Difference Between Espresso and Mocha Coffee

Coffee is one of the most preferred drinks for a lot of people. The best part about coffee-based drinks is that there are a lot of variations to the types of coffee drinks. Among these types of drinks, one of the most famous drinks is espresso and mocha. 

Espresso vs Mocha

The main difference between Espresso and Mocha is the taste and the way it is drunk. Espresso is essentially a type of very strong black coffee that is majorly water-based and has a bitter taste. Whereas mocha is based on milk and has a mix of chocolate and coffee-based taste.   

Espresso vs Mocha

Espresso coffee is a strong type of coffee that is made when hot and pressurized water is pushed through to grounded coffee. The taste being provided by espresso coffee is very strong, well defined and bitterish as well.

It was one of the highest caffeine rates as compared to the other coffee types.

Mocha coffee is made with steaming hot milk mixed with hot chocolate or chocolate syrup. This particular type of coffee has a chocolatey taste and is on the creamier side among the coffees.

Most of the time mocha coffee is served hot, however, in some instances, it is mixed with milkshakes and served cold.  

Comparison Table Between Mocha Coffee and Espresso Coffee

Parameters Of ComparisonEspresso CoffeeMocha Coffee
TasteIs considered to be quite a bit bitter and has a strong taste. The taste is considered to be rich and defined. It’s taste is based on chocolate and has a smooth taste to it. The taste seems to be a mixture of hot chocolate and coffee.
PreparationEspresso coffee is a result of hot and pressurized water being passed on through coffee that is finely grounded.Mocha Coffee is made when espresso coffee is added to steamed milk and hot chocolate or chocolate syrup. 
Caffeine ContentEspresso has one of the highest amounts of caffeine among coffees since it is considered to be one of the stronger types of coffeeMocha Coffee is a variation of espresso coffee so it contains caffeine as well. However, one can opt for a decaf version of the coffee
Type of CoffeeEspresso in its raw form is one of the strongest coffees available out there since it is essentially a hot water and coffee mixture.Mocha Coffee is considered to be on the milder sides due to the addition of milk and cream in its ingredients. 
Point of OriginEspresso coffee originated in Italy during the 1800s and is a famous drink in Europe.Mocha was invented in Yemen when someone decided to mix a shot of espresso with milk, cream and chocolate. 

What is Espresso Coffee?

Espresso Coffee is a variation of Coffee Drink which is made when hot and pressurized water is passed through coffee. The coffee used in espresso coffee is finely ground.

Espresso coffees are served hot with a Crema on its top which is a bitter foamy substance.

Espresso is generally made with a special type of coffee machine since it requires pressurized water to pass through the coffee.

There are essentially three different types of espresso machines i.e Traditional Espresso Machine, Pod Espresso Machine and Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker.

Traditional Espresso machines require you to get ground beans, add water and then turn on the machine which would pressurize and pass the water through the finely ground coffee.

The traditional machines are the toughest to use and are also considerably more expensive than the others. They are used only if one needs the original and authentic espresso machine.

Pod Espresso machines are used for those who like automation since everything is generally done on its own after you add the pod flavor and water. In this particular type of machine, you do not have much control over the taste.

Stovetop Espresso makers are quite easy and a cheap option to use. It is specifically used for people who wanna try out espresso coffee for the first time. 

What is Mocha Coffee? 

Mocha Coffee is milk and chocolate-based variation of Espresso Coffee. Mocha coffee is made when steamed hot milk and chocolate are added together with shots of espresso depending on the preference of the person.

Mocha has a chocolatey taste and is also quite a bit creamy.

Mocha Coffee is generally for those people who like the espresso type of coffee but just plain espresso is very strong and bitter for them.

Mocha even though it is a variation of espresso, there is an option wherein you can avail yourself of the decaf version of mocha.

Main Differences Between Espresso Coffee and Mocha Coffee

  1. Espresso Coffee is made with hot water being pressurized and passed through finely grounded coffee. Whereas Mocha Coffee is made with a mixture of Espresso shots with hot and steaming milk with either chocolate syrup or hot chocolate. 
  2. Espresso Coffee is generally very strong. It has quite a bit of a bitter taste and can be very strong for a lot of people. Mocha Coffee is not as strong as Espresso coffee since it is milk based. 
  3. The caffeine content of Espresso Coffee is quite high since it is made out of hot water and raw coffee. It is a coffee with one of the highest caffeine content. Mocha Coffee also has significant levels of caffeine but you can reduce the content of caffeine and also have the de-caf version of mocha.
  4. Espresso Coffees are served with water and they are always served hot and fresh out of the coffee machine. Mocha is also drunk with hot milk the majority of the time however, people drink it with crushed ice or cold milkshake as well.   
  5. Espresso is a pure form of coffee whereas mocha is a milder variation of espresso coffee.
Difference Between Espresso and Mocha Coffee


Both Espresso and Mocha coffee types are very interesting picks for coffee drinkers. If a Coffee drinker wants to enjoy a stronger and more vintage type of coffee then he/she must go for the Espresso type of coffee.

Whereas if a coffee drinker likes milk and chocolate then Mocha is the best bet for them since it is essentially the mixture of coffee, hot milk and any form of chocolate. 


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