Difference Between Delhivery and Delivery

Sometimes when we speak English certain words sound or are pronounced similar but when we look at their meaning they are completely different. The are several such words that play with our minds and challenge our English speaking and writing skills.


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Two of such words are Delhivery and Delivery when we pronounce these words they almost sound the same but when we look at their meaning they are completely different. And what is the difference between the two? Let’s find out.

Delhivery vs Delivery

The difference between Delhivery and Delivery is that Delhivery is India’s biggest and most rapidly-growing e-commerce company. The company offers a comprehensive range of logistical services, including quick package Delivery, PTL and TL freight, cross-border shipping, and supply chain management. On the other hand, the term “Delivery” refers to the component of a weapon system that is responsible for delivering a weapon to its intended target. However, it is the word that is widely used in e-commerce businesses which means the act of delivering mails, parcels, or items to the intended destination.

Delhivery vs Delivery

Delhivery: It is India’s leading and fastest-growing unified logistics Services Company by turnover as of Fiscal 2021, with a footprint in every province and Delivery to over 17,000+ pin codes.

Versatile shipment choices, such as LTL and expedited parcel solutions, as well as cross-border fulfillment agreements with Aramex and FedEx, provide the expanding customer’s room to develop.

Delivery:  The practice of transferring items from a source point to a predetermined location is known as Delivery.

There are different modes of Delivery through which the product or the services reach the client such as Highways and railways on land, ship channels on the sea, and aviation are the primary modes of transport for cargo.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDelhiveryDelivery
DefinitionDelhivery is a shipping and e-commerce logistics firm based in India.Delivering paper mails, packages, or items is called Delivery.
Used as termName of companyAct of transporting goods to the destination location.
Type of NounProper NounCommon noun
TypePrivate companyEnglish word
Related to e-commerceIt is an online courier companyIt is a word used in e-commerce businesses to transfers goods to the desired location

What is Delhivery?

Delhivery is a shipping and e-commerce logistics firm based in India. Sahil Barua, Mohit Tandon, Bhavesh Manglani, Suraj Saharan, and Kapil Bharati started this firm in 2011.

The main investors of the company are Carlyle Group, Tiger Global, Fosun International, etc.

History of Delhivery: Delhivery was founded in May of 2011. During the first couple of months after its creation, it was conceived as a hyper-local rapid Delivery service operator for offline retailers, transporting flowers and food regionally in Gurugram.

After a few months of its inception, it was the time when India’s online shopping and e-commerce sectors were rapidly growing, with international investors exhibiting keen attention in the sector.

As the online business started flourishing in India so does the business of Delhivery firm.

Services Provided by Delhivery: As the company is growing there is a need to keep up with the market as a result Delhivery has included some of the best services that are purely intended to keep its customer happy and satisfied.

Some of its services include:

1. Express Parcel: Delhivery manages a fast-developing network that supports all Express Parcel and Heavy Parcel demands, including major equipment and furnishings, with same-day, next-day, and 48-96 hour shipping options.

2. Warehousing: The ability to tailor and adjust your warehousing and fulfillment processes down to the smallest detail is provided by Delhivery’s network of warehouse centers and unique software.

3. Freight Facility: Orders are delivered across India at extremely low prices. Full truckload and part truckload logistics can help you leverage your business.

4. Cross-border shipment: It is simple and efficient with Delhivery; people can enjoy untroubled international shipping in a shorter period and at a lower cost.

What is Delivery?

Delivery is a crucial part of commerce and trade, and it entails both transportation and Delivery.

Distribution refers to the overall process of distributing commodities, whereas logistics refers to the study of efficient systems for delivering and disposing of items and employees.

History of Delivery: As we know that the word Delivery is mainly used by the firm or the business that is related to delivering goods and services.

So the history of Delivery started in 1889 when the first food Delivery occurs in Naples, Italy. It was when King Umberto and Queen Margherita order a pizza from Pizzeria di Pietro e Basta Cosi, which has since become a famous landmark.

Gradually, Mahadeo Havaji Bachche is claimed to have come up with the idea after a Paris banker sought home-cooked food at his workplace. He then began a Delivery service with roughly a hundred individuals until endeavoring to organize it in 1930.

Working of Delivery services: When two parties agree to engage in an agreement, they must decide on several crucial conditions, two of which are the deal’s price and the contract’s maturity date.

When the maturity date arrives, the seller must either deliver the actual product to the buyer or pay the agreement for a profit or a loss. Dealers often handle Delivery in a variety of methods, based on the type of product in question.

Also, some products are not possible to deliver physically but there is the medium through which these services or product are delivered to the customer such services includes oil, electricity, internet, etc

Main Differences Between Delhivery and Delivery

1. Delhivery is a brand while Delivery is an English word that is used by retailers and e-commerce businesses.

2. Delhivery is related to the courier service while Delivery is closely related to e-commerce or transport services.

3. Delhivery started in May 2011 while the concept of Delivery started in 1889.

4. Delhivery is a unique name of a company while Delivery has different means in a different field.

5. Concerning logistics Delhivery is a courier company while Delivery means the goods have reached their destination.


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