pregnancy.
  • Vomiting is also one of the main symptoms that appear in the first four months. A woman may feel uneasy during the morning time.
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If a woman is experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, she must, first of all, do a pregnancy test on the next day of missed period day. If she tests positive, she must immediately schedule an appointment with a doctor the next day.

The doctor then would proceed with further tests and ultrasounds. She must only eat healthy food and follow a healthy pattern of lifestyle.


Main Differences Between Bloating and Pregnancy

  1. Bloating refers to the distention of the abdomen that causes the belly or stomach to look larger, whereas pregnancy is the state where the sperm combines with the egg released from the ovary.
  2. A person in a state of bloating may possess strange cravings for salty and sweet food. On the other hand, a pregnant woman may not like the taste of various foods.
  3. A person may possess deadly cramps during bloating, whereas a pregnant woman experiences mild cramps.
  4. A person who is in a state of bloating does not suffer from depression, whereas a pregnant woman suffers from depression.
  5. The major symptom of bloating is an enlargement of the abdomen, whereas the major symptom of pregnancy is missed periods and weight gain.
Difference Between Bloating and Pregnancy

Last Updated : 18 August, 2023

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