Difference Between Laminate and Decolam

Furniture of all kinds is made up of the same material, and that is wood. There are certainly many kinds of wood that give different strengths and durability to the woodworks.

What gives the final model a different-looking finish are laminates and Decolam. These are two kinds of designer ply that are stuck over the wood giving it a unique look.

Laminate vs Decolam

The main difference between Laminate and Decolam is that Laminates are made by pressing resin (plastic) and paper (flat). On the other hand, Decolam is like a thinner variant of a wood sheet that comes in a lot of variety. There are quite many differences between laminates and Decolam that ultimately give the customers a lot of options to choose from.

Laminate vs Decolam

Laminates are widely used to give wooden furniture a final look or finish, which makes them appear different and unique.

A lot of varieties are available in the market to choose from. Laminates are the first choice of buyers due to a number of reasons like cost, durability, and variants.

Decolam is yet another type of decorative ply that gives a very luxurious finish to wooden structures.

These are very high maintenance and expensive but still are widely preferred by people around the world due to the extremely beautiful finish it gives.

There are also a number of aspects that make them very different from laminates.

Comparison Table Between Laminate and Decolam

Parameters of ComparisonLaminateDecolam
AboutPressed artificial material made up of plastic resin and flat paper.It is a thin wooden layer that can be stuck over the workpiece.
VarietyAvailable in high gloss, shiny, matte, and soft.Available in paper-backed, laid-up, raw, phenolic back, and reconstituted.
Maintenance They require less maintenance and retain their shine for a long time.They require more maintenance like polishing the surface from time to time.
DurabilityLaminates are very durable as well as reliable.Decolam is not very durable and needs a lot of maintenance.
CostLaminates are affordable and all the varieties are very budget-friendly.Decolams are expensive and even require regular maintenance.

What is Laminate?

Whenever the question of decorating wooden furniture comes to mind, the first answer is Laminates. These are immensely popular and are used in a number of ways.

Laminates are made by pressing together plastic resin, and a thing called flat paper. These are very thin and are also known as sun mice or simply mica.

After the complete construction of a wooden structure, the next step is to decorate it with beautiful laminates. These are available in an amazing variety.

Over millions of designs and finishes are available when one steps into the laminate market. These are available in soft, matte, glossy, super glossy, shiny, and many other varieties.

People can choose them according to the aesthetic of the room. More than one type and design of laminates are also very widely used, giving the furniture a contrasting look.

There are many advantages to choosing laminates for decorative work. First of all, laminates are very attractive and go well with almost everything.

Secondly, they do not need any regular maintenance and are very durable. They do not lose their luster for a very long time.

And lastly, these laminates are very affordable and pocket-friendly. So even with a tight budget, one can always look for a good laminate for their furniture without hurting their pockets.

What is Decolam?

Decolam is the second most popular choice in the world of decorative furniture. They are extremely pretty and have an elegant and sophisticated look.

Decolam is made with thin sheets of, or we can also say that it is the thinner version of the wood sheet. These are also available in numerous varieties like paper-backed, raw, laid-up, reconstituted, and phenolic back.

Amazing texture and designs are always available in decolams, and it is up to the designer or customer on how they like to use them. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to choosing decolam over laminates. Decolams require a lot of attention.

In other words, a proper and regular cleaning or maintenance is necessary to keep them in good condition and make them last longer. If not taken care of, decolams can start to wear and lose their lustre.

Additionally, these are very expensive and can actually cost a lot more than laminates which is a big drawback if the person is not on a flexible budget.

If there is no guarantee that the decolam finish furniture can be taken care of, then it is a waste of money to go for it.

Main Differences Between Laminate and Decolam

  1. Laminate is an artificial material that is made with pressed plastic paper and paper, whereas Decolam is a thin layer of wood that is stuck on wood.
  2. Laminates are available in a lot of types like soft, matte, high gloss, and shiny. On the other hand, Decolam is available in raw, paper-backed, reconstituted, laid up, and phenolic back.
  3. Laminates do not require a lot of maintenance whereas, on the other hand, Decolam requires a lot of attention and polishing at regular intervals.
  4. The durability of Laminates is commendable, and they last a long duration of time without losing their luster, while Decolams do not last for very long if they are not maintained properly.
  5. The price of laminates is very reasonable and affordable. On the other hand, Decolams are very expensive and require maintenance alongside.
Difference Between Laminate and Decolam


Laminates and decolams are widely used to add beauty to wooden furniture. They change the overall look of the furniture and give it a completely new avatar.

Interior decorators have a very good knowledge and keen eye to acknowledge which will be a better option for a particular room, purpose, color, and aesthetic.

After the choosing and application part is over, there comes the maintenance part. It is important to be aware of the care and maintenance of laminates and decolams in order to make them last longer.

One of the reasons why laminates are preferred over decolams is also their low-cost price as compared to decolams.


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