Coo vs Coup: Difference and Comparison

Coo and Coup are similar-sounding words but differ in spellings and meanings. The last letter ‘p’ in the word coup remains unpronounced, thus is pronounced as ‘coo’.

These words are not of the same part of speech as well and are used in different contexts in a conversation.

Key Takeaways

  1. The COO (Chief Operating Officer) is a senior executive responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a company. At the same time, COUP (City Operations Utility Player) is a term used by the ride-sharing company, Coup, to describe their on-the-ground operations team.
  2. COOs are part of a company’s top leadership team, while COUPs focus on executing specific operational tasks.
  3. COOs are responsible for developing and implementing business strategies, while COUPs ensure the company’s operations run smoothly.

Coo vs Coup

Coo (pronounced koo) is a verb that means to make a soft murmuring or cooing sound, like a dove or pigeon. It can also be used as a noun to refer to the sound itself. Coup (pronounced koo) has multiple meanings, but refers to a sudden and violent overthrow of a government or political leader.

Coo vs Coup

A pigeon or a dove has a low, soft sound of its own, similar to a muttering sound. These birds are said to be ‘cooing’ while making this sound. When a person speaks in a soft and sweet voice, he is said to ‘coo like a dove’.

A coup is said to have taken place when the government of a nation is changed suddenly. A coup is implemented to ensure that the ruling party or any person in authority is overthrown.

A coup also means a smart or clever action done to achieve something. Coups are primarily violent.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCooCoup
Part of speechVerbNoun
Field of StudyBird Vocalization.Defense and Security.
Origin LanguageFrenchDanish
Action performed byBirdsRebel group or military
TypesMourning Dove Coo, Baby’s coo, Pigeon’s coo, etc.Presidential coup, Democratic coup, Military coup, Neo-liberal coup, etc.

What is Coo?

Cooing is an action word. It is definable as the sound that feathered birds make. These sounds are their mode of communication with other birds of their family.

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A ‘coo’ is a soft, muttering sound made primarily by doves and pigeons. When one compares it to the shrieks and shrill voices of other birds, a coo is soft and easy on the ears.

A coo also signifies a sad and sorrowful sound made by the birds. This sound is heard when they are in pain or struggle to do something. The coo grows louder when they are shocked or stunned. This sad coo is known as the ‘mourning dove’ sound.

In other contexts, cooing also means having an affectionate and loving conversation. Some poets and writers use the verb coo to express how two people endearingly talk to each other in a soft voice.

For eg: The couple coos to each other lovingly.

Cooing is sometimes also referred to as the first sound that babies make. It is the sound that they make after crying while calming themselves.

Cooing does not require the movement of other mouth muscles to create a phonetic sound. It is simply a sound and not pronunciation.

What is a Coup?

The word coup comes from the French words Coup d’etat, which means removing a government from its power. It refers to the illegal snatching of power from governing authorities or dictators.

An organization, protest group, or military can plan and implement a coup. A coup is organized against an unworthy or unjust authority or ruling party.

There are several different types of coups. These include Military coup, democratic coup, palace coup, putsch, pronunciamiento, presidential coup, parliamentary coup, etc.

They have been organized when a small group overthrows an authority in power using violent means.

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Earlier, coups took place to seize the power of evil authorities. These were implemented with the motive to help the people suffering the injustice.

Some personal and social grievances are the reasons for a coup to arise. A coup focuses on the seizure of power from authority. However, they have consequences that harm the lives of people living in the region the coup is organized.

The 2021 Myanmar Coup d’etat, the Beer Hall Putsch, the Musharraf Coup, and the coup of Napolean Bonaparte are some of the most known coups that have taken place in history.

These coups have had good and bad impacts on the lives of people.

Main Differences Between Coo and Coup

  1. Coo is a concept related to the sounds of birds, whereas a coup is a military or security-related term.
  2. A coo is defined as a low muttering sound, whereas a coup denotes a power seizure or removal.
  3. The word coo has its origin in Danish, Hindi, and Persian languages, whereas, the word coup comes from the French language. 
  4. A coo is primarily an action word, whereas a coup is a noun that comes from the word coup d’etat. 
  5. Coo is a simple sound with no life threatening consequences, whereas a coup is a military action with severe consequences on life. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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