Difference Between Career and Education

Career and education are both different yet highly interrelated terms that play a crucial role in every person’s lifestyle.

Career vs Education

The difference between career and education depends on their source and the goal. Education is the first step towards the beginning of the career. Education is provided by teachers and all those around us. Education provides us with various values, ideas, knowledge and introduces us to various aspects of life.

Career vs Education

Whereas career is essentially made with the help of all the information one has gained out of education. Career provides us with life challenge and here we can put our education to practical use.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonCareerEducation
SourceA person gets training related to a career while interning in various companies and working for them, either free of cost or at a low price.The source of education is all around, the internet, the schools, our families, peer groups are all sources of various forms of education
Role of InterestCareers are built to earn a livelihood and become successful. It caters to personal development as well.The role of interest in providing education is to generate human resources that would be beneficial to the country.

Make the children capable to handle themselves and working for themselves and others. This would help them bring capital to the country.
Time periodAn average human builds his,her career when they are 16 or an adult. The career may last for a short duration of time or for a longer depending on persons capabilityAn average child joins the school when he/she grows 3 years old.

But lately many school are starting with mother and child programme which aim at sensory and other development for kids, through various workshops. In this both join the school when the child is 1 year old.
FacilitatorsCareer can be self-built. Some business can be provided by the linage. Others look for job and opportunities to build their career .

Career goals help us gain values and experience in exchange for the service and value we add to their company and its stakeholders.
Education can only be facilitated through some external source.
GoalCareers last only as long as they are relevant and may vary from person to person..Educational goals deal with how you used study material, experience, values, ideas and cohorts to expand your horizons

Even vocational education must be about your interests and what you want to be.


What is Career?

Career refers to the journey of a person’s work-life in which they take up different jobs, or work in different fields. This is done to gain success and to fulfill all the needs of the person.

A career is a build by following these steps:

  1.  Education
  2. Training/ interning
  3. Taking up jobs

To be successful in career an individual gain high-quality education, build economic, political, and social contact, give life to new innovations and reflect the desired personalities to others.

Earlier the definition of career only extended to a job with average, regular income. Today the scenario has changed.

The definition of career has transformed to include various scope and sources to build up a career.

In the tech-savvy world innovation can make you successful swiftly. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg,  Mary Barra are few examples of the people who with their novelty have turned their lives around.

The career not only depends on our education, or on our job but also supremely depends on the creativity that of the individual.


What is Education?

Education in simple terms used to describe the process of giving and taking the information, ideas, thoughts, and experiences. The dissemination of information and facilitation of learning can take place in a formal setting or an informal setting.

Education forms the root of our life values, beliefs, and any further learning.

Some facts about education are listed below:

  • The education process generally takes place under the guidance of an instructor. Today the advancement in technology enables a person to self-educate themselves.
  1. The government of India provides every child with the Right to Education under the Fundamental Rights. To promote education various schemes have opted.
  2. In a formal setting, education can be divided into the following stages:
    1. preschool or kindergarten,
    2. primary school, 
    3. secondary school 
    4. college, university, or apprenticeship.
  3. Mega education institutions are build up by businessmen and stars, which ends up making education a business. These institutions provide the child with all the facilities and leave no challenge which could be fulfilled. Most elite classes send their children to such schools.
  4. Vocational education is yet another form of education that trains the youth in a specific skill and art. This is done mostly to help the specially able children find an occupation. Recently vocational education is available to every person.
  5. E-learning also helps in the education and development of a large number of people who gain free access to education through the internet and other platforms. There are various emerging apps in the same field as Coursera, Unacademy, Urban pro, YouTube, etc.

Main Differences Between Career and Education

  1. Both the education and career have a different role to play in lives. Career is built whereas education is obtained or received or disseminated.
  2. Not everyone has a career or a successful career where most of the children receive education of some sort, either from schooling or from their family.
  3. The education of a child begin at a very young age, and lasts throughout his/her lifetime. Whereas the career of the person begins when they grow up, at 16 or more and is uncertain.
  4. The goal of building a career is to gain money and respect from it whereas the objective of education is to inculcate value, ideals, beliefs in the person. Education also benefit by developing the overall personality of the person.
  5. Education is obtained from one or the other external source whereas career can be self-made.
Difference Between Career and Education


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