ISI vs AGMARK: Difference and Comparison

The products and services that the manufacturers provide us may contain defaults or the product may be harmful or may be counterfeit.

So to prevent such fraud, there are such marks in our country which are definitely there for certification of certain types of products which are non-harmful. Two such types of marks are ISI mark and Agmark. Different products come under sub-marks. 

Key Takeaways

  1. ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute, responsible for creating national standards for products in India.
  2. AGMARK is a certification mark issued by the Government of India to ensure that agricultural products meet certain quality standards.
  3. ISI standards are more generic, whereas AGMARK standards are specific to agricultural products.


ISI is a certification mark that is used for industrial products in India. It is a quality certification for goods like electronics, textiles, and food products. Agmark is a quality certification mark that is used for agricultural products like grains, fruits, and vegetables in India.


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ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute. The institute originated when India procured independence. The institute was found to give rise to benchmark or quality for arranged industrial extension and to ensure the quality in the production of the industries.

AGMARK is a mark of verification put on agricultural products. The validation of AGMARK works in India.

The mark of AGMARK ensures that the products of agriculture follow the set of benchmarks stated by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, an office of the Government of India.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonISIAGMARK
Date of Establishment The ISI mark was established in 1955. The AGMARK was established in 1937 however the year was amended to 1987. 
Headquartered The ISI is headquartered in New Delhi. The AGMARK is headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana. 
ActIndian Standards Institution (Certification Marks) Act, 1952.Agriculture Produce (Grading and Marketing) Act of India, 1937
Types of Products LPG valves, switches, heaters, kitchen appliances, LPG cylinders, etc. Pulses, spices, cereals, vegetables, edible oils, rice, honey, etc. 
Procedure The procedure of ISI mark takes place online. The procedure of AGMARK takes place online. 

What is ISI? 

The institute of ISI gives an ISI mark which can be understood as an attested mark for products of industries in India. The mark of ISI is one of the most popular and acknowledged certification marks in India.

The mark makes certain that products are under the conditions of the Indian Standards raised by the Indian Standard Institute.

Now, the name ISI has been renamed the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS). The mark gives the certified benchmarks for industrial and consumer products.

The evaluation of the benchmark and quality of each good provides them a mark of certification. The ISI mark is an important mark that every merchandise shall have on it in order to sell their goods in India.

The mark of ISI is received on the product of any producer that meets the benchmarks of BIS.

A mandatory seven-digit license number is carried by the commodities which are certified by ISI. An IS number is provided on the top of the ISI mark which denotes the number of Indian Standard for a specific commodity.

Major products that come with ISI marks are packaged foods and drinking water, thermometers, kitchen appliances and types of equipment, and many more.

What is AGMARK? 

The term AGMARK came into existence by uniting two words ‘Ag’ which is taken out of agriculture and ‘mark’ means the mark of certification.

At present, the standards of AGMARK count the quality rule and regulations for 200 plus different products, this includes pulses, essential oils, vegetable oils, cereals, etc.

The mark of AGMARK features as a third party that provides a guarantee of the quality of agricultural commodities. The mark of AGMARK is required of every agricultural commodity which needs to be sold in India.

The grading of AGMARK ensures that the agricultural commodities are not adulterated. The mark for AGMARK can be implied on both the motives domestic or export. The process of application of AGMARK takes place on a platform that is present online.

The platform was developed by NIC, National Informatics Centre. The mark of certification of AGMARK is optional for various distinct products other than fat spread and edible vegetable oils which is compulsory as the FSSAI Regulations, 2006.

A boost takes place in the marketing of the products by this certification. The quality of commodities maintains by the morality of legal compliances.

Main Differences Between ISI and AGMARK 

  1. The certification mark of ISI is not optional whereas the certification mark of AGMARK is optional except for a few products. 
  2. The main objective of ISI is to denote quality benchmarks for industrial and consumer goods whereas the main objective of AGMARK is to provide agricultural products of certified quality to people. 
  3. Under ISI mark there are 374 compulsory commodities listed whereas under AGMARK 224 products are there. 
  4. ISI has its regional offices located in Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai while the regional offices of AGMARK are located in Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal. 
  5. The mark of ISI was developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards whereas the mark of AGMARK was developed by Archibald MacDonald Livingstone. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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