Difference Between Creativity and Innovation

In the business world, these two terms “creativity” and “innovation” are constantly getting used in sessions of brainstorming, official meetings, and company mission statements.

Though it is a fact that sometimes people tend to use these words interchangeably, which is a common habit these days.These two terms deliver different meanings and sometimes it can be confusing if people start to assume that they are saying the same things which in reality they are not.

Creativity vs Innovation

The difference between Creativity and Innovation is that creativity refers to something imaginative or new ideas. Innovation refers to introduce something new and unique to existence. Creativity means to generate new ideas, while innovation means to accomplish those creative ideas. Creativity doesn’t consume money, but on the other hand, innovation does consume money.

Creativity vs Innovation

Innovation can be risky, but creativity is not at all risky as it’s just an idea. Creativity is when a potential mind is being released to conceive new ideas.

These ideas are capable of demonstrating in any number of ways but mostly they are the thoughts which we are being able to feel, see, smell, touch, etc.

Nonetheless, these creative ideas can be taken as an expression of analysis within one’s mind. On the other hand, innovation can be measured fully.

This is about using a way to introduce change into nearly a balanced order. To make an innovation one will require a certain amount of work to make the idea real.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonCreativityInnovation
DefinitionCreativity is the capacity to make or think up something uncommon or original.Innovation is the exercise to create something new which already has a large value to others.
Their actionsCreativity acts by delivering unique ideas.Innovation acts by putting those new ideas in reality.
MeasurableHard to measure.Easy to measure.
LiabilityCreativity doesn’t carry liability as it is just a thought or idea.Innovation can cause liability as the idea becomes reality.
ExpressionNot every creativity conforms to innovation.Every innovation is a result of creativity.

What is Creativity?

For human species, “creativity” is one of the most important characteristics. It is considered to be one of the main aspects to make a person successful as individuals.

The word “creativity” means complete creation.

It is also about controlling to have the power of the mind for conceiving unique ideas, product-plans, experiments of those thoughts, tastes, sensations, etc. For solving problems, “creativity” can be a structure of an individual’s expression.

“Creativity” is a quality which anyone can possess. For example- in the marketing world “creativity” is considered to be the sole ingredient. In this modern era, new technologies are constantly evolving and developing and becoming available to us.

And because of that, companies have to contain a flexible nature and be able to keep up to date so that their creativity will allow them to easily identify new paths in which technology can be applied to help their businesses.

Also, with social media and other currently available interactive forms of marketing these days, it is getting more important to be capable of being creative for companies.

If employees become more creative, it can inspire them to come up with more interesting thoughts including the improvement of their overall output.


What is Innovation?

An idea should definitely be reproduced exactly at an economical cost to get called as an innovation, and it also must deliver the satisfaction of a specific need.

The term “innovation” contains a reflective application of facts, thoughts, and initiative in collecting better or different values from resources including all steps by which new ideas are delivered and conformed into useful products.

It also requires balance and formation. Innovation can happen after changing a common or long-standing process by making it better. If one has an existing status quo, that can be developed in order to innovate.

That means creativity and innovation are two very different things even if they share strong bonds.

In other words, by taking a newly made idea and changing them into something useful and practical, innovation can be created. To convert any theory into action, innovation is the process that is needed.

The most familiar kind of innovation is the evolutionary one, meaning one has to find ways of making additional improvements to products and services.

This sort of innovation has fewer risks, as it is usually not hard to set up demand for these improvements and to calculate the possible return on investment. Though it still needs an important and direct approach.


Main Differences Between Creativity and Innovation

  1. When one is having dreams of new things it is called creativity, while innovation is to make those dreams come true in reality.
  2. The term “creativity” has come from the Latin word “Creo” which means “to create”. On the other hand, the term “innovation” has come from the Latin word “Innovationem”, meaning noun for the action of the term innovates.
  3. One has to think about new things or uncommon concepts and then it can be called “creativity”. Whereas, the process that will change these concepts into practical usage then it is called innovation.
  4. If an individual has brought a new thing into existence, it can be known as someone who has created it. In other cases, if one has made particular improvements to something which has been existing already then it is okay to say that the particular individual has made an innovation.
  5. There is no chance to have any risk regarding creativity, as it is just a thought yet. In the matter of innovation, risk can occur regarding the fact that it has already become a reality from an idea.
Difference Between Creativity and Innovation


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