Enchiladas vs Burritos: Difference and Comparison

Both enchilada and burrito are conventional Mexican dishes. As the beginning of the two is similar, it is not difficult to get befuddled between them. They are likewise sort of comparable in their outline. In any case, they are two distinct food things with various fillings and tastes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Enchiladas are corn tortillas filled with meat or cheese and covered with chili sauce; burritos are large flour tortillas filled with various ingredients and wrapped closed.
  2. Enchiladas originate from Mexico, while burritos have Mexican and Tex-Mex influences.
  3. Enchiladas are baked and served with sauce, but burritos are not baked and can be eaten without sauce.

 Enchiladas vs Burritos

An enchilada is a Mexican dish with a filling rolled inside a corn tortilla and covered in a savoury sauce. It is eaten with a fork because of the sauce. A burrito Mexican and Tex-Mex dish that consists of a flour tortilla with some savoury filling that can be a hand-held food.

Enchilada vs Burrito 1

Enchiladas comprise tortillas produced using corn, not flour. While they also are moved around a filling, the dish will, in general, be somewhat more intricate. The tortillas are covered with a tomato and stew pepper sauce.

Truth be told, the fiery expansion is not too far off in the name, as enchilada is the previous participle of Spanish enchilada, which in a real sense signifies “to prepare (or enliven) with stew.

Red enchilada sauce is normal, yet green enchilada sauce, in view of tomatillos, is a commendable alternative as well.

While there are numerous provincial assortments of burritos, the dish basically comprises a flour tortilla that is firmly folded over your selection of fillings, a blend of meat (ground hamburger and chicken being ever-mainstream) and refried beans.

In any case, all ways of different things can be added, from rice, sauteed ringer peppers, and guacamole to cheddar-destroyed lettuce and a whole chile Relleno.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEnchiladasBurritos
TortillasEnchilada is a dish wherein the filling is wrapped with corn tortillas.Burrito is a dish wherein its filling is wrapped with flour tortillas.
SauceEnchilada is wrapped and doused with sauce; it is constantly soaked with sauce.The burrito shouldn’t be doused with sauce; it is in every case flawlessly wrapped.
Way of eatingAs enchilada is basically drenched with sauce, it can not be eaten without a fork and blade.Burrito, being conveniently wrapped, is eaten with hands. 
SizeAn enchilada is more modest in size when contrasted and a burrito. A burrito is greater.One burrito approaches three enchiladas.
StuffingEnchilada has layers of fixings on the filling stuff, and afterward, it is absorbed the sauce.In a burrito, the stuffing is blended in with the sauce and afterward moved with the flour tortilla, wrapping the stuffing.

What is Enchiladas?

This Mexican dish is customarily a meagre corn tortilla collapsed around the filling of chicken or lamb and doused with stew sauce. May fifth is praised as Public Enchilada Day. These days, the filling has an assortment. It very well may be made with fish and vegetables too.

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The filling is flexible as per the decision and needs. One can be innovative and make enchiladas even from the extras. Enchiladas are presented with opposite side dishes. Enchiladas are not a ton with regards to amount. Enchiladas have garnishes and dressing also. 

Enchiladas are an old dish, and they have advanced over the long run. The term enchilada comes from Spanish, which signifies “finished with sauce.” These stuffed corn tortillas are covered with sauce and finished off with cheddar, and afterwards prepared.

Sauce bursts the combination of flavours in one’s mouth. This is the explanation that this sassy dish is difficult to eat with your hands. One requirement is to utilize a fork for eating it.


What is Burritos?

Burrito is also a Mexican dish. In this dish, flour tortillas are utilized rather than corn tortillas. These tortillas overlap and cover the filling. The stuffing can be made with different fixings.

Fundamentally it contains beans and meat. Elements of the filling rely upon individual inclinations as well as dictated by places. As in Mexico, a burrito fill is made of beans and meat. It can likewise contain Mexican rice.

In any case, in the US, lettuce, avocado, salsa, sharp cream, and cheddar are blended in with fundamental beans and meat. The stuffing isn’t fixed in the formula, and there is consistently a window for trying different things with the taste. 

As an issue of size, the burrito is enormous. One burrito can approach three enchiladas. Burritos are hefty, and one burrito is sufficient to make one full. Burritos needn’t bother with a lot of sauce. It is collapsed with foil, and it very well may be eaten effectively with hands by opening up the foil.


Main Differences Between Enchiladas and Burritos

  1. Enchilada is a dish wherein the filling is wrapped with corn tortillas, though burrito is a dish wherein its filling is wrapped with flour tortillas.
  2. Enchilada is wrapped and doused with sauce; it is constantly soaked with sauce. Yet, the burrito shouldn’t be doused with sauce; it is, in every case, flawlessly wrapped.
  3. As enchilada is basically drenched with sauce, it can not be eaten without a fork and blade. In any case, burritos, being conveniently wrapped, are eaten with hands.
  4. An enchilada is more modest in size when contrasted and a burrito. A burrito is greater. As a general rule, One burrito approaches three enchiladas.
  5. As the stuffing of enchilada, primarily chicken or lamb, is utilized, though burrito contains the filling of beans and meat, and seldom, the destroyed hamburger is utilized.
  6. Enchilada has layers of fixings on the filling stuff, and afterwards, it is the absorbed sauce. However, in a burrito, the stuffing is blended in with the sauce and afterwards moved with the flour tortilla, wrapping the stuffing.
Difference Between Enchiladas and Burritos
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Last Updated : 18 July, 2023

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12 thoughts on “Enchiladas vs Burritos: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The burrito’s size further emphasizes the adaptability and diversity within the dish, accommodating various fillings and making it a dynamic and beloved Mexican food with countless possibilities.

  2. Enchiladas being an old dish, have evolved and offer versatility in fillings and presentation. The traditional term ‘enchilada’ emphasizes the importance of sauce in enhancing the flavors and texture of the dish.

    • The evolution and versatility of enchiladas reflect the rich culinary heritage and creativity in Mexican cuisine, adding depth to the appreciation of this traditional dish.

  3. The size is another differentiating factor between enchiladas and burritos, with burritos being larger than enchiladas. This variation in size affects the quantity and visual appeal of each dish, adding to their unique traits.

    • The difference in size between enchiladas and burritos is a noteworthy characteristic, contributing to their individual culinary appeal and experience.

    • The size comparison between enchiladas and burritos is an essential aspect that distinguishes the two dishes, catering to different appetites and preferences.

  4. The comparison table effectively outlines the differences in tortillas, sauce application, way of eating, size, and stuffing between enchiladas and burritos, providing a comprehensive understanding of their distinct culinary attributes.

    • The comparisons presented in the table offer a nuanced understanding of the differences in culinary traditions between enchiladas and burritos, highlighting the significance of each dish in Mexican cuisine.

    • The detailed comparison of enchiladas and burritos in the table offers valuable insights into the unique characteristics and preparations of each dish, enriching our culinary knowledge.

  5. The distinct approaches to stuffing in enchiladas and burritos showcase the versatility and variety in Mexican cuisine, allowing for a wide range of flavors and combinations. These differences contribute to the individual identity of each dish.

    • The variety of stuffing in enchiladas and burritos reflects the regional and cultural influences on Mexican cuisine, presenting a complex and diverse culinary landscape.

    • The diverse stuffing styles in enchiladas and burritos offer unique flavor profiles, adding depth and richness to the culinary heritage of these traditional Mexican dishes.


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