Difference Between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

The country requires a governing body that looks upon all the order of laws and constitutional policies and terms that every citizen of the country must abide by.

The body that legislates every decision of the policies is known as the Parliament of India. It consists of different levels of a governing body that exercise various roles and responsibilities. These are the different parts of the levels of the legislature.

Lok Sabha vs Rajya Sabha

The main difference between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is that Lok Sabha holds a process of elections where people can exercise their rights to vote. Rajya Sabha representatives get indirectly elected and citizens do not have voting rights in this. Both are the houses of the parliament but have different responsibilities and varied decisive power.

Lok Sabha vs Rajya Sabha

The lower level of the legislature system is termed the Lok Sabha. The representatives get elected by the people of the country using their voting rights.

They have more decisive powers as the representatives get elected by the people of the country and this takes place through the proper selection process.

Rajya Sabha is known as the upper house of the parliament. The representatives of Rajya Sabha are indirectly elected by the elected representatives of the state councils and various assemblies.

They do not have any definite period rather it is a permanent body that cannot be dissolved. It has various powers and can also be termed as the council of states.

Comparison Table Between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

Parameters of ComparisonLok SabhaRajya Sabha
MeaningThe members get elected by the people through direct elections by citizens exercising their voting rights.The representatives are elected indirectly through state representatives and not by proper elections.
PeriodIt has a period of 5 years after that it gets changed again. It can also dissolute earlier in conditions.It has no such fixed period nor it can be dissolved as it is a permanent body.
Representative memberIn Lok sabha, the speaker is the representative head of the body.As chairman of the body, the vice president of India leads the Rajya Sabha.
Minimum ageThe elected members of Lok sabha need to have a minimum age of 25 years to become a member.The least age to become representative of Rajya Sabha is 30 years.
StrengthThe total number of members of Lok sabha is 552 and it includes various representations from states and union territories.The total strength of the Rajya Sabha is 250 which includes representations from states and union territories and president nominations.

What is Lok Sabha?

The lower level of the legislature system is termed the Lok Sabha which is governed by the people indirectly. The citizens have the right to exercise the voting to their preferred candidates and make them elected as a member of Lok sabha.

It has a total of 552 members but it has a certain division of representation.

The representation includes 530 members elected from the state and reservation of member seats in union territories and nomination by the present from the different community are 20 and 2 respectively.

The Lok Sabha is led by a speaker as the speaker heads all decisions for the body. It has a period of five years after that the members of the body again get changed by making proper elections.

The body can be dissolved earlier also if any such conditions arise.

The lower house of the body has more powers as compared to the upper house of the legislature. The Lok sabha got the power to approve or reject depending on the condition and initiate discussion on the money bill.

There are multiple functions of the Lok Sabha body which includes financial matters, legislative decision, important executive control, different electoral procedures of elected members of the body, implementing different actions such as debate to create importance on public and other powers such as taking actions or any decisive power against any member of the body.

What is Rajya Sabha?

The upper level of the parliament that is in charge of the various decisions of the state in the legislature is known as the Rajya Sabha. That is the reason it is termed the council of states.

The members are selected by the elected representatives of the state assembly and union territories. There do not occur any elections for this and the people do not have voting rights.

It has a total strength of 250 members that includes different representations from various categories.

It consists of 238 members who get their seats in Rajya Sabha indirectly by various representatives of state and territories and there holds a reservation of 12 seats for president nominations.

The Rajya Sabha leads by the vice president of India and he is also recognized as the then chairman of the body. It cannot dissolve at any point as it is a permanent body and has no certain period.

Retirement takes place for one-third of its members every year and in the empty seats, new members get elected. There are certain fixed criteria to become a member of the upper house of the body.

This includes the least age is 30 years and the elected member must have citizenship of the country.

The powers are governed by both the houses of the parliament but there are certain powers that Rajya Sabha holds only.

These include the power to announce the subject list as a national important parameter and the power to add or remove an All India Service accordingly.

Main Differences Between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

  1. The Lok Sabha holds direct elections for voting by the people but the members of Rajya Sabha are elected by a process where the elected representatives from states select the person.
  2. The least age to be Lok Sabha members is set to be 25 years and for becoming Rajya Sabha members it is set to be 30 years.
  3. The Lok Sabha maintains a time for 5 years while the Rajya Sabha does not hold any time frame as it is indissoluble.
  4. The face of the Lok Sabha is the speaker whereas Rajya Sabha is represented by the vice president of India.
  5. The Lok Sabha body can be dissolved at a certain point for any reason but the Rajya Sabha cannot be dissolved under any condition.


The two houses Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are the different levels of the parliamentary system that have their specific roles and take decisive actions on various powers together governing on the type of power.

The Lok Sabha is the house by the people as direct elections take place and citizens have the right to choose whom they want as a representative in the Lok Sabha level of the parliamentary system.

The Rajya Sabha is a house that cannot be dissolved and the members are not chosen by the people rather it is the administration of states where elected state representatives elect Rajya Sabha members.

The main distinction between the two is their difference in election procedure for forming the house and other responsibilities.


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