Difference Between Chutney and Pickle

Chutney and pickle both are savory, spicy, and sour or sweet in taste. They are often eaten with dishes that are bland.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Chutney is a condiment made from fruits, vegetables, spices, and vinegar, with a sweet, tangy, or spicy flavor, commonly used in Indian cuisine.
  2. Pickle involves preserving fruits or vegetables in a vinegar or brine solution, resulting in a sour, tangy taste, and can be eaten as a side dish or snack.
  3. Chutneys are typically smoother and have shorter shelf lives, while pickles have a longer preservation time due to the pickling process.

Chutney vs Pickle

The difference between chutney and pickle is that chutney is prepared using vegetables and fruits blended into a smooth paste. It is also known as savory jam in the western world. Pickle is prepared using vegetables and fruits dried in sunlight. Further vinegar, oil, or salt solution is used to preserve pickles for a longer period of time.

Chutney vs Pickle

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Chutney is a smooth paste that is spicy or sweet in taste. It is generally served as a condiment with several dishes. Chutney helps to enhance the taste of any food. It can also be used as a side dip for chips.

Pickle involves large chunks of vegetables and fruits which are covered with various types of spices. A pickle can be stored for a longer period of time.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonChutneyPickle
PreservativeIt usually does not contains preservatives.It does contain either natural or artificial preservatives.
ConsistencyIt has a smooth consistency.It contains chunks of fruits or vegetables.
PreparationIt is usually blended manually or using an electric blender.It is sun-dried or consists of water-soaking preservatives.
OriginIt is originally from India.Every country has its own types of pickles.
Lasts forIt lasts for less time compared to a pickle.It lasts longer than chutney. It can even last for years.

What is Chutney?

Chutney is an origin from India. Chutney is a Hindi word that basically means to lick. Chutney is served as a side dish so as to enhance the food taste.

Chutney does not contain many calories. It is made freshly at homes or shops. Most chutney does not have any kind of preservatives in them.

Chutney in ancient India was made by grinding the spices and vegetables or fruits in a big vessel. It used to be ground using a stick with the efforts from hand for a few minutes.

Chutney is served with food like samosas, bread or naan, dosha, salads, chicken, momos, etc. It is also used as a spread for sandwiches, rolls, wraps, etc.


What is Pickle?

A pickle is a very famous condiment; it is available in sweet, spicy, and sour flavors. Pickle is made using vegetables and fruits.

Pickle is known for its tangy and spicy flavor, which can make any food very yummy. Pickle is preserved using natural preserving substances like oil, vinegar, salt solution, lemon juice, etc.

Pickles are a part of very ancient times in which food was preserved naturally so as to reduce the waste of food. A small piece of pickle is enough to trigger the taste buds.

There are various types of pickles like mango pickle, lime pickle, carrot pickle, cucumber pickle, kimchi (traditional Korean pickle), Hungarian pickles, Kool-Aid pickles, etc.


Main Differences Between Chutney and Pickle

  1. Chutney does not contain any kind of preservatives, whereas pickles can contain both natural and artificial preservatives.
  2. Chutney is originally from India, whereas many countries have their own styles of a pickle.
Difference Between Chutney and Pickle
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