Egoist vs Egotist: Difference and Comparison

When a person wants to enhance the favourable views of oneself, then it is termed Egotism. One’s amplified vision is given more self-importance, and opinions matter. Such a person has an overwhelming sense that is focused on centrality.

Egotism is related to one’s love for one image or self. It can also be called narcissism.

Egotism is very different from altruism because then we are more concerned about other people than ourselves. Egoists and Egotist look similar, but they mean different and have different characteristics.

Key Takeaways

  1. An egoist prioritizes their interests above others, while an egotist is overly focused on their accomplishments and importance.
  2. Egoism is a philosophical viewpoint, whereas egotism is a character trait.
  3. Egoists may not necessarily boast about their achievements, while egotists tend to brag and seek attention.

Egoist vs Egotist

An egoist is a person who prioritizes their own self-interest and well-being over others, where individuals seek self-interest but do not harm others or society. An egotist is a person who is excessively self-centred and self-absorbed, to the point of being arrogant and boastful.

Egoist vs Egotist

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An egoist is a person who will always put ‘I’ in everything. They will always talk about themselves first. They will also ensure that if they are in any conversation, then it should revolve around them.

He will always believe that he is more important than anyone else. Egoists are more selfish and cunning than egotists. They do not boast about themselves. They may talk very less also at sometimes because they think that it may affect them.

Because egoist gives importance to oneself.

Egotists talk very much and can go on and on about themselves. An egotist is a self-centred person. They are not cunning. But to achieve their goal or motto, they can go up to any means to satisfy it.

Whether that means it is straightforward or devious, it doesn’t matter to them. What is there in the mind of egotists that complete it by any means? Egotists are a boaster.

They will brag about themselves every time, even if they are creating problems for themselves.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEgoistEgotist
MeaningPuts own interest and needs.Exaggerated self-importance.
SelfishMore cunning and selfishNot selfish
Associated withEgoismEgotism
Interested in‘I’ and only talks about himselfBetter and more important than anyone else.

What is Egoist?

An egoist person believes himself or herself to be superior to others. We cannot tell which person is Egoist or not. It can be anyone, whether man or woman.

Because egoists may not tell to anyone what they are thinking and how it is going to affect others, an egoist will not talk in public about his /her self-esteem. Because they will keep thinking and always consider themselves superior to others.

Egoists will try to get anything they want regardless of how they achieve it, whether there may be a hurdle or obstacle. 

They have a very secretive nature. If they are in big trouble, they will plan everything so secretively and get things done that a normal person will not know how they have done it. Egoists are considered very selfish.

Everything will be done in their mind. They will not show others what they are thinking, which is why they are considered cunning as a fox.

Egotistic is the term that is used to describe egoist. Egoistic is associated with egoist. It is an adjective. Egoists are considered the believer or followers of egoism. Various forms of Egoist and egoism are there.

They are rational egoism, ethical egoism, and psychological egoism. Self Importance is the foundation stone for egoists.


What is Egotist?

Egotists are self-centred people. Always interested in themselves. The world should revolve around them. They will always talk about themselves. Egotists are boastful people. They will boast about themselves even if they are talking to anybody.

All the conversations should start with them, for them and end with them. Legally or Illegally, they will try to get things done to achieve their goal. Because of their boastful nature, they brag about themselves. So nothing remains secret about their life.

They love openly discussing their life, relationships, and family. They will not think about the consequences of what will happen. Egotists will do them without any second thought. They are not selfish, unlike Egoists.

They are so much absorbed in themselves that they can see nothing outside of themselves.

For example, if a person considers himself beautiful or charming, talented, or intelligent on earth, they can be called an Egotist because they have exaggerated self-importance. Egotists are related to Egotism.


Main Differences Between Egoist and Egotist

  1. The meaning of egoist is to put own interests and needs. The meaning of Egotist is exaggerated self-importance.
  2. Egoists are very secretive. They don’t like to tell others before their goal is fulfilled. Egotists are boastful. They will openly tell the world.
  3. Egoists are more cunning and selfish people than Egotists.
  4. Egoist is associated with Egoism. An egotist is associated with Egotism.
  5. Egoist is interested in ‘I’ and only talks about themselves. Egotists are interested in looking better and more important than anyone else.
Difference Between Egoist and Egotist

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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