Difference Between Lifetime Tamarack 100 and 120

Lifetime Tamarack 100 and 120 are both kayaks. These kayaks are used for fishing. The models have angles so that they can also be used for sports purposes.


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Some features let you go fishing without taking care of the kayak. It has rods that keep it in position.

Lifetime Tamarack 100 vs 120

The difference between Lifetime Tamarack 100 and 120 is Tamarack 100 weighs around 50lbs. In contrast to that, the weight of the lifetime tamarack 120 is around 52lbs. The lifetime tamarack 120 is heavier than the model 100. Besides that, Lifetime tamarack comes with water-proofing material, and this feature is not available in the lifetime tamarack 100.

Lifetime Tamarack 100 vs 120

Lifetime tamarack 100 measures around 10 feet in length. The lifetime tamarack needs space to park it, so the buyer should make sure that the buyer has a lot of space or good space to store the lifetime tamarack 100.

The storage place should not have direct sunlight or rain coming inside.

Lifetime tamarack 120 has three rods in the whole structure. Two of the rod holders are mounted flush with the hull, and another rod holder is on top.

This is basically between the paddler’s legs. Many storage compartments let you store gears and especially the catch.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLifetime Tamarack 100Lifetime Tamarack 120
SeatbackAdjustable in some modelsAdjustable
Waterproof storage YesNo
HatchesLess tightTighter
Length120 inches100 inches to 120 inches
LifetimeHull material High-Density Poly Ethylene High-Density Poly Ethylene

What is Lifetime Tamarack 100?

This model is famous for fishing activity. The whole structure is made of polyethylene. This is the common plastic used in the construction of kayaks.

It has rod holders, which lets them fix the position and helps them to troll without fearing about the lifetime tamarack 100. This material makes the surface stronger.

These boats were made using fiberglass, but they cannot stand after getting a pounding. The seats and the footpegs can be adjusted according to the person. This kayak does not have any waterproof capability.

The hatches in this structure are less tight. It has a hull of polyethylene. The paddlers find it comfortable when they can adjust their seats on their own.

The lifetime Tamarack has amazing stability. The hulls on the tamarack lifetime give it amazing stability and keep it maintained even in rough conditions. The walls are highly chined, and it has a wide base.

The boats are still stable, even in rough water. Kayak can handle and keeps the safety of the kayak and the person who is on the kayak. The hull is made of plastic, due to which it can get scratches. This can decrease the look of the lifetime tamarack 100.

What is Lifetime Tamarack 120?

Kayak is very popular for fishing. These kayaks are easy to transport. This is considered to be a great form of exercise. These kayaks have several facilities like fish storage hatches and chine rails.

Chine rails help the kayaks to be great anglers. It has amazing stability. This is a lightweight kayak.

It has a lot of fishing accessories with a dedicated angler. It is comfortable for one person only. Tamarack has three-rod holders in the whole structure.

The top position has a rod holder, and the other two rod holders are attached to the hull. It weighs around 52 lbs. The seatback cannot be adjusted in some models.

There is storage that lets you store gear. There is a total of two storage compartments. Each storage compartments are six-inch in measurements.

The open topper sit is a space for storage of gear. This also allows storing stuff in the hull compartment. This has a waterproof storage capacity.

It has footrest positions. This setting lets the rider control their kayak and reduces fatigue. It has a UV-resistant coating. This coating prevents the surface from getting bleached.

Most kayaks don’t come with an attached paddle. This model has an attached paddle. This is the most stable kayak, especially for fishermen.

Main Differences Between Lifetime Tamarack 100 and 120

  1. The weight of Lifetime Tamarack 100 is 50lbs. In comparison, 120 is 52lbs.
  2. The seatback is adjustable in Lifetime Tamarack 100. On the other hand, the seatback is not adjustable in 120.
  3. Lifetime Tamarack 120 has a waterproof storage capacity. In contrast to that, 100 does not have a waterproof storage capacity.
  4. Lifetime Tamarack 100 has a length of 120 inches. On the other hand, 120 may have from 100 inches to 120 inches.
  5. Hatches in Lifetime Tamarack 100 is less tight as compared to 120.
  6. Lifetime Tamarack 100 has hull material HDPE. 120, on the other hand, has HDPE fully.


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