Difference Between Albacore and Tuna

Among all kinds of seafood, fish is most commonly eaten, Fishes are found in various kinds, among which, Tunas are said to be the most eaten commercial fish in the world.


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While ordering any dish in a restaurant, we often see Tuna and Albacore on the Fish section of the menu. Albacore is one of the different kinds of tuna. Many people get confused between the two.

Albacore vs Tuna

The difference between Albacore and Tuna is that of its Meat structure. While albacore is a kind of tuna itself, it’s the only tuna that has white meat. Other Tunas are not white meated. Tunas are the most eaten commercial fish in the world meanwhile Albacore specifically, has The second-largest market of commercial fish in the world.

Albacore vs Tuna

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Albacore also called longfin tuna, is the only kind of tuna that has white meat, This makes it more expensive than any other tuna on market.

The silvery-white fish can be a maximum of 1.4 meters in length. Albacore is rich in protein and vitamins. Due to its large consumption, it was tagged as nearly threatened by International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Tuna, a kind of saltwater fish, you can call it the cheetah of the aquatic world because of its speed. Tunas are structured to swim fast.

It comes from the “Thunnini” tribe, having almost fifteen species among five genres. Tuna is consumed widely as canned tuna, that is in brine, water, or different kinds of sauces.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAlbacoreTuna
Average LengthAlbacore fishes are found at an average length of four feet.The length of tuna fishes is found in great variations, that is from fourteen feet to three feet.
Scientific NameScientifically, these fishes are termed “Thunnus alalunga”.The scientific name of Tuna is “Thunnini”.
Body StructureAlbacores are bullet-shaped fishes, having a fusiform elongated body with largemouths.These Fishes are streamlined, long, and strong-bodied ones. Found in different lengths and weights.
Rich Source ofAlbacores are a rich source of protein, here Omega 3 fatty acids are more than any other tuna fish. Tuna is a rich source of protein, Iron, Phosphorus, and vitamin D. These contain zero levels of carbohydrate.
IUCN CategoryDue to large demand in the commercial market, these are tagged as Nearly threatened by IUCN.There are Five species out of eight major tunas, which are tagged as nearly threatened or threatened by IUCN.

What is Albacore?

Albacore, also called longfin tuna, is a kind of small-sized tuna fish. These are famously known by the term ‘white meat tuna’ as it is the only tuna fish that has white meat.

These have a blue-colored back and silvery-grey color of belly and sides. Economically these fish have the second-largest market among fishes in the world.

Almost all Pacific nations record a major portion of their Gross Domestic Product coming from the albacore market.

Due to its large demand and worldwide consumption, these are on verge of getting tagged as threatened in the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Currently, it’s tagged as “Nearly Threatened”.

Having a life span of at least eleven to twelve years, Female albacores of twenty kilograms can lay around two to three million eggs at each spawning.

These are hunting predators which sit on top of the food chain, it hunts and eats cephalopods, Dissimilar to other tunas who eat other fishes.

Found in all temperate and tropical waters, as well as in the Mediterranean sea. It can be seen in every restaurant across the globe.

Being a very versatile food it is made and eaten in different ways. Some delicious variety of albacore fish is mentally cooked albacore steak, spicy albacore curry, etc.

What is Tuna?

Tunas are the long, streamlined fishes found in saltwater. It is cosmopolitan, which means it can be found in every part of the world, say it in temperate or tropical waters, Also in the Mediterranean sea. Tuna comes from the “thunnini” tribe.

This tribe consists of fifteen species, organized into five genres. These are “Thunnus” that is true/ original tuna, “Auexis” that is Frigate one, “Allothunnus” that is Slender ones, “Euthynnus” that is small/little ones, and “Katsuvonus” that is skipjack tuna. These all vary in terms of length, weight, and structure.

Among seven species of true tuna that is “Thunnus”, Blackfin is tagged least concern, Albacore and yellowfin are nearly threatened, Bigeye and pacific bluefin are Vulnerable, Whereas southern bluefin tuna is critically endangered in the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Being a rich source of protein, iron, phosphorus, and Vitamin D, it is considered a healthy and tasty diet. Commercially talking, United Nations said tunas are the most traded and consumed fish in the world.

Due to its versatile nature, it can be made into many delicious forms. Restaurants everywhere have tuna on their menus in form of sandwiches, burgers, etc.

Other than for consumption purposes, catching tunas are also seen as a sport by various fishing lovers.

Main Differences Between Albacore and Tuna

  1. Both have a streamlined structure but, What makes albacore distinct from any other tuna is its length, albacore is generally four feet long, whereas Tuna are a family of fishes ranging in length from three feet to fourteen feet in general.
  2. Other tuna are not white meated, but Albacore is the only one that has white meat and is famous for it.
  3. Scientifically both come from the same tribe as Albacore is one of a tuna kind, albacore is called “Thunnus alalumga” whereas tuna is called ” thunnini”.
  4. Not all Tuna are tagged threatened by IUCN, But albacores with yellowfin tuna are tagged “nearly threatened” in the red list.
  5. Albacores are rich in protein and have more Omega 3 fatty acids than any other Tuna. Whereas all tunas are rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin D. Also they have nil carbohydrates.
Difference Between Albacore and Tuna
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