Difference Between Chamilia and Pandora

Many people love cute charm and beads jewellery, and people who love making their pieces of jewellery are well aware of the two popular beads producing companies, Chamilia and Pandora.


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Both are producers of excellent quality beads and yet share several areas where they differ.

Key Takeaways

  1. Chamilia offers more customizable options in its jewelry designs, while Pandora focuses on pre-designed collections.
  2. Pandora has a wider selection of jewelry types, including rings and earrings, while Chamilia mainly offers charms and bracelets.
  3. Chamilia beads fit onto Pandora bracelets, but Pandora beads may not fit onto Chamilia bracelets due to size differences.

Chamilia vs Pandora

Chamilia is a brand that was founded in 2002 and is known for its customizable charm bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Pandora is a Danish jewellery brand that was founded in 1982. Like Chamilia, Pandora is known for its charm bracelets, which can be customized with various charms.

Chamilia vs Pandora 1

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Chamilia is a brand that produces small beads with varied designs that will easily attract teenagers.

These are not very expensive, and the details of these beads are precise and without a defect. One can use these beads to design their jewellery.

Pandora is an old beads-making company that offers great designs for women with classy tastes who want to maintain a sophisticated look.

These are expensive compared to other brands, but the product and its quality will not miss to mesmerize you.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonChamiliaPandora
Origin of the brandChamilia was established in 2002.Pandora was established in 1980.
Product rangeIt has 500 design variations.It has 300 design variations.
Type of beadsThey produce theme-based beads.These beads are more feminine in look and sophisticated.
Price range These are less expensive.Comparatively, these are more expensive.
SizeThese are usually small in size.These are large.
WeightTheir beads are light in weight.Their beads are heavy comparatively.

What is Chamilia?

Chamilia bracelets are a new brand compared to the Pandora brand. They hit the market in 2002, but their unique beads, ingenuity and production made them worldwide famous in a few days.

Hands craft Chamilia bracelets and their beads, and their attention to the details will leave you wondering. The quality is no less than excellent, and the price is pocket friendly as well.

The Chamilia is famous for its theme-based beads production. This brand produces very trendy beads. The themes are super fun and suitable for adolescents.

The beads can include sterling silver, gold, enamel, Murano glass and metal chain. Its collection has over 500 designs, and all the beads are light and small.

Chamilia is known to produce beads that will affect your creativity and make you interested in trying your hands on jewellery making.

The branding line once created Disney-themed bracelets that included Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Nemo, Winnie the Pooh and several Disney princesses like Cinderella.

Not only bracelets, but one can make several other jewellery pieces according to their choice.

Even though they are trendy among young kids, people of any age can try them on according to their preferences.

The excellent production quality and their after-sales customer service are impressive too. The company has a free replacement policy if customers receive broken or damaged beads.

What is Pandora?

Pandora has been in beads making since 1980. These beads’ central theme is celebrating feminine charm through their beads design.

These crafted charm bracelets can be made of materials like Sterling silver, gold, enamel and Murano glass. 

The charms and the clasp of these bracelets are popular, too, as it includes lobster and snap-clasp. These clasps can be made of Sterling silver or even 14karat gold.

All the clasps have ‘Pandora’ embedded in them. One can use these beads to embody their jewellery design and enjoy their style. 

The size of these beads is usually big and heavy too. The brand does not compromise on the high quality of the beads.

The range of the design is 300, and the designs are very classy and enough to celebrate your femininity. The price range of these beads is relatively high as well.

It will cost nearly $200 for a 14K gold bracelet.

Main Differences Between Chamilia and Pandora

  1. Chamilia is a brand name that produces beads, and it was founded in 2002, while Pandora is a much older
  2. Bead-producing brand that was established in 1980.
  3. Chamilia is known to have a great collection of beads that range from 500 designs. But Pandora has comparatively fewer designs of beads that vary in the range of 300 designs.
  4. Chamilia is widely popular as it produces theme-based beads, which are rare, but the beads produced by Pandora are more feminine in look and bear a sophisticated touch.
  5. Chamilia beads are less expensive when compared to Pandora beads. 
  6. Chamilia beads are essentially small, but Pandora beads are comparatively large.
  7. Chamilia beads are also light in weight, but Pandora beads are not. They are quite heavy.
  8. The locks of Chamilia can be placed anywhere on the created bracelet, but in the case of Pandora, the locks have fixed joints and already exist on the bracelet.
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