Difference Between Faith and Belief

When we often ask people about the difference between faith and belief, they usually tell us that both words have the same meanings or the same thing. But there exists a significant difference between them.

 Faith vs Belief

The main difference between faith and belief is that faith is a trust in something or someone, and belief is a mental state where trust is placed in something or a person. Faith is generally used to refer to belief. Religion is used for general contexts. Faith is a divine trust in religion, but belief may or may not be as strong as faith.

Faith vs Belief

Faith is trust in something very strongly. In the context of religion, faith is defined as a belief in a God or teachings of religion. Faith is an assurance of things that we hope for but have not received yet.

A belief always comes from different sources like a person’s own experience, acceptance of cultural and social norms, or belief in something that other people say.

 Comparison Table Between Faith and Belief

Parameters of ComparisonFaithBelief
DefinitionStrongly trust on somethingState of mind in which trust is placed on something maybe without any proof
Mostly used for religion.Mostly used in general contexts.
StrongnessStrong trust in religionIt may or may not be as strong as faith
DevotionImply devotionThis does not imply devotion
DependenceFaith does not depend on proofBelief may depend on proof

 What is Faith?

Faith is a system of religious belief that is based on no proof. It is usually considered a spiritual concept. It is also defined as a belief in something or something.

 Faith is all about believing in the things which we can’t see or feel but at the same time, they are true. Faith is nothing but a belief without any authentication.

● Knowledge: The first question always comes to mind is, “How can we have faith in something without even seeing it?” But measurable knowledge is essential to faith.

● Trust: Faith is interrelated with trust. Faith involves trusting in something that cannot be proved by any clue. Faith without trust is nothing.

● Belief: Faith is based on belief. Belief in religion is defined by the concepts taught in a particular religion that is true. Belief is not as powerful as faith.

What is Belief?

Belief is a feeling of certitude that something that exists is true or good. It is based on revelation, trust, or confidence. This word is often used for religion.

 Belief depicts trust in a person, concepts, or even belief in God. Belief never implies devotion. Belief is a temporary concept about the trust in a person for a select time frame.

● Religious Belief: Religious belief is associated with religion. It is associated with the supernatural natural power and the universe we exist in.

● Spiritual Belief: Spiritual belief usually includes the perspective of life, the nature of reality, and death.

Everybody has beliefs about many perspectives of life. It is a feeling of being sure that the person or a thing is true or not or trustworthy. Even the beliefs of humans come and go from time to time.

 Main Differences Between Faith and Belief

  1. Faith is a product of the spirit, while belief is a game of mind.
  2. Faith is an attitude of acceptance. On the other hand, belief is an attitude of assuming something or about a person.
Difference Between Faith and Belief


Faith is an important constituent for all the people on the earth. Religiously, faith is all about having trust in religion. But if we take it as a common perspective of life, then it means that the faith in us gives us strength in times of weakness.

Belief is considered as a habit of mind in which we consider everything as true or real while assuming. It is considered as the existence of something in the world which can be either true or real.


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