Difference Between Labor Day and 4th of July

The first Monday of September and the 4th of July are considered to be some of the most pivotal days of American history. Both the days were formed on the blood of struggle of the people of the USA.

Each day speaks out a rare tale of mankind, history of the aching wrestle, and the construction of American history.

Labor Day vs 4th of July

The main difference between Labour Day and the 4th of July is that Labor Day is a federal holiday; The former is celebrated as the independence day of the USA. Labor Day was initially celebrated in just a few states of the country, while Independence Day has been a part of every citizen since the declaration of the draft from Great Britain.

Labor Day vs 4th of July

Labor Day is a celebration of the performance of American workers over the years. Independence Day is a celebration to remember the independence of 13 American colonies.

The first Monday of September is celebrated as Labor Day while, The 4th of July is celebrated as Independence Day in the USA.

Comparison Table Between the Labour Day and 4th of July

Parameters of comparison       Labour Day       4th of July
OriginIt was first held in New York City on September 5, 1882It was First held in Philadelphia on July 4, 1777
Reason to CelebrateIt is celebrated as a tribute to the achievements of American workers and their struggle.It is a celebration of the independence of the 13American colonies from Great Britain in 1777.
PlacesIt is celebrated in Canada & USAIt is celebrated in the USA
Way of celebrationPeople go on picnics with family, while some celebrate it in the backyard with the barbecuePeople usually celebrate it with Fireworks, Parades, Carnivals and Fairs, Political ceremonies and Ceremonies.
Date of the EventFirst Monday of September4th of July

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September each year. It is a tribute to the hard work, Struggle for the rights of thousands of families, sleepless nights and a dream of thousands of workers of America.

The history behind the celebration of Labor Day wraps blood-covered sheets of struggles. The American workers use to go through a harsh 18-20 hour workday in the 19th century with a wage weighing equal to the drop of water.

Their wrath of sacrifices was formed of working 6 days a week, Unsafe working conditions, excessive working hours, and low wages.

Being shattered by the problems, The labour union decided to fight for their rights and throw the workload off their shoulders. The labour union started to unite together to see the flags of their vision wave.

This often caused a brawl of the labour unions against the business groups. The strikes were organized at many places to make the higher officials listen to the suppressed voices.

The unheard voice of the first Labor Day soon went to 30 states of the USA. In 1894, after a harsh path of deaths, mourns and struggle, President Grover Cleveland signed a law that made Labor Day a federal holiday In the USA.

Canada also created Its Labor Day in 1894.

Though Labor Day was accepted as a national holiday, the dreams of the workers were fulfilled in 1938, when President Franklin D Roosevelt signed a law abolishing Child Labor, Reducing the work to 8 hours a day and 5 days in a week.

Labor Day celebration does not consist of any ritual, but people celebrate it by going out on picnics, enjoying the barbeque and shopping.

It is often marked as the end of summer vacation across the nation. It evens marks the beginning of sports in the USA. It is also seen as the last day when wearing white is acceptable.

What is 4th of July or Independence Day?

On July 4th, 1776, the founders signed the declaration of independence of the 13 American colonies parting ways from Great Britain. This day is considered the most beautiful day in the history of America.

On the First Independence Day celebration, the nation was under the sea of joy and pride. The day was celebrated with 13 Guns salutes, fireworks, and tongue satisfying food.

Soon the Independence Day celebration included Parades, Cultural displays, Bonfire and 50 gunshot celebrations in Military Base.

The 4th of July is not a usual day in America, but a day of pride, emotions, and happiness. People come out of their houses each year to feel the breeze of freedom and capture the value of it.

In many places, professional sports events are organized on the 4th of July to celebrate pride. Many Americans blow up the crackers in their backyard too, although these exercises have to lead to the ban of supply of the stuff for personal use.

Independence Day in the USA leads to the decoration across the whole nation with colours, Red, White, and Blue. Many often look at this day as an opportunity to meet their long-distance friends or family.

Main Differences Between Labour Day and 4th of July

  1. Labour Day is celebrated to honour the struggle and achievements of American workers while the 4th of July is celebrated as the Independence Day to celebrate the day of freedom of 13 American colonies from Great Britain.
  2. Labor Day is celebrated across Canada & USA on the same day, while the 4th of July is celebrated, as Independence Day only in the USA.
  3. No great ritual is performed or followed on Labor Day, apart from Barbeques and picnics. On the other hand, the 4th of July is witnessed as the day of decorations, Fireworks, Feasts and Gun Fire shot (In the military camp).
  4. Labor Day is also considered as the last when wearing is acceptable, while on 4th of July, every decoration across the country contains the colours; Red, White, and Blue.
  5. Labor Day marks the end of the summer vacation while the 4th of July marks the beginning of the busiest week of the entire year.
Difference Between Labor Day and 4th of July


 America has been a place of culture, colours and pride. Both the holidays mentioned above are considered one of the greatest days in the history of the USA. Both speak out a story of freedom and pride.

Americans have a history of struggle and a war for freedom; these two days are the benchmark of pride in the glorious history of the USA.


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