Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals

Conservatives and liberals are two opposing spectrums in the political hierarchy of any democratic nation. 

Their views and ideas lie at the two extremes of a line where reality is a short stretch of blurred mass in between. 

Having the two come together would be an error as they can’t correlate and help the nation as a single force.

Conservatives vs Liberals

The main difference between Conservatives and Liberals is that conservatives believe that everything should be as and how it was since the beginning of times and that traditional values should be instilled in every aspect of ruling to help the nation progress. On the other hand, liberals hold the notion that for the nation to witness progress, there should be a deviation from the traditional line and new aspects should be brought in the ruling.

Conservatives vs Liberals

Conservatives are a group of people who take part in the political ruling of a democratic country.

Since times immemorial, they have been the dominant group in the political phase due to their nature and belief that the governing of a nation should be inclusive of the traditions of the nation.

They want the country to go on as it was without much progress that might affect the political or economical status of the country.

Liberals have always been a minority group until recent times.

Their political approach is all about bringing the nation up to a certain level of progress that would exclude the traditional outlook and bring about a milestone in the nation’s position in the world.

Any change in the economic front of the nation doesn’t prove to be a hurdle for them as long as it is for the betterment of the country.

Comparison Table Between Conservatives and Liberals

Parameters of ComparisonConservativesLiberals
Climate ChangeBelieve there is no proof and therefore does not do much to helpTakes all measures to prevent it
Traditional Method of RunningYesNo
Tax PaymentAll should pay a lower tax or the same amountThe rich should pay a higher tax than the poor
Healthcare SystemBelieves it should be privatizedBelieves it should be free for all
View on International CooperationIs under the opinion that organizations such as the UN control and limit the power of each countryBelieves it is necessary for a peaceful world

What is Conservatives?

Conservatives could be generally classified as the right-leaning group among the political division in the country.

They constantly stand firm on the concept that the progress made in a country controlled by them should be carefully monitored.

All the progress should take place within the outline of the traditional values and therefore preserve the traditions for as long as they rule.

Conservatives are always considered to be a part of the dominant political group.

But in recent times, their ideologies and approach are creating issues among the people.

This has made the citizens rethink their role in the governing of the country and as a result, they are slowly becoming a minor political group.

Their thoughts lie within a circle that defines any action that questions a progression that changes the nation.

This question arises as a part of the bigger fact that they are comfortable with all that is happening at present.

They gain major economic and political benefits from the already persistent system.

But if they are not a part of the dominant political form, then they are under a vicious cycle of doubt as to what might happen to them if massive changes are made.

Their government believes in not having much political influence on the private happenings of the business unit.

Traditional and religious values are greatly cared for and implemented in all possible situations.

In the US the conservatives cone under the political party Republicans.

To give an example on the traditional perspective of the conservatives, it is widely known that they see abortion as the murder of a being.

Stringent rules are enlightening the hospitals to allow abortions. These include rapes and the mother’s health.

The conservative view on euthanasia is that is it immoral and is at par with murder and is no less than forced suicide.

The conservatives believe that healthcare should not be provided by the government and should be handled by private firms.

Free treatment for all might mean depletion in the financial funds of the government and might affect the government.

What is Liberals?

Liberals fall under the old minor political group whose opinions were barely given any ear to.

They are the left-leaning political group that has been formed by the sects of society who were once ignored and given no rights.

They strongly believe that irrespective of any socio-economic changes that the country might face, progress should be what the country aims at.

In the present day, liberals can be assumed to be either the dominant group or the minority group.

The liberal’s support system is yet to be properly built but that doesn’t mean they don’t have support.

The world is seeing more of a liberal approach in most of the democratic nations.

They aim at changing the current structural construction of both the governing system and the socio-economic differences persisting in society.

They believe that keeping the country adhering to the traditional values might stop its growth or even slow down the annual jumps in the country’s GDP.

In the US the liberals come under the umbrella of the political party, the Democrats.

They are persistent believers in giving equal opportunities irrespective of the racial status or even the economic status of an individual.

Their major ideology surrounds equality and ensuring that it is spread all over the country.

They believe that the government must have a say in the running of the private sector.

Human rights are one of the most discussed topics under the liberal system of governing.

Liberals have an open mind about abortions. This is because they believe that it is the lady who alone can decide on what she goes through.

Their view on the death penalty is that it should not be practiced and abolished altogether as it is seen as murder.

Their belief on the economical front is that the private sector should have governmental control in certain aspects.

This is to ensure that the people are all availing the services equally.

Main Differences Between Conservatives and Liberals

  1. Conservatives believe that death penalties are the ultimate warning for those who commit heinous crimes such as murder whereas liberals believe that such a punishment should be abolished altogether.
  2. Liberals are more modern in thinking that there should be alternative forms of energy such as water and solar whereas conservatives still think coal and wood are the perfect energy source that cannot be replaced.
  3. The conservatives are constantly firm on the fact that healthcare should be completely privatized and should not be free whereas liberals think that healthcare should be given free to all irrespective of the socio-economic gap among people.
  4. Liberals are open about immigration and the general security of the country. They think immigrants should be supported and given help while conservatives believe that the security at birders should be tightened to not let illegal immigrants into the country and put the nation in peril.
  5. Same-sex marriage is a point of discord between the two groups. Conservatives, due to their traditional line of thinking believe that such marriages are unnatural while liberals think that such matters are personal and they respect the individual’s opinion.


Given that both have such contrasting visions and ideologies, both groups are present in all democratic nations.

With differing views on matters as important as climate change and its effects, the younger generation prefers to side with the liberals.

These days the liberals are seeing accelerated growth in the countries of democratic governance.

Conservatives are seeing a back seat in governing due to their primitive ideas of running the nation.

Equality and human rights being the major ideology of liberals, it is no wonder they have a firm ground in almost all democracies.

But that doesn’t mean conservatives are losing all powers.

Some democracies still need a conservative look on the governing front.


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