Difference Between Hiking and Trekking

In today’s world, we are busy with all the activities around us. We never get time to breathe fresh air and see the beauty in nature.


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For this, people take some time in their lives and do two mind refreshing activities called Hiking, and the other one is Trekking. This will help them to keep their minds away from the stress and focus on the present. 

Hiking vs Trekking

The difference between Hiking and Trekking is that hiking is usually done to socialize with people and improving their exercise opportunities. But trekking is usually done by people to enjoy the environment while they do the trek. Hiking also helps to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases. Trekking helps people to relieve the stress in their life. 

Hiking vs Trekking

Hiking is an activity people take for calming their minds from the hustle and bustle around them. It will help them to improve their mental and physical health while taking the nature of the beauty around them.

If you like hiking and would like to do it daily, you can go light hiking. This is similar to the time limit that you give for walking. Because investing more time will increase some risk. 

Trekking is an activity done in the outdoors for a day or two. It demands more walking, and you should wear comfortable clothing and carry a big backpack with all the essentials throughout the journey.

There are even types of trekking available to make the activity from easy to difficult for people who have not experienced trekking in their life. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHikingTrekking
DefinitionHiking is an activity done by people to explore their surroundings in hiking regions.Trekking is an activity taken in a day or two for enjoying the scenery around them
PurposeIt provides good exercising opportunities and paves way for socializing with peopleIt is taken to enjoy the environment and nature of the place
AdvantagesIt will reduce the heart risk and heart related diseasesIt will reduce the stress in people’s mind and body
DisadvantagesYour legs will cause painBecause of a long walk, you might start to develop a headache
Camping gearsIt will not require any camping gearsIt will require camping gears

What is Hiking?

Hiking is generally walking on long trails or paths. It is like a planned journey where people used to go hiking for a minimum of half a day and a maximum of 20 days. It depends on the type of travel pan they are doing.

If they are doing it for some purpose, then they will go hiking for more days. If they are doing it for fun then they, do it according to this comfort and warp it up in a day or two. This is done along with the natural environment. 

This kind of practice was first developed in Europe as a pleasure of walking. Later it changed into hiking, and many people are following it nowadays.

People who are stressed from their work and want some relief using this kind of journey so that they can enjoy the calmness around them while they go hiking.

This activity helps them to socialize and explore the beauty around them. It also helps both the physical and mental well-being of a person as they walk along the trails.

You should have some basic skills for hiking, such as pacing, rhythm, and resting skills. While you go hiking in summertime, you should be prepared for the heat around you.

You might easily feel dehydrated. Make sure you carry all the essentials with you when you plan these things. If you go with a professional team, they will take care of everything and will train and prep you before going hiking.

Hiking is so popular among people because of the activity that we give to our mind and body.

What is Trekking?

Trekking is usually taken by the people to enjoy the scenery and environment around them. It will be taken in a place where they are no danger to wild animals.

If you go on trekking where the place is surrounded by wild animals will make your journey miserable and impossible. You have to be careful in every step you take.

Going trekking as a group will make it more adventurous and enthusiastic rather than going as a single person.

While you go trekking, you should take all the necessary items with you like a basic first aid kit, enough food, water, and many other essentials needed for a human being to survive the time they go trekking.

If you are planning to stay while then taking tent along with you is a must. You cannot be sure where you stay during your trip and can’t sleep in the mud and wet areas. Carrying a tent will be safer than other available options. 

Trekking might turn difficult depends on the terrain and altitude. For starters and moderate people going on a low terrain, regions would be advisable to avoid later complications that arise during trekking.

Also, you should take breaks along the trails and cannot do continuous trekking as it will cause pain to your foot because you have to walk during trekking. Wear some comfortable shoes for trekking to avoid shoe bites or pain in your feet. 

Main Differences Between Hiking and Trekking

  1. Hiking is an activity usually done by people to explore the surrounding in the hiking regions. On the other hand, trekking is an activity done by people to enjoy the scenery around them. 
  2. Hiking is done so that they can improve their exercise opportunities and can socialize with people. On the other hand, trekking is done to enjoy the environment around them.
  3. Hiking will reduce heart-related diseases. On the other hand, trekking will decrease the stress in people’s minds.
  4. Hiking will cause the legs pain due to the long and tiring day. On the other hand, due to trekking, people might start to develop headaches.
  5. For hiking, people do not require camping gear. On the other hand, trekking people require camping gear. 
Difference Between Hiking and Trekking


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