Difference Between Have and Have Been

We need to learn English grammar to speak the language effectively. If we speak with grammar mistakes or with broken sentences or sentences with improper meaning, then it won’t be appropriate for the other person who hears us speaking.

Have vs Have Been

The main difference between Having and Have Been is that have is used for expressing sentences that are in the present perfect tense. But have been being used for expressing sentences that are in the present perfect continuous tense. The verb form that is used in have is an irregular verb. But the verb form used have been being a verbal phrase. 

Have vs Have Been

Have is used in English to hold something or to possess. This is used for indicating the possession which is available in the present and not something that happened in the past. This is also used alongside all the pronouns.

It is used in the sentence to describe it to the other person. It can be used with I, you, we, and all. But we cannot use it with him or her. For that, we need to use has been instead of have been. 

Comparison Table Between Have and Have Been

Parameters of ComparisonHaveHave Been
DefinitionIt is a sentence used in English for describing irregular verbsIt is used for describing past actions
ExampleI have to take care of thisThey have been talking for 3 hours
UseIt is used to possess or contain somethingIt is used for the first and second person singular and can be used in all plural uses
Verb typeIt is an independent verbIt is a verbal phrase
TenseIt is used to express present perfect tenseIt is used to express present perfect continuous tense

What is Have?

Have comes under irregular verb type. This is used in grammar. It is used by people to express when they have completed something. Without using have, they cannot frame that sentence.

Likewise, if you are starting to learn English grammar and encounter this have a word, you have to start it with simple sentences. The best way to do this is by practicing it in your daily sentences.

For describing any events that happened in the past, you need to use had. It is used for describing past tenses. Sometimes, confusion will arise on people that when they should use have and when they should use has.

What is Have Been?

Have been used to indicate something that they have been doing for a long time. That is, the process will be going from what they have started till now. In grammar, have been is used for describing perfect present tense.

Not only it is used in singular forms, but it is also used in plural forms. To put it in simple words, when we want to describe the other person that we have started something in the past, and the process got finished, then, in that case, we use have been for that finished process.

To understand this more in-depth, we should start using it in the sentences that we speak daily. It will help us to understand the difference between them. The process that is completed.

Main Differences Between Have and Have Been

  1. The verb type of have is an irregular verb. On the other hand, the verb type of have been is verbal phrase.
  2. Have is used for expressing present perfect tense. On the other hand, have been being used for expressing present perfect continuous tense.
Difference Between Have and Have Been


Both of them are used in English in our day-to-day conversation. Without them, we cannot make any conversation with the other person when we are describing something to them.

We need to do lots of practice so that we can understand the difference between them and find why they are used in this sentence and why not in other sentences. This will help us to learn a lot and faster. 


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