Difference Between Wildcraft Hiking Jacket and Berghaus

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Two kinds of jackets are specially styled for climbing and trekking activities. They are Wildcraft Hiking Jacket and Berghaus.

Key Takeaways

  1. Wildcraft hiking jacket is more affordable than Berghaus.
  2. Berghaus is more popular than Wildcraft in the market.
  3. Berghaus offers more color options than Wildcraft.

Wildcraft Hiking Jacket vs Berghaus

The difference between Wildcraft Hiking Jacket and Berghaus is that the former is a product of an Indian company that has its headquarters in Bangalore,. On the other hand, the latter belongs to a company founded in Newcastle, North East England, with its offices situated in Sunderland.

Wildcraft Hiking Jacket vs Berghaus

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Wildcraft Hiking Jackets are manufactured and produced by the Wildcraft company. The company is Indian-based and was discovered in 1998 by three friends in their basement.

The jackets are pretty comfortable and protect users from cold climatic conditions. It has a unique and rich cold protection layer.

Berghaus is a company that produces a variety of jackets for adventurous outdoor activities. This company was founded in the year 1966 in West England.

The jackets of this company are pretty flexible, stretchy, and comfortable. They also have a unique feature of underarm zips that can be easily opened in a comprehensive way to get ventilation.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonWildcraft Hiking JacketBerghaus
CompanyThe Wildcraft Hiking Jacket is manufactured by Wildcraft company.The products of such clothes and jackets originated in England in Newcastle.
Year Of LaunchThe company was established in the year 1998.The company was established and founded in the year 1966.
OriginThe production and creation of such jackets originated in India by a group of friends.Siddharth Sood, Gaurav Dublish, and Dinesh Kaigonahalli founded it.
FounderGordon Davison and Peter Lockey founded it.It was founded by Gordon Davison and Peter Lockey.
AdvantageThese jackets help provide warmth to one’s body during cold climates.These clothing types often protect one from the intense cold.

What is Wildcraft Hiking Jacket?

Wildcraft hiking jackets are produced, manufactured, and created for mountaineering, climbing, and trekking. They are often worn to cold and snowy areas with low temperatures.

These jackets are layered and provide heat and warmth to the body.

These jackets are rich in quality, and their company is an Indian-based company. The Wildcraft company was founded in the year 1998 in India.

It was founded by three friends named Siddharth Sood, Gaurav Dublish, and Dinesh Kaigonahalli. They founded this clothing company in the basement or garage of their house.

Wildcraft hiking jackets have their outlets in a number of places. These jackets can be brought or purchased from a variety of places or countries like:

  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India (The headquarters of Wildcraft hiking jackets is situated in Bangalore)
  • Province Of China
  • Democratic Republic Of Taiwan

These hiking jackets serve a number of benefits and advantages. Some of these advantages are:

  • They have a quite good variety of designs and styles.
  • These jackets help provide warmth during low temperatures.
  • They safeguard and protect one from dangerous situations.
  • These are protective and stylish clothing.
  • These jackets allow one to easily adjust themselves and their body according to the climatic temperature.

What is Berghaus?

Berghaus is a very famous and established company that was launched in the year 1966 in Newcastle, West England. The company AHS launched and produces a variety of outfits including trekking jackets.

The founders of the company are David and Peter Lockey (they are famous mountaineers and climbers who were frustrated and annoyed due to the lack of enough mountaineering clothes and garments).

The jackets of the Berghaus company are made of good quality fabric and wool. They are quoted as stretchy and comfortable. These jackets help protect people from cold environmental conditions and surroundings.

These Berghaus jackets contain surroundings and conditions.

These jackets have an underarm zip that provides ventilation to one’s body. They are waterproof and don’t let water seep into the jacket. They also lack quite a lot of robustness in them.

Berghaus jackets can be found in a number of countries. A few of these countries are:

  • China
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom (This is the place of origination of Berghaus jackets)
  • Germany

Berghaus is a German name that stands for “mountain house”. It is majorly or mainly used by mountaineers or climbers who go trekking and climbing. These jackets are quite famous in valleys, hills, and mountains.

Main Differences Between Wildcraft Hiking Jacket and Berghaus

  1. Wildcraft Hiking Jackets are produced by Wildcraft while on the other hand, Berghaus jackets are produced by the Berghaus company.
  2. Wildcraft Hiking jackets don’t have underarm zips while on other hand, Berghaus jackets have underarm zips.
  3. Wildcraft hiking jackets are Indian originated while on the other hand, Berghaus jackets originated in Newcastle.
  4. Wildcraft Hiking jackets aren’t waterproof and don’t prevent water from entering through the jacket while on the other hand, Berghaus jackets are waterproof.
  5. Wildcraft hiking jackets have their production headquarters in Bangalore while on the other hand, Berghaus jackets have their production headquarters in Sunderland.
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