Independence Day vs Liberation Day: Difference and Comparison

Both the term Independence Day and Liberation Day appear to be so overlapping that we tend to assume them as to be one. It is essential to distinguish them as they are not correlated, as we presume.    

Key Takeaways

  1. Independence Day marks the end of colonial rule and establishing a sovereign nation.
  2. Liberation Day celebrates the end of occupation or oppression by foreign forces.
  3. Both days honor the struggles for freedom and self-determination but have distinct historical contexts.

Independence Day vs Liberation Day 

The difference between Independence Day and Liberation Day in the US is that Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of July signifying their Independence from the ferocious British Monarch whereas Liberation Day is a public holiday that commemorates on 19th June in the USA.    

Independence Day vs Liberation Day

Independence Day in the USA was declared on 4th July 1776 marking their victory against the ruthless British Rule and their principle of Divide and Rule. I

t is designated as a federal/ national holiday to pay tribute to the valorous freedom fighters and is celebrated nationally through numerous activities.    

Liberation Day in the USA was proclaimed on 19th June 1865, which signifies the freedom of all African-American slaves. This is also declared as a federal holiday by the president.

This holiday essentially celebrates the African-American culture and is primarily a symbolic gesture of guaranteeing personal and human rights to all Americans.    

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison  Independence Day  Liberation Day 
Date 4th July 1776 19th June 1865 
Also Known As ‘Fourth of July’ or ‘Birthday of United States’ ‘Juneteenth’ or ‘Black Independence Day’ 
Significance  Freedom of 13 colonies under British Rule  Liberty of slaves 
Prominent personalities  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson  President Abraham Lincoln and Major Army General Gordon Granger 
Mode of Celebration  Fireworks, Patriotic songs, Patriotic lights, ‘Salute to the Union’ Family gatherings, barbeques, parades/marching, etc. 

What is Independence Day?  

During the 1600s, most of the British civilians started settling in North America and captured 13 colonies and initiated unfair treatment by imposing taxes on simple commodities like tea, and they had no option but to comply with their laws.

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Until the Revolutionary War occurred in 1775, which changed the entire scenario.   

The legal and actual separation of the 13 colonies from the British Monarch took place on 2nd July when the second continental congress approved it, but the declaration consumed the time of 2 days. It was taken forward by Thomas Jefferson.  

Thomas Jefferson, the principal author, proposed a document stating the ‘Declaration of Independence’ which was signed by all the 13 colonies but was initially rejected by the British Government.

Later on, after the revolutionary war took place, America finally got the independence it deserved on 4th July. Many nations, including France, came forward to support the USA.    

Every year the enthusiasm with which Americans celebrate Independence Day is palpable.

Many political leaders volunteer to take part in the celebrations, which constitute proceedings such as parades, singing patriotic songs, bursting firecrackers and orchestras, concerts, etc. Most of the celebrations take place outdoors.

Annually they celebrate ‘Presidential Salute Battery’ or ‘Salute to the Union’ wherein the battery contemplating of well-trained soldiers follow the protocol of one gun for one state and fire them at Independence Day noon so as to pay tribute to the commandos and freedom fighters.  

The first week of July is always considered the longest travel period/weekend as it grants a 3-day holiday, and usually, we observe maximum excursions/celebrations happening during this period.   

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What is Liberation Day? 

Liberation Day in the USA has numerous names, such as ‘Jubilee Day’, ‘Emancipation Day’, ‘Freedom Day’, and so on.

But the original and most common name is ‘Juneteenth’ which comprises 2 words, June and Nineteenth, thus signifying the date that is so crucial to the African-American citizens of the nation.    

It is rightly called the Second Independence Day of the nation solely because it transpired after the main Independence Day.

This day entirely focuses on the sacrifices made by the major freedom fighters to ensure that the slaves experience liberty in their own country and guarantee their human rights.    

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The then President of America, Abraham Lincoln, signed the emancipation proclamation on 1st January 1863, thus freeing the majority of the slaves from the clutches of infringement.

It was designated as a national holiday after the present president of America, Joe Biden, signed the Juneteenth Act.    

After the George Floyd Murder case in 2020 and the ‘Black Lives Matter movement, all the private companies declared Juneteenth as a permanent paid holiday for all employees.

The Black Independence Day (Juneteenth) is contemplated as the day when all Americans became truly free, and they celebrate it by hosting family gatherings, dressing up in expensive clothes, and merely enjoying the day with zeal. 

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Main Differences Between Independence Day and Liberation Day  

  1. Both Independence Day and Liberation Day celebrate the sovereignty and freedom of all American citizens and are declared federal/national holidays.    
  2. Independence Day celebrates the freedom of the 13 colonies that were separated from Great Britain’s clutches on the other hand Liberation Day celebrates the freedom of African-Americans, popularly known as the Black Americans.   
  3. Independence Day was granted on 4th July 1776, whereas Liberation Day occurred on 19th June 1865.   
  4. The 4th of July is considered the first Independence Day of the nation, and the 19th of June is referred to as the second Independence Day of the nation.   
  5. Independence Day is also called ‘Fourth of July’ while Liberation Day is known as ‘Juneteenth’ alias ‘Emancipation Day’.
Difference Between Independence Day and Liberation Day

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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