Collaborative Learning vs Cooperative Learning: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Collaborative learning emphasizes individual autonomy, with learners working together toward a common goal, while cooperative learning involves structured group activities with specific roles and responsibilities for each group member.
  2. Collaborative learning allows for more flexible group dynamics and can lead to divergent thinking, while cooperative learning focuses on specific outcomes and convergent thinking.
  3. In collaborative learning, the instructor acts as a facilitator or guide, whereas in cooperative learning, the instructor often takes on a more direct and structured role in the learning process.
Collaborative Learning vs Cooperative Learning

What is Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative learning is a form of learning that involves working together in groups to enhance learning. In this kind of learning, two or more learners work together to complete task projects, solve problems or learn new concepts. The collaborative learning process involves listening to each other’s points of view, articulating each other’s points, reframing ideas, and, in turn, gaining a complete understanding of the concept as a group.

Collaborative learning focuses on synthesizing information and concepts and discussing them with each other rather than memorizing the facts in the figures related to the concept. The researchers have proven that collaborative learning enhances a person’s skills more than individual learning. When employees are subjected to collaborative learning, they not only enhance their existing skills but also learn new skills from other employees and develop a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge.

Collaborative learning is an excellent opportunity for the employees to have contact with them and foster their connections in teamwork. It enhances individuals to teach & develop new connections, which benefits the whole organization.

collaborative learning

What is Cooperative Learning?

The roles, structure, and working of cooperative learning are decided before the learning. The success of cooperative learning depends upon all the interconnected roles supporting each other. Still, the essential part of cooperative learning is the director or the teacher who oversees the project closely. There is always a guide to oversee the group’s work in cooperative learning.


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Cooperative learning involves small groups of learners to have an efficient outcome of their discussion. The group working in cooperative learning may consist of people of different ages or intellectual abilities to obtain a learning goal. The instructor or teacher plays a significant role in cooperative learning as they form small groups, assign specific roles to different group members, and manage their formal learning.

Teachers supply the fundamental learning books, sources, and study material to read, analyze and increase the understanding of the particular concept. Furthermore, the students analyze and understand the concepts and help their colleagues understand.

cooperative learning

Difference Between Collaborative Learning and Cooperative Learning

  1. Collaborative learning is where learners divide into different groups and explore and develop their understanding of a particular topic. On the other hand, cooperative learning is a group of students working to achieve a learning goal.
  2. Collaborative learning is only sometimes supposed to be under the teacher’s guidance, while cooperative learning is always conducted under the guidance of a supervisor.
  3.  In collaborative learning, each individual takes responsibility for team learning and success. On the other hand, it’s the supervisor or administration’s responsibility to look after each individual’s learning in cooperative learning.
  4.  In collaboration, problems to solutions are found by combining all the learners’ efforts. In cooperative learning, different persons in a group determine the various aspects of a problem.
  5.  In collaborative learning, the source material for study is supplied by the students. On the other hand, cooperative learning teachers supply study material to students.

Comparison Collaborative Learning and Cooperative Learning

Parameter of ComparisonCollaborative LearningCooperative Learning
Definition Collaborative learning is a form of group learning where learners develop an understanding of a particular topic by themselves. Cooperative learning is a form of learning in which small teams work to achieve a shared goal under the guidance of an instructor.
OrientationStudent orientedTeacher oriented
Suitable forAdult and mature studentsKids and youngsters
Structure of the Learning SystemInformal and less structuredFormal and structured
ExampleDeveloping new products and solving problems across teamsJigsaw, fishbowl debate,  and think-pair-share
Difference Between Learning and Cooperative Learning

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