Difference Between Csh and Bash

Computer geeks prioritize an operating system Linux. Linux turned out handy to professionals in the 1990s. It is an open-source operating system. 


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The screen we use to operate an OS is called shells. CSH and BASH are shells. Shells are a medium of conversation among programmers and the device. We deliver commands and receive output.

Csh vs BASH

The difference between Csh and Bash is that for changing the directory, we can use ‘chdir’ in csh while there is no such thing in bash.

Csh lets us govern a wide variety of aspects, for example,

a. Spelling correction

b. History


d.Niceness control

e.Job control

Signal handling and others.

There is some difficulty while reading lines of any files on csh, poor ‘read’ builtin.

Csh has poor redirection as compared to bash.

‘.’ is unavailable in ‘csh’ but we can source another script using ‘source’ builtin.

Csh vs BASH

Csh resembles C programming. Users familiar with performing C programming find it homely. This was introduced in the 1970s by Bill Joy.

It was established as a part of Berkeley Software Distribution in 1978. The C-shell got its name after its syntax, the C programming.

It was developed with the motive to have an easier interactive approach. Command history is one of its glorious aspects. One of its many features includes jobs control facilities.

It is accessed as a script shell command runner and an interactive shell login. It becomes tough to use on some occasions.

Bash, like Csh, is a shell program. Though it has a subtle variation than Csh. It is the modified version of ‘sh’, the bourne shell.

The Bourne shell is believed to be the fundamental shell. Bash is Bourne Again Shell. Bash was composed by Brian Fox.

He collected some of the goof features of other shells and armed bash into a unique shell program. It is widely accepted in the computer geek world.

It is the default in Linux. It came into action in 1989. When you step into the bash terminal a prompt welcomes you. The prompt is $.

You must be aware of what you want to command. Without the knowledge of command, it can be a pain in the ass.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonCshBash
DefinitionC shellBourne Again Shell
CharacteristicsInteractiveNon- interactive
DeveloperBill JoyBrian Fox
YearThe 1970sRe-invented in 1989

What is Csh?

Csh is also known as C- shell, a command language translator. It is built with features that make it unique and spread out. Users find it interactive.

It stands out as it cites other programs. A user-biased program that interprets external commands. 

The skeleton of the command initiates with the ‘%’ prompt and concludes with ^D followed by the ‘%’ prompt. ^D signifies that the command has come to an end. 

Few instances:

 ^H represents the backspace key.

^U represents kill character.

^? Signifies erase key or delete.

An argument follows a command. The flag argument is one such important notion. It is initiated by ‘-’. If given the command it specifies the size of the file as well.

Special characters are often utilized. They have a semantic and syntactic illustration of shells. we can look for filenames, separated by ‘/’.

Each section unfolds its place in the directory. We can apply quotation ‘*’. Termination of command is possible. Each shell has its set of variables.

We can transform input commands via Aliases. You type ‘mkdir’ to form a new directory. You can separate one directory from another. This makes your search easy (well, you have to remember the folder to command).

What is Bash?

Bourne again shell or bash. Bash is a unique command and shell language. Brian fox modified the initial ‘sh’ or bourne shell to BASH. Bash is the well-structurted extension of the bourne shell. It is the most widely used shell.

Few instances:

echo “peace”, we will get ‘peace’ as our output.

There are few default commands like if you type the date in the terminal you will get the information as output. cal for calendar, you will receive the information as output.

pwd stands for print working directory. Command this, you will receive the information about the current directory you are working in. 

‘ls’ gives insight into the files, emails, folders that you are currently working with (list storage is ‘ls’). It provides you the information stored in your home directory.

You can navigate to a folder using ‘cd’ and navigate gate by ‘cd..’.

The dollar sign (‘$’ signifies you are logged in as a standard user.)

The Main Difference Between Csh vs Bash

The main difference between Csh vs Bash is that bash includes some of the features of csh as well. 

  1. C-shell commands commence with ‘#’. Bash begins with ‘;’.
  2. Csh is an interactive terminal, bash is considered non-interactive.
  3. Bill joy came up with Csh, Bash was re-invented by Brian Fox.
  4. Bash is widely used by professional geeks rather than Csh.
  5. Csh was initially runned in the 1970s while Bash was newly structured in 1989.


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