Journalist vs Reporter: Difference and Comparison

Reporters are the person whose task is to deliver the story. They may not be the person who researched the story. The main thing to understand is some Reporters need to be Journalists. With rising media power, journalism is in high demand.

This job is full of excitement as you will be the one who will break the news first or interview any supreme personality and invoke the person to break some confidential information unknowingly. Both occupations are fast-paced with high stress to meet deadlines.

Key Takeaways

  1. A journalist is a person who collects, writes, and distributes news or other current affairs to the public through various media outlets. In contrast, a reporter is a person who reports on events, developments, and issues as they happen.
  2. Journalists work on long-form stories and analysis, while reporters focus on breaking news and short-form stories.
  3. Journalists have a specialized beat or area of expertise, while reporters may cover a variety of beats or topics.

Journalist vs Reporter

The difference between Journalist and a Reporter is reporter’s job is to relay the story to the public, but the Journalist’s job is to research new stories. Journalists work for newspapers, magazines, and many more written editorials. Reporters report the news on television, radio, or other mass media.

Journalist vs Reporter

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A Journalist can also be a reporter, but not all Reporters need to be journalists. They examine the news which has been allocated to them by their editor. Journalists have to handle the grammar and proper style of writing the news.

They should invest time in investigating stories around the world. They can work for local, national, or international media.

The Reporter reads the story through video or audio media. The report is received as a script by the Reporter. They should have interview skills to question a subject to get a unique point of view.

They should build a relationship with experts who can give tips on important confidential news. They can work for local, national, and international media.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonJournalistReporter
DefinitionA person who researches the news.A person who disseminates the news to the public.
SkillsWriting skills with proper grammar and styleCommunication skills to take interview a person
Types Various types like writers, TV reporters, photojournalists, and video journalists.The reporter is itself a subset of journalists.
RoleA journalist can work as a reporter too.Reporters need not necessarily be Journalists.
Investigation MethodInvestigates the topic with the help of a tip from some expertsInvestigates the news depending on the interview taken

What is Journalist?

A Journalist is a person who researches current events of the world by gathering information and disseminating information to the public. Journalists have numerous career options depending on their speciality. They can be writers, TV reporters, photojournalists, or video journalists.

Each has a specific medium to get engaging stories that resonate with the public while delivering important news.

They are responsible for identifying essential topics and coming up with well-researched topics. From the government to the fashion world, it is their responsibility to bring news for it and share it with the people. As this job is full of responsibility, it takes long hours to do their job.

They need to be consistent as news comes up every second.

Even this profession can be dangerous because if the news is inaccurate, it may affect the people and their belief in the journalists. At the same time, this job is exciting as you are the first to discover the latest news.

A Journalist presents information so the nation can form opinions and make prudent decisions. They are made to attend press conferences so that they can find news or tips for the news.


What is a Reporter?

Reporters are mainly in communication. They should have the skills to interview someone and bring out some best news. They must be able to keep accurate notes and record information faithfully. The reporter’s job covers a narrower scope and requires a specific skill set.

They report news on television, newspapers, magazines, and websites. They make sure that the audience can understand the news by analyzing and interpreting the information and ensuring that they can update the latest stories the audience.

Reporters must develop relationships with some experts to get tips for the news.

They must invest much time in meeting contacts, recording a story, and conducting interviews. They need to verify the information provided by the interviewees. Reporters should always have a charismatic and magnetic personality. Reporters are also known as newsmen or newsperson.

They should always understand media communication. Their work is hectic and needs long hours and some travel. They need to keep their days flexible.


Main Differences Between Journalists and Reporters

  1. All Journalists can be Reporters, but not all Reporters need to be Journalists.
  2. Journalists research the news, and the Reporters speak and share the news with the audience.
  3. Reporters have communication skills, and Journalist does not need communication skill.
  4. There are many kinds of Journalists, but Reporters don’t have any subset. Reporters are a subset of Journalists.
  5. Journalists’ work is more written work like in newspapers, magazines, or digital editions, whereas Reporter’s work needs one-to-one communication skills and conducting interviews.
Difference Between Journalist and Reporter

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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