Difference Between Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and commercial are the two different forms of doing a business. They include a various variety of companies like building, selling and manufacturing different products, movies and music industry, etc.


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However, these two forms have a lot of differences among them, from the types of business that comes under them to the kind to customers they attract.

Industrial vs Commercial

The difference between industrial and commercial is that an industrial business focuses on manufacturing the goods for which they have huge areas filled with various types of factories.

Whereas commercial business focuses on gaining profits, and so they are generally situated in the famous parts of the city.

Industrial vs Commercial

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Industrial business usually deals with the good’s manufacturing; it does not interfere in businesses such as transportation, finance, etc. The industrial land refers to an area which contains a lot of factories.

These buildings are not made aesthetically attractive because they do not tend to attract their customers that way. Industrial areas are located somewhere far outside of the cities since these buildings require a significant empty piece of land.

The businesses whose focus is solely towards gaining profit comes under the commercial form of business. These businesses tend to serve their customers.

They construct their building to be attractive and beautiful to attract more customers. The location where a commercial business’s facilities are located should fulfil some particular requirements like adequate parking space, famous neighbourhood, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonIndustrialCommercial
DefinitionIt usually focuses on the manufacturing of goodsIt includes the businesses whose purpose is solely to gain profits
BuildingsIt has normal buildings that are not aesthetically attractive.It has buildings that are aesthetically attractive so that it can attract more customers.
LandRequires a big piece of land.Requires a small piece of land.
CustomersDoes not focuses on attracting customers.Attractive customers are the most important part of this type of business.
ExamplesFactories that manufacture various types of goods.Malls, restaurants, stores, etc.

What is Industrial?

Industrial is one of the forms of business. The industrial business focuses on the manufacturing of goods.

They do not interfere in other specific businesses like the transportations, financial businesses, etc., the industrial area refers to a place that is filled with various types of factories.

These areas are generally located somewhere far outside of the cities since they require a large piece of land to construct all these factories.

These businesses do not tend to attract the customers through their building, as they are business that works in the background; they pass on their stuff further to the people who can sell it. So they do not make their buildings to be attractive or beautiful.

Industrial businesses generally require some necessary facilities like shipping, transportation, medical facilities etc. since they have to transport the materials all the time. A large number of people work at such places for a significant amount of time, and so they should be taken care of properly.

Its is a big industry, and most of the other businesses depend on this industry.


What is Commercial ?

The commercial form of business includes the businesses whose purpose is solely to gain profits. These businesses tend to attract the customers for more and more profit.

And for this purpose, they make their buildings aesthetically attractive which makes people visit it more. They also pay proper attention to maintaining their buildings and provides various facilities to their customers.

The buildings of such businesses are generally located in the famous parts of the city. Choosing this location includes a lot of factors that can help to boost up their business.

Some of these factors consist of a right and big parking spot, friendly and famous neighbourhood, a prominent part of the city, etc.

Commercial businesses usually do not require facilities such as transportation or shipping. However, like any other businesses, they too need necessary facilities like a medical facility, etc. these businesses might depend on the industrial businesses for their raw materials and products.

It generally focuses on serving its customers. The examples of such businesses include malls, restaurants, small stores, etc.


Main Differences Between Industrial and Commercial

  1. Industrial is the form of business that only focuses on the manufacturing of goods and do not interfere in other companies like transportation, finance etc. In contrast, the commercial form of the business’s main motive is to earn profits. They tend to serve their customers.
  2. Industrial business does not tend to make their buildings look attractive, whereas an attractive building is an essential part of a commercial business.
  3. The industrial land is the place where various factories are located. So an industrial business is always located far outside of the city. on the other hand, a commercial business is always located in the most famous and crowded part of the town.
  4. An industrial business requires a vast empty land, whereas a commercial business requires a small area.
  5. Industrial businesses include various factories that make a lot of different stuff. In contrast, a commercial business has malls, stores—restaurants, etc.
Difference Between Industrial and Commercial
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