Depstech vs NIDAGE: Difference and Comparison

Sometimes an individual might want to inspect further and further for something, whether they want to see what’s going into the pipes of their home or in between the floorboards, or anywhere in which their eyes or a normal camera wouldn’t be able to look through. They are used not only in household chores but in cars and bigger workplaces.


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Cameras like Depstech and NIDAGE come in handy in the times like these. The cameras used for these situations are called endoscopic cameras or inspection cameras. The name is clear as they are used for inspection. Both Depstech and NIDAGE are some of the popular cameras in this category. They are often mixed as they have similar capabilities, like being waterproof, having six LED lights, and a long wire attached to the camera.

Key Takeaways

  1. Depstech and Nidage both offer affordable wireless endoscopes for various applications.
  2. Depstech offers higher resolution cameras than Nidage, but Nidage has a longer cable length.
  3. Depstech has a broader range of compatible devices, while Nidage has a more user-friendly app interface.

Depstech vs NIDAGE

The difference between Depstech and NIDAGE is that the wireless endoscopic cameras offered by NIDAGE are available in different wire sizes: 11.5 and 33-foot, while the semi-rigid snake wire attached to the camera of Depstech endoscopic camera is only obtainable in 11.5-foot measurement. Also, the company of Depstech has more number products than in comparison to NIDAGE.

Depstech vs NIDAGE

Depstech is a brand comprising a wide range of cameras, from webcams to inspection ones. They are best known for their best-valued webcams and ranges of inspection cameras. Aside from this, they also sell accessories that help in the usage of these cameras.

NIDAGE is a brand with a wide range of cameras that can be used for household work and in big companies to go through places where a normal camera wouldn’t be able to. They have endoscopic cameras, USB endoscopes, and a blackhead remover in their range of products. The most popular one is the wireless endoscopic camera.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison DepstechNIDAGE
PricesDepstech endoscopic cameras are a little cheaper than the endoscopic cameras of NIDAGE.NIDAGE’s endoscopic cameras are more expensive.
Camera diameter8.5mm5.5mm
Other products Depstech sells wireless otoscopes as well side from webcams and inspection cameras.NIDAGE does not wireless otoscope but the company does have a Blackhead vacumn.
Endoscopic camera lengthIt is only an 11.5-foot semi-rigid snake cable.Available in 11.5 foot and 33-foot semi-rigid snake cable.

What is Depstech?

Depstech is a brand that provides a variety of cameras to users. Its inspection camera can be used in different places to inspect. It doesn’t matter whether the place is damp or dry, it has dark light or low light. The camera can be used both with the use of Wifi or by downloading their app.

It is cheaper than other cameras as it doesn’t require the additional adaptor or cable cost. The endoscopic camera can work with the Android 5.0+ smartphone system and iPhone with the iOS 9+ system. The person using it has to connect their preferred device when they download the compatible app.

The depth endoscopic camera is waterproof, and the brightness can be adjusted in accordance with the area it is being used in. The camera can simultaneously connect the live photos or videos of up to 4 people on their phones.

What is NIDAGE?

NIDAGE is a company that produces one of the market’s most advanced inspection cameras today. The length attached to the endoscopic camera is quite long, being 10M (33ft). And not only that, it has 6 LED lights attached at the end of the wire. It gives it an edge to the product in comparison to its competitors.

The camera directly sends the photos it takes to the connected device. The electronic device can be a tablet or a phone. It is best used in the situation where a camera is needed in the problem of a car inspection. Best used for engine look-through.

The camera needs to be charged for about 30 minutes and afterwards can be used for a span of an hour. Side accessories included alongside the endoscopic cameras are a magnet, a hook, and a mirror—no charger since any normal USB can power them.

Main Differences Between Depstech and NIDAGE

  1. Depstech endoscopic camera is available in only an 11.5-foot wire attached to the main camera. While the endoscopic camera by NIDAGE is not available in 11.5-foot addition, it is in a 33-foot wire model as well.
  2. Depstech endoscopic camera is considered better in overall situations, whether they be the problems of home or of work, but the camera by NIDAGE is mainly used while going through problems or inspecting a car engine.
  3. Depstech company has a larger variety of products to offer its customers in comparison to the products by NIDAGE.
  4. Depstech offers other products to its customers, like Depstech Wireless Otoscope, which is an ear wax removal tool, and industrial endoscopic cameras. NIDAGE doesn’t produce these products.
  5. The wireless endoscopic camera of Depstech is of the best value and has a little more chapter than the endoscopic camera offered by NIDAGE.

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