Difference Between Dumb and Stupid

The understanding of books written in old English is challenging for the people dwelling in the present world. It is not at all easy to comprehend from the writings of an old book and old writer and what the writer wants to convey.


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For example, according to old English language and vocabulary, silly was used to refer to being blessed and worthy. But now, silly is generally used to refer foolishly.

Dumb vs Stupid

The difference between dumb and stupid is that dumb refers to a physical disability of a person not being able to speak. However, the term stupid does not refer to any such impaired disability in a person. In the sense of adjective, dumb refers to a specific person who can not speak or who does not possess the potential to utter. Whereas, in similar situation and parameters, the term stupid refers to a person who lacks intelligence or any action done by any person lacking intelligence.

Dumb vs Stupid

Dumb is a state referring to a person who permanently lacks intellectual skills and does not improve over time. Dumb is used on a very informal basis. And it is used within a group of close companions very frequently.

Stupid referred to a person who commits an instantaneous mistake. It is used temporarily and not used to refer someone permanently. Stupid is used less frequently.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDumbStupid
AdjectiveRefers to someone who can not speak or is not capable of speaking.Refers to someone who lacks intelligence or an act done by a person who lacks intelligence.
Meaning (s)As a verb, it refers to “silence.” As a noun, it refers to “stupid person,” and as an adverb means the term “extremely.”
Parts of SpeechVerb and adjective. Noun, A adjective, and adverb.
StateDumb is a state referring to someone who permanently lacks the skills and does not change over time.Stupid referred to someone for the instantaneous mistake and is not used to refer someone permanently.
FrequencyUsed frequently.Used less frequently.
ReferencePhysical disability of not being able to speak.Stupid does not refer to any such physical disability.
ExampleThe whole family thought Edward is dumb, but later, he proved himself to everyone.Even intelligent people sometimes act stupid.

What is Dumb?

The term dumb refers to someone who can not speak or is not capable to speak. Dumb can also be used as a verb referring to silence. The usage of dumb in the English language can be done by verb and adjective.

In the present scenario, dumb is used for people who are impaired of hearing. Dumb is generally used in an informal way of using.


What is Stupid?

Stupid refers to a person lacking intellectuality and intelligence. However, it also refers to the actions done by a stupid person.

A stupid is a person who is capable of making the right decisions but repeatedly make the same mistakes unknowingly. They are incapable of learning from their prior mistakes or experiences.


Main Differences Between Dumb and Stupid

  1. Dumb refers to a physical disability of not being able to speak. However, stupid does not refer to any such physical disability.
  2. Example of a sentence using dumb is, ” The whole University thought Bella is dumb until she topped University Examinations. ” Whereas, the example of a sentence using stupid is, ” Edward’s decision of giving the resignation showed how stupid he can be”.
Difference Between Dumb and Stupid


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