Cotyledon vs Endosperm: Difference and Comparison

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Key Takeaways

  1. Cotyledon is the embryonic leaf of a seed, while the endosperm is the tissue that provides nutrients to the developing embryo.
  2. Cotyledon is found in dicotyledonous plants, while the endosperm is found in monocotyledonous plants.
  3. Cotyledon becomes the plant’s first leaves after germination, while the embryo absorbs endosperm during germination.

Cotyledon vs. Endosperm

Cotyledon is the embryonic leaf of the seed developing into first leaves of the embryonic plant. Endosperm is the nutritive tissue, that stores nutrients needed by embryo development  during seedling. Former is due to double fertilisation, while latter due to triple fusion during double fertilisation.

Cotyledon vs Endosperm

Cotyledon is a seed leaf found in lacking living beings of sprouting plants. Cotyledon found in monocots is critical in food maintenance, while, in dicots, cotyledon’s abilities are in both digestion and the limit of food.

The endosperm is the most notable limit tissue in the seed of angiosperms, which starts from the relationship of a male center and the polar centers of the early creature sac.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCotyledonEndosperm
Roots It comprises sinewy roots with numerous branches. It comprises taproots with long thick roots. 
Bloom Parts It is available in products of three. It is available in products of four or five. 
Seedlings A cotyledon provides for the creation of a developing organism. An endosperm gives sustenance to the young seedling. 
PhotosyntheticCotyledons are photosynthetic. The endosperm isn’t photosynthetic. 
Supplement The young seedling gets its nourishment from the cotyledons. The creating incipient organism gets its supplements from the endosperm. 

What is Cotyledon? 

Cotyledon is a seed leaf found in undeveloped organisms of blooming plants. Cotyledon found in monocots is significant in food retention, while, in dicots, cotyledon’s capacities are in both the assimilation and accommodation of food.

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Incipient organisms that need cotyledons are alluded to as acotyledons. Moreover, there are dicots with only one cotyledon, known as monocular or monocotyledonous dicots.

Cotyledons fluctuate broadly in size, shape, and capacity. For instance, thick and plump cotyledons may fill in as a supplement source, while meager, leaf-like cotyledons may fill in as photosynthetic organs during seed germination. 


What is Endosperm? 

The endosperm is the most well-known capacity tissue in the seed of angiosperms, which begins from the association of a male core and the polar cores of the developing sac.

Accordingly, in most developed incipient organisms, endosperm gives off an impression of being missing. Generally, it endures in developing seeds of monocots, while it is missing in developing sources of dicots.

Main Differences Between Cotyledon and Endosperm

  1. In dicots, the endosperm is processed totally before the seed sprouts, whereas cotyledon stays until the seedling is equipped for photosynthesis. 
  2. An endosperm sustains the young seedling, whereas a cotyledon provides for the creation incipient organism. 

Last Updated : 15 June, 2023

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