Zune 80 vs Zune 120: Difference and Comparison

As the world has moved towards the world of gadgets and applications, a number of gadgets emerged in the market in the past few years that left deep prints on society.

Microsoft company Zune was one of these memorable gadgets, and there was a complete chain of this particular product.

Such significant popularity of this product makes it necessary to know the differences that lie between its two most popular variants, which are Zune 80 and Zune 120.

Although there are certain similarities between these two variants, they can still be differentiated easily.

Key Takeaways

  1. Zune 80 offers 80GB storage capacity, whereas Zune 120 provides 120GB storage.
  2. Zune 80 and Zune 120 feature a 3.2-inch screen and support the same audio and video formats.
  3. Zune 120 has a slightly longer battery life for audio playback than Zune 80.

Zune 80 vs Zune 120 

The Zune 80 was released in 2007 and had 80GB of storage capacity. It featured a 3.2-inch color display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an FM radio tuner. The Zune 120 was released in 2008 and had 120GB of storage capacity. It has a unique feature of improved battery life and updated software.

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Zune 80 was launched in the market by Microsoft in the last four months of the year 2007, and as soon as it was launched, it became a sensation in the market due to the newly introduced technology.

Basically, it happened to be a portable device that helped people in keeping songs recorded and listen to them afterwards. But on the other hand, Zune 120 was launched in the year 2008 and basically became another product in the previous series.

The number 120 attached to its name basically represents the storage that the company provides to its users. It simply meant that users could use up to 120 gigabytes of data in this particular device. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Zune 80 Zune 120 
Meaning  It refers to a portable music device offered by the company Microsoft. It refers to another portable music device offered by the company Microsoft and comes later in the line of products. 
Launched in 2007 2008 
Storage  It offers total storage of 80 gigabytes. It offers total storage of 120 gigabytes. 
Color options  It had a variety of color options available. It mostly had black as a color option. 
Back panel A relatively matte finish on the back panel. A relatively matte finish along with a glossy back panel. 
Price  Comparatively cheaper Comparatively costly 
Attached devices  This device used to come with free headphones attached to it. No such device was attached to it. 

What is Zune 80? 

In the year 2007, Microsoft thought of developing a complete chain of portable music devices of their own, and this very idea was the reason behind the development of its Zune series.

In this series, certain portable music devices were launched with certain names and tags, and the motive was to compete with Apple company’s iPod as both were present in a similar domain. 

The number 80 attached to the name of this particular device denotes that the total storage capacity provided to the users was 80 gigabytes. In other words, it can be said that the users could store music and videos up to 80 gigabytes.  

Another catchy feature of this particular device was that it was marketed along with some free headphones, and people were very eager to buy this product because of its quality.

This product had a variety of color options available, but mostly it came in certain combinations such as red and black, etc. In conclusion, it was the very first product of its own kind launched by Microsoft, having certain distinguished qualities. 

microsoft zune 80

What is Zune 120? 

After launching the series of portable music devices known as Zune, Microsoft upgraded its game and launched certain other products in a similar line making all of them the successors of the previous products. One such product was known as Zune 120.  

The number 120 attached to the name of this product denoted that the users could use up to 120 gigabytes of data on this particular device, and this became a huge sensation in the market as previously they were only allowed to use up to 80 gigabytes and now, they were getting extra 40 gigabytes.

Due to this upgrade in storage capacity, this product easily captured the market within a few weeks of its launch. 

Another change that the company introduced with the introduction of this particular product was the change in colors and the scheme of the back panel.

In most cases, the color of this device was black, but certain red-colored devices were also exclusively available at some stores. It came with a glossy back panel and easily captured the customers’ eye. 

microsoft zune 120

Main Differences Between Zune 80 and Zune 120 

  1. Zune 80 was launched in the year 2007, while on the other hand, Zune 120 was launched in the year 2008. 
  2. Zune 80 offered a total space of 80 gigabytes, while on the other hand, Zune 120 offered a total space of 120 gigabytes. 
  3. Zune 80 was sold in the market along with free headphones, while on the other hand, Zune 120 was sold alone
  4. Zune 80 had a variety of color options available, while on the other hand, Zune 120 had limited options available. 
  5. Zune 80 was basically a predecessor of Zune 120. 
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Last Updated : 14 June, 2023

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