Difference Between Cancer and Lupus

People with Lupus are prone to different types of cancer in the human body. Ample of medicine is in the world because of countless human body problems and disabilities. There are 2 types out incurable diseases present namely Cancer and Lupus which are detailed below with their distinguished symptoms and treatment. 

Cancer vs Lupus

The main difference between Cancer and Lupus is that Cancer is not further converted into another different disease whereas Lupus if ignored and not treated medically will be further converted into Cancer and harm the human body in every possible way. Cancer is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and Lupus is auto-immune. 

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The term Cancer was found to be a disease 100 years ago in the old Egyptian population and the first breast cancer was detected in Egyptian Edwin Smith Papyrus. The out-of-control growth of particular human body cells creates lumps in various organs, developing masses, ulceration, and Syst due to natural factors. It affects the tissue cells in the human body.

The term Lupus is referred to as a life-threatening disease namely Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). It is also referred to as some tuberculosis disease as well. The disease of Lupus is quite the same as the other life-threatening disease namely cancer as they both have similar etiology.  Antibodies are created that harm healthy tissue in the body. 

Comparison Table Between Cancer and Lupus

Parameters of ComparisonCancerLupus
Name originThe Disease name was discovered from the animal marine crabs having the name Cancer.The Disease name was discovered from the Latin word Lupus means wolf (An Animal).
DefinitionCancer is a serious disease-causing abnormal growth of cells.In Lupus, the human body is harmed by its immune system.
Causes The common causes of Cancer are environmental factors. On the other hand, The common cause of Lupus is when the immune system damage healthy tissues
SymptomsThere are 3 main symptoms of Cancer mainly: Local, Systematic, and Metastatic.The few common symptoms of Lupus are Joint pain, facial rashes and hair loss, etc. 
PreventionIn preventive care of Cancer, one should avoid causative carcinogens.In preventive care of Lupus, there are no options as it is an autoimmune disease. 

What is Cancer?

Disorder of body cells in an unsystematic manner and uncontrollable growth including spreading of this abnormal factor in the whole of the body means Cancer disease. It can start with any body part or organ of the human body since it’s a genetic disease. There are trillions of cells in an average human creature where the abnormal disorder of cells can be developed in any part of the human body. 

Cancer cells have adverse features apart from normal cells in the human body. The disease is having two scientific names neoplasm and malignant tumor. In Cancer, the body eliminates the cells with damaged DNA and they turn out to be cancerous. Every kind of cancer has a different genetic combination. The process through which cancer cells are transmitted into different body parts is known as metastasis.

The three main treatments of cancer are Radiation Therapy, Chemo Therapy, and direct removal of the tumor with help of surgery. Insidious onset is found in the majority of the cancers as they do not appear themself due to which treatment delays and the person dies. Modifications happen in the normal cells of the body and they form an out-of-control structure. Hormonal imbalance is considered one of the major risks of Cancer.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is prominently known as SLE- which is abbreviated as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus also. The disease seems similar to cancer but the disorder of lupus results in various types of cancer in the human body. The patient develops symptoms of Lupus during the flare-up time of the infection. In Lupus the dead cells which are not able to renew as per the immune system of the human body tend to release a substance that causes the malfunctioning of the autoimmune system.

The health issues faced by Lupus are unique from cancer as the disease is not genetic like cancer. Immunosuppressants, corticosteroids, NSAIDs, and methotrexate are some available treatments to manage the impact of Lupus. As per research, it is highly detected in females, and women facing lupus are prone to breast cancer significantly. 

The effect of Lupus in the body makes the immune system hyperactive which results in damaged tissues. The nature of Lupus is complex to be understood by a patient in the developing stage of the disease. Lupus has one kind which is called neonatal Lupus where women suffering from lupus are not able to give birth to a healthy baby. Fatigue problem is suffered by the majority of the Lupus patients.

Main Differences Between Cancer and Lupus

  1. Diagnosis: Cancer can be diagnosed through initial screening like X-ray, CT whereas Lupus can be diagnosed through Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (ANA).
  2. Treatment or Management: Cancer is treated via surgical removal and Lupus is treated through therapy protecting tissue attacks although both are non-curable.
  3. Signs: In Cancer, there is no specific sign that appears in cancer patients and In the case of Lupus harsh red patches in butterfly shape appear gradually on the face of Lupus patients.
  4. Transmission: The transmission of cancer from one organ to another is rarely possible whereas Lupus easily transmits from one part of the body to other. 
  5. Traits: Cancer is not further converted into Lupus whereas the Lupus, if not controlled medically, will turn out to be Cancer in the human body.


In terms of organ damage both Lupus and Cancer similarly, affect the body. Cancer once cured can be developed again at a later stage. Lupus can not be treated it can be managed only. Chronic diseases like Cancer and Lupus cause pain and inflammation in body parts of people.

There are 16 types of Cancer-associated with lupus namely cervix, vagina/vulva, renal, bladder, leukemia, multiple myeloma, and more. Misdiagnosis is possible in cancer as well as in Lupus. Many people considered them one problem. Even the doctors are not able to identify the actual difference between the two and their root cause mainly in the case of lupus therefore being vigilant for health is the only prevention in Lupus as well as in Cancer.


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