Difference Between Senator and Congressman

A person who is elected as a representative by the central legislative body of any state by several votes by people of a specific territory or a region of that star is known as a senator.

A person, when elected when two people are sent from a Senate for being chosen as the representative in a state, is known to be called a congressman. There are almost 7,00,000 people present in a Congress house.

Comparison Table Between Senator and Congressman

Parameters of ComparisonSenatorCongressman
EligibilityA nominee must have been more than 30 years of age, and he should have been lived in the US for the last 9 years as a citizen.A nominee must have been more than 25 years of age and should have been living in the USA as a citizen for the last 7 years.
PositionHolds a position for 6 years,Holds a position for 2 years.
Persons electedOnly 2 persons can be elected.The number of persons elected depends on the population.
Chaired byHe or she works under the vice president of the United States.He or she works under the speaker who belongs to the members of the chamber.
Speaking time No time limit given.A short time limit is given.

What is Senator?

After the senators are elected, he is supposed to keep close contact with the agenda, which has to be achieved for the public figure And solve the issues concerning them.

In short, a senator is a person who is elected as a representative for the people for making decisions regarding their betterment.

Wednesday night or has to take important decisions regarding implementing any plans of policies he works in the office of the Congress Hall Where each member has a personal office for himself.

What is Congressman?

When a representative should be elected as a congressman, he should be above the age of 25 and should have been a citizen of the US past 7 years, And he should have a certificate which dignified he is a citizen of the USA.

Basically, in short, the members of the Congress party are known as Congressman. There is one Congressman for each portion of a state or a territory of a state. A senator comes under a congressman.

Once a congressman is elected, he serves the country for 2 years. The role of the Congressman includes Creating amendments serving bills and also introducing resolutions.

Main Differences Between Senator and Congressman

  1. A Senator has to works under the vice president of the United States, and on the other hand, a congressman works under the speaker who belongs to the members of the chamber.
  2. There is no limit of speaking time given to a senator while debates take place, and on the other hand, when a debit takes place, there is a specific limit of talking time given to a congressman.
Difference Between Senator and Congressman


There are 2 main legislative bodies in the US, namely the senator and the Congressman. Both these perform their activities and function according to their post given with complete responsibility for the smooth working of a state. Even though both of these are legislative bodies, the Terms senator and Congressman have their differences.

The difference between a senator and a congressman lies in the fact of how they perform their activities, how they carry their functions, what characteristics they possess, and how they are elected.

There is also a difference between their legal requirement to be a nominee and for how many years they serve in their post. One should know the basic differences between a senator and a congressman.


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