Face Primer vs Eye Primer: Difference and Comparison

The blending of the products and the painting on your face are both commendable tasks. Here we will discuss the difference between two basic products, face primer and eye primer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Face primer preps the skin for makeup application, while eye primer is designed for eyelids.
  2. Eye primer prevents creasing and increases the longevity of eye makeup, while face primer smooths the skin and minimizes the appearance of pores.
  3. Face primers may have additional benefits, such as hydration and SPF, whereas eye primers focus on enhancing eyeshadow pigmentation and wear.

Face Primer vs Eye Primer

The difference between face primer and eye primer is that face primer is formulated with a different mechanism than that of the eye primer. The face primer is not as sensitive as that of the eye primer. The face primer is used to close the pores on the face to prevent the following cosmetic from clogging the pores, whereas the eye primer is used for the eyes.

Face Primer vs Eye Primer

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Face primer is applied to the face. Our face has pores that remain exposed due to the oil extracted from our skin, which mixes with dirt and clogs the pores.

Furthermore, it creates a moisture-free surface to control oils that would otherwise make the following cosmetics cakey. It also prevents makeup from directly affecting the eyes by acting as a barrier between the skin’s surface and the makeup layer.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparison Face primer Eye primer
ColorThe majority of face primers are transparent.The majority of eye primers are coloured (or tinted).
Usage It is used for faceIt is used for the eyes
baseSilicon-basedNon-silicon base
purposeFace primer is used to create a uniform foundation base.The objective of the eye primer is to act as an adhesive for concealer so that it can set in and maintain its color.
Texture Viscous harder

What is Face Primer?

Face primer is the type of primer we use on our faces. As previously stated, primer is the primary component to apply to the face before your makeup, serving only that purpose.

The latter tends to fill your pores, creating an excellent canvas for starting your makeup, whereas the former is light and acts more like a face moisturizer, soothing your skin. In a silicon primer, you can expect components like dimethicone, polysilicon, trisiloxane, and Cyclopentasiloxane, while the rest is likely to be water-based primers.

face primer

What is Eye Primer?

The primer we use for the eyes is called eye primer. Because the eyes are so delicate, such precautions were primarily taken when developing an eye. The formula has a different texture and function than the face primer.

They’re made in such a way that the hue lightens the eyelids and improves the texture. An eye primer adheres the pigments to the eyeshadow and gives it a shimmery finish.

eye primer

Main Differences Between Face Primer and Eye Primer

  1. Face primer is used to produce a consistent foundation base, while eye primer serves as an adhesive for concealer, allowing it to set in and maintain its color.
  2. The texture of a face primer is fluid, but an eye primer is solid.
Difference Between Face Primer and Eye Primer
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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