iMac vs HP All-in-One: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. iMacs are Apple’s all-in-one desktop computers, known for their sleek design, high-quality displays, and powerful performance.
  2. HP All-in-One computers are Windows-based desktops that combine a monitor, computer, and other components into a single unit.
  3. iMacs have a more premium build and higher price tag than HP All-in-One computers, which cater to a broader range of budgets and needs.
iMac vs HP All in One

What is iMac?

Apple’s iMac is a family built by Apple Inc, which is the All-in-one Mac desktop computer that debuted in August 1998. The main idea of this series is All-in-One, where the power supplier, speaker, etc., are all in the monitor itself. 

The iMac options are pretty limited but are professional and compact, giving high performance. Some features are extra thin, 24-inch or 27-inch, 8GB to 16GB, and almost up to 512GB of storage.

The recent M1 24” iMac shows the development that Apple has made. The iMac M1 24 shows a beautiful, tall, slim desktop with a magic keyboard and mouse. The model is available in four colours- blue, pink, silver, and green.

It consists of four USB type-c ports, two of which are thunderbolts in the higher-end model, while in the base, we get two more thunderbolts. However, these ports can be expanded. 

It wins us all by the premium appearance of its display, which is made up of glass and aluminum. The iMac M1 has a 1080p webcam which takes the quality to a different level. The display is 11.3 million pixels, five times that of Hp.


What is HP All-in-One?

Hp All in One is a family which consists of everything (the speaker, power supplier, etc.) within the monitor. It comes with just a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Thus, summing up all the things just in one.

Earlier, the Hp All-in-One models were heavy and bulky with less efficiency. But the recent models are very efficient. At an affordable price, we can buy a space-saving computer. 

With regular updates, scans, anti-virus software, and proper clearing of spaces, we can use All-in-one in a very hard-working condition. The best models are HP ENVY All-in-One Desktop, Pavilion 31.5 all-in-one desktop, all-in-one desktop PC 22, etc.

The recent models consist of a standard USB type-c port, two HDMIS (one output and one input), an SD card slot, ethernet built-in, etc., which gives us many options and features. 

Though it is a little thicker than the iMac, it still stands in a very convenient position. In Windows, the Hp All-in-One again gives a very premium look. Hp dominated even over Apple, not just in looks but in speakers as well.

hp all in one

Difference Between iMac and Hp All-in-One

  1. iMac has extras of one magic keyboard (shorter version) and magic mice. In comparison, Hp comes with a full-size keyboard and mice.
  2. iMac wights much less (9.8 pounds) while Hp can weigh much more (16 to 17 pounds).
  3. iMac has almost four Thunderbolt ports, while the Hp doesn’t have any. When transferring a big file, it takes much more time than iMac.
  4. The speaker quality may be better in any other Apple products, but it doesn’t go above Hp.
  5. The latest 1080p webcam of iMac is much better than the 1440p webcam. Though shocking but the webcam of the iMac is much better than Hp.
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Comparison Between iMac and Hp All-in-One

Parameter of ComparisoniMacHp All-in-One
Display PixelsApprox 4.5k panels and  11.3M pixelsApprox 1080p resolution panel and 2.07M pixels
Brightness500 nits of brightness250 nits of brightness
PerformanceIn web browsing tests- 228 and 256GB SSDIn web browsing tests- 103 and 1TB SSD is twice slower than iMac.
RAM16GB RAM makes it superior to HP12GB RAM, which forms a unique number in windows.
PriceIt starts at $1299 and is much more than $1299We can get either $1299 or less with discounts, making it cheaper.

Last Updated : 29 July, 2023

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