Difference Between Eyelet and Grommet

To secure the holes add accessories, or make the hole functional on a fabric, curtain, or bootlaces, we would require materials and objects that are compact yet efficient in doing the task.

While selecting a component to the job, there are several options available to us, and in order to make it easier to use and convenient, we have to choose the appropriate one so that it does the task properly.

Eyelet vs Grommet

The main difference between eyelet and grommet is their size, weight, and functionality. Though both can be replaced instead of each other, it is wise to select the appropriate one so that you need not suffer while using the products and you can conveniently make the most out of it. Both eyelets and grommets are used in reinforcing holes or openings to make them stiff.

Eyelet vs Grommet

Eyelets are used to secure those sharp and unstable edges and also to reinforce the holes and openings on paper or a piece of cloth. Inserting the eyelet to reinforce a hole is quite simple.

All you need to do is insert it through the hole and make sure the eyelet is secured intact with the pilers by pressing them.

Grommets are similar to eyelets, but they are preferably used in thin pieces of fabric and are made out of metals, plastics, and also rubber to reinforce different holes on different fabric or material.

It is usually found in shoelaces, curtains, and much more. It does not damage the fabric when securely reinforced.

Comparison Table Between Eyelet and Grommet

Parameters of ComparisonEyeletGrommet
UsesIt is used for decoration and ornamental purposes rather than functional purposes.  It is used for a specific function that needs strong reinforcement.
Fabric or MaterialIt is used in lightweight clothes and materials. It is used in heavier and bulkier types of materials and clothes.
QualityIt is less durable and less sturdy.It is more durable and more sturdy.
AppearanceEyelets look fashionable and trendier.They are less fashionable and used rather for a real purpose.
ExampleUsed predominantly in bootlaces.Used mostly in tubes, pipes, and curtains.

What is Eyelet?

Smaller-sized grommets are called eyelets. These are the ones that you can find in your shoes. It is also used as a piece of hardware in the marine industry.

It is also used with brass rings to reinforce holes and secure them. Eyelets are also used to secure knots in your joggers and hoodies. Eyelets are not easy to be secured fabric and materials.

It is not suitable to support materials and can be preferred for an ornamental look. An interesting application of eyelets is the boats and other parts. It is advisable to use them on light-weighted materials as it is less durable and less sturdy.

Materials made out of canvas use eyelets. You cannot completely rely upon the strength of the eyelet as it is used to enhance the look rather than to support the material.

These metal circles take a little bit of an effort to attach to the fabric. An eyelet has two small parts, and when you insert it into the hole and apply pressure to make sure they are secure and they are intact.

Major applications of these are belts to accessorize garments, especially the ones made out of leather.

It is majorly used in all types of adjustable garments. You may find eyelets that are sold without the washer or also with the washer. It doesn’t look attractive or decent on expensive materials and also doesn’t do the job effectively.

These are less expensive and cheap.

What is Grommet?

Grommets are more like larger versions of eyelets, and they consist of two parts. Brass or stainless steel are two of the materials that are commonly used to make grommets.

Since these metals are malleable, it gets easier for us to handle the grommets and to secure them. It takes very little time to install grommets in the fabric, and they are very good at doing the job, and they stay in place.

It is used for heavier substances like furniture, bags, and a lot of others. It can conveniently bear a heavy load. Grommets have a standard dimension and size, but eyelets don’t, and they vary in their size. Flexible materials can be easily reinforced with grommets.

Flags and plastics also use grommets when they need one. Unlike eyelets, grommets do not come in two parts. Some may have a washer, while others may not. Grommets are so durable and sturdy that they are also used in tents, and it holds it secure and tight.

Electric wires also make use of grommets during the time of manufacture. They also are used in the eardrums for specific surgical and medical purposes.

Main Differences Between Eyelet and Grommet

  1. Eyelet is catchy, shiny, and good-looking. Grommet is bulky heavier, and serves a purpose.
  2. Eyelets are used in lighter fabric and materials, whereas Grommet is used in heavier and sturdier materials.
  3. Eyelet’ss durability is lesser than Grommet and is less sturdy comparatively.
  4. Eyelets are fancier and ornamental, whereas Grommet is good at doing the job.
  5. Eyelet is best to secure smaller holes, whereas Grommet is suited for bigger, larger, and tougher holes.
Difference Between Eyelet and Grommet


These single-piece materials are used in securing and reinforcing holes on different types of fabrics and materials. These are made up of metals and also sometimes made up of rubber and plastic to secure holes on different types of materials.

Eyelets are attractive and add beauty to the material in which they are used, whereas grommets have excellent performance and use.

These differ in size, diameter, and quality. The grommets are usually larger in diameter than the eyelets. They are used during stitching, sewing, and in manufacturing different types of products.

Based on the nature of the fabric, which has the hole and its size, one can decide if eyelets or grommets are to be used to reinforce them.


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