Difference Between Coachella and Lollapalooza

Who doesn’t like good music? Attending a good music festival is one of the best weekend plans. Call it a music festival or music carnival, you will observe a good variety of music being presented there.

Be it national, modern, or classic music, A music fest is themed accordingly.

Coachella and Lollapalooza are the two great music fests we all know of the United States. Suppose, You have tickets to both, but on the same day, What will you choose? Here is the comparative study on both, For you to decide accordingly.

Coachella vs Lollapalooza

The main difference between Coachella and Lollapalooza is, Coachella runs as a music festival in the colorado desert, every year, whereas Lollapalooza runs as a music festival in the middle of Chicago city. Seeing your Favourite band presenting Live is one of the best feelings ever. The ticket prices of Coachella are higher than that of Lollapalooza, but it’s impressive to note that, According to Forbes, Coachella is the most profitable festival in the United States. The Internet goes viral on the big debate of Coachella v/s Lollapalooza every year.

Coachella vs Lollapalooza

Coachella is a music and arts festival organized by Goldenvoice, you will experience a variety of genres at Coachella, call it Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, electronic dance music, or indie style.

It was last active in 2019. Coachella gets its name from the Coachella valley. Apart from music lovers, It attracts lakhs of Exploring souls and desert lovers every year.

The term Lollapalooza means an exceptional event. It is a music and arts festival in the middle of Chicago city, which not only presents the major genre but, also is a big platform for Visual arts and Nonprofit organizations.

Apart from music lovers, It attracts lakhs of after-party lovers every year.

Comparison Table Between Coachella and Lollapalooza

Parameters of Comparison  CoachellaLollapalooza
Scheduled It has evolved from a single-day concert to 3 days to a Two-weekend continuous festival. organized in the month of April, every year.It is a four days consecutive festival, organized in the month of September last time in 2019.
Location  It happens at the empire polo club in Indio California.The beautiful festival is one of the best things to see in Chicago, Grant Park, Illinois.
Organizers AEG’s subsidiary, known as Goldenvoice. is the organizer of this music festival.Lollapalooza is known as the festival of Perry Farrell, who created this festival as a Jane Addiction farewell tour.
Weather  The temperature here is experienced from forty degrees Celcius to forty-three degrees Celcius in the month of April.Lollapalooza experiences a temperature of around Thirty-seven degrees Celcius.  
Average Crowd Density  On average, More than two lakh bookings are made annually.  On average, Lollapalooza observes four lakh attendees annually.

What is Coachella?

A two-weekend festival, people cheering their favorite artist names, everything from rock to electronic music is celebrated here. Being in the desert, temperature reviews for Coachella are pretty great.

This festival is considered the start of music carnivals and fests in the US.

Organized by Goldenvoice in the late 90s for the first time. It was the fest of 1999, which proved to be the game-changer. As time passed, Coachella evolved from one day concert to three days and now to a two-weekend festival.

Making it one of the highest-profiting concerts in the US.

Coachella experiences more than two lakh of bookings. This festival is not only important for the crowd but also for artists who see this as a big opportunity for their followers to increase.

What is Lollapalooza?

Festival started by Perry Farrell, lollapalooza has evolved from a touring event to one of the best music festivals in the US.

One point which makes Lollapalooza different from any other music fest happening in the US is, They not only feature Rock bands, EDM’s, hip hop, etc but also a big platform for Nonprofit entities and political institutions.

Also spelled as “lollapalootza”, the meaning of this term actually describes the festival itself, that is, An extraordinary, or Exceptional event.

Some performances which can never be forgotten from here are, Kanye west in 2008, Outkast from 2014, and Chance The Rapper from 2013. This music festival is organized internationally.

Countries like Chile, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, France, Israel, and Argentina host their version of lollapalooza every year.

Main Differences Between Coachella and Lollapalooza.

  1. Coachella was started as a One day concert in 90’s to Three days concert in 2007, and then in 2010 as whole two weekend festival. Whereas Loallapalooza was expanded as three days festival to four days on completion of its 25 years of journey.
  2. Empire polo club of Indio in california hosts the Coachella festival annually, People visit Colorado desert for attending this beautiful music festival, whereas for Loallapalooza, which is organised in mid of the city, that is in Grant park, its more convinient for people to attend here.
  3. Goldenvoice, a ancillary of AEG presents, are the organisers of Coachella music festival, whereas Loallapalooza is the festival started by Perry Farrell as a Jane addition farewell tour.
  4. Being compared on basis of weather, Loallapalooza is chosen by many, as its mid summer time when one can experience a bit of rain and temperature worth tolerance. Whereas in Coachella people often complain of dehydration and extreme hot weather.
  5. While Coachella being one of the highest profiting music festival in US, its the loallapalooza whose average crowd count is more, that is around four lakh compared to 2.5 lakhs of Coachella.
Difference Between Coachella and Lollapalooza


For all the music and art lovers out there, attending a music festival in the US is such a dream come true. Talking about music festivals, Coachella and Lollapalooza are everyone’s first choice.

Both festivals are great in their own manner, it depends upon the person’s taste and preferences, what they will choose to attend first.

For example, if the person wants to avoid long rides to the festival and is likely to get dehydrated fast, they will definitely attend Lollapalooza, which is located at the center of the city with weather worth tolerance.

But if the person is into deserts and their beauty, they won’t regret attending Coachella, which is organized in the Colorado desert.

Fans of after-parties! It’s Lollapalooza calling you. Whereas Coachella attracts the admirers of Desert and exploration freaks. Once in a lifetime, Both music fests are worth attending.


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