MSRP vs Invoice: Difference and Comparison

In the world of business, trading is a very important and primary process. This involves selling and buying goods. These goods have a certain price at which they need to be sold.

MSRP and Invoice are two terms that deal with the prices of goods but are very different from each other.

Key Takeaways

  1. MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is the recommended selling price for a product set by the manufacturer. In contrast, the invoice price is the amount the dealer pays the manufacturer for the product.
  2. The MSRP is higher than the invoice price, allowing room for negotiation between the dealer and the customer.
  3. The difference between the MSRP and invoice price is the dealer’s profit margin.

MSRP vs Invoice

The difference between MSRP and Invoice is that MSRP is the price mentioned on the goods, and the selling price cannot exceed this, whereas an Invoice is regarded as the hidden price, and the retailers can sell a product at a higher price than what is mentioned in the invoice.

MSRP vs Invoice

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MSRP is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. It is also regarded as the maximum selling price above which the retailer cannot sell the goods. This price is mentioned on a sticker label present on the goods.

It is seen in many kinds of goods but is most popular in the Automobile Industry.

An invoice is a price that is not shown to the customer and therefore is also regarded as the hidden price.

This contains a very detailed description of the price of goods along with the taxes and other charges imposed on the goods. The customer can always ask for an invoice, and it will be available on demand.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMSRPInvoice
AboutThe MSRP is the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.The Invoice is regarded as a hidden price.
AvailabilityThe sticker of MSRP is present on the goods.The invoice is available on request.
UseIt is used in a lot of places but especially in Automobiles.It is used in all the places
ValueThe MSRP value is sometimes higher than the Invoice prices.The invoice prices are less than MSRP.
RetailThe retailer cannot sell the goods at a price higher than mentioned MSRP.A retailer can sell the goods at a price higher than what is mentioned in the invoice.

What is MSRP?

The full form of MSRP is the manufacturer suggested retail price. The meaning of this term lies in its name itself. It is the price that the manufacturer suggests to all the retailers or dealers of that particular product.

In no case, the retailer or dealer is allowed to sell the goods at a price that is higher than what is mentioned as the MSRP. This is also known as sticker price as it is mentioned on a label that is stuck on the goods.

Anyone found selling the goods at a price higher than the MSRP are subject to penalties and punishments by the law. The term MSRP is very common but is more frequently used in the automobile industry.

MSRP was introduced as a method to regulate and standardise the prices of some items in various locations.

This gives an equal opportunity to the dealers and retailers to sell their goods at a price that they find convenient and good for their marketing strategy but at the same time also safeguard the consumer from fraud.

Consumers are free to negotiate the price below the sticker price, but in no condition they should buy it at a price more than the MSRP.

In comparison, the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are higher than the invoice prices.

What is Invoice?

Another very popular term used while buying and selling products is an invoice. It is regarded as the cost which the dealer pays to the manufacturer by buying the goods from them.

This is where the concept of profit and loss starts. Since the invoice contains the price at which the dealer what the product now, he has to pay between the invoice price and MSRP in order to gain profit.

The additional amount above the invoice at which the retailer sells a product is considered as the profit that he made with that particular good. This is the reason why the invoice is also called hidden price.

The invoice price is not available to the customer, but if the customer demands to have a look or a copy of the invoice, then the dealer is bound to provide one.

In any case, if the dealer sells the product at a price lower than the invoice, then it is said that he went into a loss.

There is a little gap between the MSRP and invoice prices where the retailer can make a deal with the customer on which will depend his profit or loss percentage.


Main Differences Between MSRP and Invoice

  1. The MSRP is the Manufacturer Suggested Price, whereas the Invoice is considered as the hidden price.
  2. A sticker mentioning MSRP is present on the goods. On the other hand, an Invoice is only available when asked for.
  3. MSRP term is used in a lot of places but is more frequent in the Automobile industry, whereas Invoice is used everywhere.
  4. The MSRP value is sometimes higher than the Invoice prices.
  5. The retailer cannot sell a product at a price higher than MSRP, whereas a retailer can sell a product at a price higher than the one mentioned in the invoice.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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