Franke vs Blanco: Difference and Comparison

Managing water and saving water both are important for human beings’ survival as water is the basic need for every human being present in the world.

There have been lots of innovations made to save water in your house, like nozzles that are fitted on the mouth of the tap, energy-efficient dishwashers, and many more.

Franke and Blanco are the companies that make kitchen appliances like faucets, kitchen sinks, taps, etc. These companies are enhanced more towards building a technology that saves more water and is convenient to handle.

Both the brands are known globally and have their headquarters in various countries.

Key Takeaways

  1. Franke is a Swiss company specializing in kitchen systems, while Blanco is a German manufacturer of sinks and faucets.
  2. Franke offers a wider product range, including appliances and accessories, whereas Blanco focuses primarily on sinks and faucets.
  3. Both companies are known for their high-quality products and innovative designs, but their offerings differ in style and product specialization.

Franke vs Blanco

The difference between Franke and Blanco is that Franke manufactures sinks with more percentage of granite and less percentage of other elements or mixtures used in it. On the other hand, Blanco manufactures kitchen sinks that are a mixture of granite in less percentage with other elements like resins and pigments.

Franke vs Blanco

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Franke is a company that is not only in the business of kitchen appliances. Instead, it also runs businesses, like food services and engineering services.

It also has a website where people can buy their products online at reasonable prices and can select proper slots for sink fitting services.

Blanco is an old company that runs a niche business of sinks and faucets. This company manufactures a large number of sinks with water-saving technology and long-lasting durability every day.

They have built various manufacturing units in different countries and are available globally.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFrankeBlanco
Varieties availableThis company does not offer many varieties in design, looks, and color of the sinks that it manufactures.This company offers many varieties and cool designs for every type of kitchen.
Materials usedThe materials used in manufacturing are stainless steel, granite, and a mixture of elements like resins and other alloys.The materials used by this company include stainless steel, granite but in less percentage or quantity.
Foundation and locationIt was founded in 1911 and, the main headquarters of this company is located in Switzerland.It was introduced in 1925 and is situated in Germany.
DesignThe products of this company have traditional designs and the styling is limited.The product manufactured by this company are very modern and have a wide variety of ranges to select from.
QualityThe quality of the products is not up to the mark, not easy to maintain and the cost is also high. The quality of the products is excellent and is easy to maintain.

What is Franke?

Franke is a well-known company that mass produces kitchen sinks with traditional touch.

This company falls under the category of the limited type, which means that the shares of this company are limited to some of the companies members only and, too that for a limited time only with some restrictions.

The main working continents of Franke are North and South America, Asia, and Europe. This company does not run a niche business, but it is more famous for its kitchen systems.

The kitchen sinks of this brand are supposed to be simple looking with stainless steel finish that makes them look elegant.

This company is said to be an industrial manufacturing company as it is also involved in the business of industrial engineering in which an engineering team is created that works on making things more convenient and easy to use.

The owner of this company is Michael Pieper, a well-known swiss businessman.

What is Blanco?

Blanco is a company that only produces household sinks with innovative faucets. The main aim of this company is to save water with the help of their creative faucets.

They have categorized their faucets range into two types one is semi-professional faucets, and another is kitchen faucets.

Earlier, this company was involved in several types of business like making equipment for the dairy business, watercraft business, and butchering equipment, but later they found that their sink business was getting more popular, so they chose their niche business as sink business.

The kitchen sinks that this brand produces are modern looking, which makes them suitable for today’s modular kitchens. They have kitchen sinks in various themes, colors, and designs.

Also they have various customization options in the kitchen sink category according to your kitchen size and color.

Main Differences Between Franke and Blanco

  1. Franke was introduced in the market in 1911, and the main headquarters of this company is situated in Switzerland. And Blanco was introduced in 1925 and is situated in Germany.
  2. Blanco company uses materials that include stainless steel granite but in less percentage or quantity. Whereas the materials sued by Franke company are stainless steel, granite, and a mixture of elements like resins and other alloys.
  3. The manufactured product produced by the Blanco company is very modern and has a wide variety of ranges to select from. While products manufactured by the Franke company have traditional designs and the styling is limited.
  4. Blanco company offers many varieties and cool designs for every type of kitchen. Whereas Franke does not offer many varieties in design, looks, and color of the sinks that it manufactures.
  5. Franke products are not up to the mark and are not easy to maintain. While the products manufactured by Blanco are of high quality and are easy to maintain.
Difference Between Franke and Blanco

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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