Difference Between Enjoyment and Pleasure

Many people think that enjoying and pleasure are the same thing and the experience will be the same. But they are not. Even the time duration and the way they are getting them will differ. 


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Enjoyment vs Pleasure

The difference between Enjoyment and Pleasure is that when you do some work and enjoy that, then you will be able to feel enjoyment. On the other hand, when you get help from others, then you can feel the pleasure from that. Having enjoyment in life will not lead you to addiction. But having pleasure in your life will lead you to addiction. 

Enjoyment vs Pleasure

Enjoyment will help people to lead a happy and healthy life. We should not feel like enjoying every single moment and search for happiness in that place. But once you find enjoyment in something that you do, it will be with you for a long time and won’t fade away faster. It has been found out that people who enjoy their life will also succeed in their life. 

Pleasure is a short-term feeling which will be experienced by the human alone. They can only get it from others in many forms. Getting pleasure or experiencing pleasure once is fine.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEnjoymentPleasure
Time limitThis will last more than pleasureThis is very short-lived
How to attainWhen we do something that we like, we enjoy that timeWhen we take something from others
ExperienceIt can be experienced with a group of peopleIt will be experienced alone
AddictionEnjoyment will not lead you to addictionPleasure will lead you to addiction
HormoneIt will release serotoninIt will release dopamine

What is Enjoyment?

Enjoyment is something that we experience when we feel satisfied with what we have done. When we have happiness in the thing that we have or someone is getting benefitted from that, or they appreciate you for what you have done, you will become happy that will lead to enjoyment.

In simple words, when you have a good time, you will experience enjoyment. You can even spread this enjoyment to others and experience it as a group. If you are going to the place that you like the most then you will enjoy it.

It even lies in small things around us. Expressing gratitude is also an enjoyment. We can’t find enjoyment in every single thing. But we can make it to be joyful for us. Enjoyment is very important in life so that you won’t lead a life with stress or depression.

What is Pleasure?

Pleasure is something that humans can experience alone. This cannot be shown to others. This is very short-lived, and it will not last for a long time or the time that you have anticipated.

Pleasure cannot be given to other people. We can only take the pleasure from others can experience it for a short moment. But that short moment will be very much worth it. Sometimes you can find pleasure in illegal activities like drugs and alcohol.

This hormone will make you think that you are having pleasure in the thing that you are doing. Involving yourself in these forms of addiction will eventually kill you even though you have the pleasure when you involve yourself.

Main Differences Between Enjoyment and Pleasure

  1. Enjoyment will not turn into addiction in life. On the other hand, pleasure will turn into addiction in life.
  2. The hormone released during enjoyment is serotonin. On the other hand, the hormone released during pleasure is dopamine.
Difference Between Enjoyment and Pleasure


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