Difference Between Eufy and Arlo

What is Eufy?

Eufy is a user-friendly, inventive home automation system that facilitates home automation and allows customers to control and monitor their houses from anywhere globally. The system is easy and intuitive, allowing users to create a completely automated place with the touch of a button.


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Eufy was designed to give people instantaneous access to their home automation needs. It has several capabilities that make managing and monitoring all home parts handier. The system has user-friendly controls and interfaces that make it simple to operate. It has voice recognition, allowing customers to manage their houses using spoken commands.

The Eufy system is compatible with various devices and systems, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Nest, and others allowing users to easily integrate their home automation system with these other systems, giving them more control and flexibility.

Eufy is an excellent pick for a straightforward and user-friendly home automation system. It gives users snappy access to all their home automation essentials and can be utilized to build a completely automated house with a single control press. Eufy makes home automation more controllable with its user-friendly controllers, interfaces, and diverse functionalities.

What is Arlo?

Arlo is an American technology company leader in innovative home security solutions. Arlo makes brilliant Wi-Fi, and LTE enables cameras, smart security lights, baby monitors, and an audio doorbell. Arlo Technologies, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, was formed in January 2018. It was initially a component of Netgear. Arlo separated from Netgear and became a holder of Arlo Technologies, Inc.

Arlo’s devices are noted for their quality and durability and are built for home and business use. In addition, the company provides a variety of accessories to complement its products and improve the user experience.

Arlo’s mission is to bring people together by creating innovative, intelligent security solutions that make your life easier. Arlo also manufactures floodlight cameras as well as solar panel chargers. It is involved in providing and developing cloud infrastructure and mobile applications for their connected devices for a better savvy home experience.

Arlo partnerships with other industry leaders to provide users with even more options in addition to its products. To ensure that its products are interoperable with those of other companies, the company has worked with Apple, Samsung, and Yamaha, ensuring that customers can use the most recent technologies and have the most incredible audio and video experience possible.

Difference Between Eufy and Arlo

  1. Wireless chargers, mobile chargers, auto chargers, headphones, speakers, baby monitors, video doorbells, smart security cameras, robotic vacuum cleaners, pet dog cameras, and more are available from Eufy. Arlo designs and manufactures innovative Wi-Fi and LTE cameras, intelligent security lights, baby monitors, floodlight cameras, and audio doorbells.
  2. Eufy has an app for remote access, while Arlo requires a hub for remote access.
  3. Eufy cameras have a wider field of view than Arlo cameras. 
  4. Eufy cameras have built-in motion protection, while Arlo cameras require a separate motion detection device.
  5. Eufy cameras use motion and sound detection to trigger recording, while Arlo cameras use motion and sound detection to start recording and have an option for continuous recording.

Comparison Between Eufy and Arlo

Parameters of ComparisonEufyArlo
OriginEufy belongs to Anker innovations.Initially, part of Netgear now belongs to Arlo Technologies Pvt.
PriceEufy is relatively cheaper than Arlo.Arlo is more expensive than Eufy.
StorageIt can store video footage locally on an SD card.It requires subscription-based cloud storage.
DesignIt has a smooth, modern design.It has a more traditional look.
ConnectivityEufy has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.Arlo has only Wi-Fi compatible.

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