Leopard OS X vs Leopard OS X Server: Difference and Comparison

The Leopard OS X is the latest server for the Macs. With a crucial overhaul, it offers the best user interface to the users. It gets preinstalled in most of the latest models.

The Leopard OS X Server intends to be a server.

Key Takeaways

  1. Leopard OS X is designed for general consumer use, while Leopard OS X Server caters to businesses and organizations with advanced server features.
  2. Leopard OS X Server offers additional tools for centralized management, file sharing, and network administration, unlike the standard Leopard OS X.
  3. Leopard OS X Server supports unlimited users, whereas Leopard OS X has user limitations based on its licensing agreement.

Leopard OS X vs Leopard OS X Server

Leopard OS X, an operating system by Apple, is designed for personal use with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of consumer-level applications. Leopard OS X Server, an operating system by Apple, is designed for server operations, offering tools for managing and distributing software and services to multiple users over a network.

Leopard OS X vs Leopard OS X Server

Leopard OS X is the latest version of the operating system. It gets preinstalled on the latest Macs. Leopard OS X had an addition of 300 features enhancing the OS.

It has an efficient security system. It has no additional application and gets priced less than the Leopard OS X Server.

Leopard OS X Server is a server that needs to act as a server. The added capabilities of the server are the reason for the steep cost of the server.

The server ensures the smooth functioning of the system. The Leopard OS X server manages Mac computers and ios devices.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLeopard OS XLeopard OS X Server
VersionIt is the newest version of Apple’s working structure.It is an Apple server.
ApplicationIt has no extra application.It has extra applications.
CostIt is not as expensive as Leopard OS X Server.It is expensive.
Capacity9GB Disc space.20GB Disc space.
XserveNot used to it.Used with it.

What is Leopard OS X?

The OS got released on October 26th, 2007. It succeeded Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, and it is still available in two versions, the first suited for PC and the other is a server version. 

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Leopard OS X had an addition of 300 features enhancing the latest OS. A few attributes are as follows:

  • Back to My Mac- This feature is for MobileMe (Mac iTool), which allows users to access files from the computer when they are away through the internet.
  •  Boot Camp- This is software assistance that allows installing another operating system Windows XP, on a separate partition.
  • The desktop comprises a 3D dock (Graphical User Interface) with a grouping feature called Stacks (organized folder). It displays the files either in fan or grid style.
  • Dictionary- Wikipedia, a dictionary with Apple terminology and a Japanese language dictionary has been included.
  • Finder- This is a redesigned feature available in iTunes 7. It includes the Cover Flow(3D Graphical User Interface for visually flipping through documents, albums, or photographs) and the Source list.
  • iCal- It schedules, and syncs invitations from the mail, and the icon reflects the current date.
  • Parental Control- To restrict internet use and set controls from anywhere through a remote setup.
  • Photo Booth- It enhances video quality through real-time filters and blue/green screen technology.
  • Time Machine- This is an automated backup system of deleted files or the files replaced due to an updated version.

There are enhanced security systems to provide better resiliency from both internal and external attacks. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard succeeds the Leopard OS X.

What is Leopard OS X Server?

As a server, the operating system provides services to multiple computers in a network. It lays down the network to transfer information and files.

To set up a website that could get accessed through intranet and internet. It is possible through Leopard OS X Server.

The release date was October 26th, 2007. The language used to develop the server is C, C++, Objective-C, and HTML.

The version before this was 10.7 Lion, and it was a stand-alone operating system. Mac OS X server allows the controlling structure for rack-mounted server computers, Xserve computers designed by Apple.

Mac Mini and Mac Pro have the preinstalled version of the operating system. For Macintosh products it gets sold separately. 

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The Leopard Server sold at $999 for an unlimited-client license, and it is a crucial version supporting Power PC-based servers and workstations. The following are the features of Leopard OS X Server:

  • RADIUS Server- Leopard Server includes FreeRadius, and it is a popular open-source server that is fast and rich in features for network authentication. It supports a wireless access station.
  • Ruby on Rails- The Leopard was the first version to ship with Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application developed by David Heinemeier Hansson. It is an open-source software to build web applications. Rails are a framework for creating a website with the help of the programming language Ruby. Ruby ranks among the top programming language.

The Leopard OS X server manages Mac computers and ios devices. Leopard was the last crucial Mac OS X server.

Main Differences Between Leopard OS X and Leopard OS X Server

  1. Leopard OS X is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for the desktop. Leopard OS X Server is an operating system that acts as a server.
  2. The standard Leopard OS X has no application. The Leopard OS X Server comes with an application.
  3. The Leopard OS X is not expensive. The Leopard OS X Server is high-priced.
  4. The Leopard OS X does not get utilized with Xserve. Leopard OS X Server gets applied with Xserve.
  5. The Leopard OS X needs a 9GB disc capacity. Leopard OS X Server needs 20GB disc capacity.
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Last Updated : 12 August, 2023

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