Difference Between Invention and Innovation

In this competitive world, coming up with new ideas and inventing something new are becoming a challenge. To start something, we need to invent something which will lead to a new invention.


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During that invention process, we need to be creative with our ideas so that they will produce innovative results. These two things combined will make the end result more attractive among people.

Invention vs Innovation

The difference between Invention and Innovation is that invention is the process of inventing something new and creating it from scratch. Innovation is coming up with creative ideas of our own. Invention means having our own ideas and not creating from others’ ideas. Innovation means we can have the concept of the already existing idea. 

Invention vs Innovation

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The invention is something created by a single person or group from scratch. There are many inventions in this world which helped many people in their lives.

Before inventing something, we should think about the competition and challenges that are involved in making it. Also, once we have completed it, we should get feedback from trusted groups to get genuine opinions.

Innovation is coming up with ideas so that it will make the existing product into a good one. Innovation in education is important. If teachers come up with innovative ideas to teach students, then they will show more interest in their studies.

Innovation helps them to look at problem-solving differently and helps them to solve it faster with their innovative ideas. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonInventionInnovation
DefinitionIt is an idea that has never been made by anyone before for a product or a processIt is implementing an idea for a product or process which is done for the very first time
CalledIt is called the creation of something newIt is called adding value to an already existing product
SkillsPeople should have scientific skillsPeople should have strategic, marketing, and technical skills
ConceptIt involves the concept of the original ideaIt involves the concept of implementing the already existing idea
OccurrenceIt will occur whenever a scientist gets a new ideaIt will occur when we feel a need or improvement for an already existing product

What is Invention?

The invention is the process of inventing something new. It is something that we figure to make up. For example, many year’s computers were invented. With the help of that, people are doing lots of things from their homes.

It is one of the best inventions so far. When we create a story, then it is also called invention. Whatever we make from scratch is considered an invention. Inventions are significant in human lives. It will make our life easy. 

It will help us to improve our knowledge, will make the tasks more manageable. Every year, people invent new things. To invent something, we need to think and be creative.

Inventions in the medical field will help doctors to treat their patients and give them the care to treat well soon. We can even invent things as a group.

In that way, we can interact with other people and learn more things from them. Often things invented by groups will be more effective and good.

Many creative inventions changed our lives. Consider the wheel. It paved the way for many things, which led to new innovative ideas. To invent something, we need to first believe ourselves.

We should concentrate on problems that are worth solving. Then we should start doing proper research. And the most important step in this process is protecting your idea from others.

Once you have got the result, you should either manufacture or license your invention. These are some of the steps for inventing something.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the process of inventing something new. If you work successfully on something and achieve it within a given amount of time, then people around you will call your ideas innovative.

Whenever we work on something new, we need some innovative ideas to make the end result look good. Without innovative ideas, then the product that we develop or something that we do won’t look good. It will be seen as a normal one.

One of the main purposes of innovation is coming up with new ideas and technologies so that it will increase productivity and produce good output and value with the same amount of input.

In the business sector, innovative ideas are very important. As it will increase the profit of the business and help them to reach many people. There are four types of innovations available such as incremental, architectural, radical, and disruptive. 

Not only these four will depict innovation. Also, some other things will be considered. The important thing is to find the correct type that works for our company. So, that it will turn our business into a success.

For an individual, innovation means being creative and coming up with original ideas and not stealing from others. We should be genuine in whatever work we do. Or else it will be counted as a plagiarized one. 

Main Differences Between Invention and Innovation

  1. The invention is the process of creating something new which people have not made before. On the other hand, innovation is implementing our ideas into something that we do.
  2. The invention is called the creation of something new. On the other hand, innovation is called the process of adding value to our existing product.
  3. For invention, people should have some specific skills. On the other hand, for innovation, we should have strategic, marketing, and technical skills.
  4. Invention means involving the concept of the original idea. On the other hand, innovation means the concept of implementing the already existing idea.
  5. The invention will happen whenever a scientist gets some new idea. On the other hand, innovation will happen when we feel the need of improving something on an already existing product. 
Difference Between Invention and Innovation
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