Difference Between Steel and Brass

There are so many metals and alloys made out of metals present out there. These are used in making so many things that we see in our day-to-day lives and use.


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Steel vs Brass

The difference between steel and brass is that the metal brass is a very ductile metal which makes it capable of bending to any Extent, and this feature helps to make things out of it like earrings, etc., and on the other hand, the metal steel is not so ductile by nature which does not allow it to be used for making small machines.

Steel vs Brass

The alloy of steel is a mixture of carbon and iron, which has properties that it has high weldability. This alloy is so hard and has a property that makes it highly ductile.

The alloy of brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, which has properties that makes it a high conductor of electricity. It has a difference in colors and also is highly malleable, which makes it easier to be shaped into thin wires and tubes for joining in electrical wires.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSteelBrass
AlloyIt is an alloy containing 99% of iron and 1% of carbon.It is an alloy containing 70% of copper and 30% of zinc.
UsesThis is commonly observed to be used in making buildings and other construction work and various parts of the body of cars and other vehicles.This is used for making many types of kitchen utensils and various types of musical instruments.
CorrosionThis corrodes easily when exposed to dust and air particles.This does not corrode easily at all and looks like gold.
DuctilityThis isn’t that ductile.This has a high amount of Ductility.
CostThis is a cheap alloy.This is an expensive alloy.

What is Steel?

Steel is an alloy made of a composition of iron and carbon. They may sometimes also contain a little composition of other metals when they are made. Steel is ductile but only to a limited extent.

The metal is said to be having a very high strength. Even though it’s strong, it has a toughness to it which does not make it that malleable by nature for making things.

There are so many permutations where the composition of metals takes place through the treatment of heat today. There is a presence of carbon in the alloy of steel which has very sensitive properties.


What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy that is made of a composition of zinc and copper. The proportion of the content of zinc while it is made for creating an alloy of zinc can be in any proportion.

The more the amount of zinc is included in the alloy of brass, the more will be all strong and ductile. This allows will have a very good Ductility when there is a copper proportion added more than 63 percent in the alloy.

Since this metal is made under very low temperatures, it makes it very easy to be cast. Brass is not that expensive. The color of this alloy can be yellow, red, gold, or even orange.


Main Differences Between Steel and Brass

  1. Steel isn’t that ductile as compared to brass, and on the other hand, brass has a high amount of Ductility, which makes it bend for making many things.
  2. In today’s market, steel is cheap as compared to brass, and on the other hand, in today’s market, brass is expensive as compared to steel.
Difference Between Steel and Brass


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