Difference Between DBZ and DBZ Kai

TV series and anime have been a great source of entertainment for not only kids but also adults.

One major adaption was seen when the then on-going manga of Dragon Ball was adapted as a Japanese TV series or anime in the name of Dragon Ball Z which was also later adapted to Dragon Ball Z Kai. But many fail to notice the difference between the two because they are adapted to the same manga.

DBZ vs DBZ Kai

The main difference between DBZ and DBZ Kai is that DBZ was an on-going manga as the author was still writing the plot, so one can witness many filler episodes in the series. But this is not seen in the case of DBZ Kai as it includes only the main plot and is much shorter than the original anime.

DBZ vs DBZ Kai

Dragon Ball Z or DBZ is the original adaptive series of the manga that was adapted by Akira Toriyama. It began airing on 25 April 1985 in Fuji TV of Japan and gained popularity in a few countries like Japan, Korea and India.

Dragon Ball Z Kai or DBZ Kaiis the adaptation of the original series and had 98 episodes when it completed broadcast.But unlike DBZ, it reached the greater international scale to the point that it had incomes from not only the viewers but also merchandise.

Comparison Table Between DBZ and DBZ Kai

Parameters of ComparisonDBZDBZ Kai
Abbreviation ofDragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z Kai
Origin25 April 198505 April 2009
Number of episodes32598
MusicHad copywritten songs of artists that were allowed to be released as a separate soloHas its original intro music
PlotSince it was on-going manga, it had funny filler episodesFollows original plot without the fillers
International scaleWas not recognized beyond a few countriesGained a large international scale recognition
QualityIs darker since it has low saturationHas more contrast and brightness

What is DBZ?

DBZ or Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime series that was adapted from a manga by Akira Toriyama.

 It was first aired on 25 April 1983 on Fuji TV in Japan and continued being broadcasted till 31 January 1996.

Since it was an on-going manga then, the directors had to give time for the author to come up with the next plot but cannot leave without airing an episode as scheduled.

It did not receive the amount of attention and popularity that DBZ Kai received.

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What is DBZ Kai?

DBZ Kai or Dragon Ball Z Kai is the adapted version of the original series DBZ.

It was first aired on 5 April 2009 on Fuji TV as well and the 98 episodes were broadcasted till 25 August 2011.

Since it was the adapted version and the original series was meant for adults, this series has all the necessary censorships for child viewers comfort.

It received a tremendous amount of recognition on an international scale and they had income not only from views but also from the merchandise.

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Main Differences Between DBZ and DBZ Kai

  1. DBZ stands for the famous Japanese anime show named Dragon Ball Z or simply known as Dragon Ball. DBZ Kai or Dragon Ball Z Kai is the adapted modern anime series of the original DBZ.
  2. Since DBZ is the older series it was first broadcasted on Fuji Television in Japan on 25 April 1985 but DBZ Kai was released much later. It was first released on 5 April 2009 on Fuji TV itself.


One such case was observed when DBZ or Dragon Ball Z series was released as a Japanese anime, shortly followed by DBZ Kai. But it was hard to differentiate between them.

DBZ or Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime that was adapted from the on-going manga named Dragon Ball. We can find many filler episodes in the series.

DBZ Kai or Dragon Ball Z Kai is the adaptation of the original DBZ series after completion. It was brighter and had more resolution than the original one.

The drastic difference between the two series is that while DBZ had used other artist’s solo songs for intro and music, DBZ Kai had their band and copywritten songs for theirs.


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