Dip vs Chew: Difference and Comparison

Dip and Chew are the two terms related to oral tobacco products. Tobacco has a vast range of varieties. It can be in the form of dip, chew, and snus.

Let us learn some more details about their varieties in this article. By doing so, all the confusion can be cleared.

Key Takeaways

  1. The dip is a moist, finely ground tobacco product placed between the cheek and gum, while chew is a loose-leaf tobacco product that users chew and store on the cheek.
  2. Dip users spit out the excess saliva, whereas chew users may spit or swallow the saliva and tobacco juices.
  3. Dip has higher nicotine levels and a greater risk of oral health issues, while chew has lower nicotine levels and fewer associated health risks.

Dip vs Chew

“Dip” refers to a type of smokeless tobacco that is placed between the lower lip and gum and held in the mouth for an extended period of time. “Chew” refers to a type of smokeless tobacco made up of loose leaves or strands of tobacco placed in the mouth and chewed on.

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The dip does not require any chewing activity. The tobacco is placed in the lower lip, and the essence is enjoyed. The saliva extracts the juice and enhances it.

The type of consumption depends on the choice of people. This form of oral tobacco is a very old tradition.

Comparison Table

Parameters of DifferencesDipChew
OriginUsed in the United States of America.Used by Indigenous American Population
YearIt is used since the year 1880. It is used since the year 1492.
Tradition It is a newer form of tradition. It is an older form of tradition.
UsagePlaced in the lower lips and user needs to spit their saliva.It is chewed and placed between the gums or lips.
ExamplesLonghorn straight pouches, Grizzly Natural Extra-long cut.Red Nut original, Beach Nut original.

What is Dip?

Dip is a smokeless tobacco product. However, it does not imply that it is safe.

People who consume smokeless tobacco consume an equal amount of nicotine as smoking people do. This eventually reaches the brain.

It also contains a high amount of chemical substances and added flavours. This is done to increase the essence. All these sum up to a high risk of cancer.

It is very important to spit timely. Otherwise, fermentation takes place, which is harmful to our bodies. It may cause stomach upset.

What is Chew?

Chew is yet another form of oral tobacco. It is similar to Dipping however, possesses some unique differences.

About the extract, it again depends on the user. Some people habitually spit it out, while others choose to swallow it.

It is a bit strong, so it is better for beginners not to swallow it. Also, keeping it in the mouth for too long results in drawing a high amount of nicotine from the tobacco.

Chewing is the oldest form of oral tobacco and is also the most commonly used. Sometimes people love changing pace and taste and opt for trying other methods.

Main Differences Between Dip and Chew

  1. Dip Tobacco is placed on the lower lips, and the user needs to spit their saliva. Chew Tobacco is chewed and placed between the gums or lips.
  2. Last but not least, examples. Dip includes Longhorn straight pouches and Grizzly Natural Extra-long cut. Chew includes Red Nut original and Beach Nut original.
Difference Between Dip and Chew
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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